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WGAP Celebrates 50 year Anniversary in 2016! 

2016 marked 50 years that Washington Gorge Action Programs has been in existence. In those 50 years, we’ve had name changes, address changes, leadership and mission changes, but we’ve always stayed true to the promise of Community Action: Helping people. Changing lives.

This 50th anniversary also marked another big change; Linda Schneider, who has been with WGAP for 29 years, and was for all intents and purposes the face of Community Action here in the Gorge, retired. Leslie Naramore, who has been with the agency since 2013 and training with Linda for the last two years, took over as Executive Director. 

As I embark on this journey and take the agency into the next era, I do so knowing that those who have come before me have laid a solid foundation and built something truly worthwhile.  

This Agency, our community, our volunteers, and our donors all wholeheartedly believe in the work that we do here.  Assisting our clients on their respective paths to housing, food security, financial stability, escaping domestic violence situations, and helping our community's youth reach their fullest potential are all things that I care about deeply. I am honored and humbled to be at the helm of this Agency with the support of such a wonderful community and knowledgeable, tenacious employees who care as much about our clients as I do.

Leslie Naramore, WGAP Executive Director   


WGAP is fortunate to have:

A strong, involved Board of Directors;

Staff dedicated to the WGAP mission,
who care about those walking in our door;

Volunteers who give of themselves unselfishly;

Being in an area that believes caring for everyone
makes our communities stronger.