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Program Highlight: Community Youth Center

posted Jun 20, 2016, 2:44 PM by Leslie Naramore

A mature 8th grade boy who has been attending the Community Youth Center for 3 years now has recently taken the initiative to start getting other youth outside to play. Soccer, football, kickball, hide and seek; any activity to get them outside and moving. It is often the case that members want to stay indoors and play on the computers or on their phone, thereby missing out on the opportunity for positive human interactions.

This young man brings his excitement and positive attitude and has no problem getting youth to go outside and play.

He is a wonderful gift to the Youth Center, and has become an integral part of the team.  He is a fantastic mentor for our younger members. They look up to him and he has a special connection to them that most adults would not. He has proven to be a fair and caring person and he inspires younger members to treat each other with respect.

When someone gets their feelings hurt  or feels left out, he is right there to offer his encouragement and cheer them on.  We appreciate his positive influence and know that our other members appreciate him as well.

It is our hope that all of our members can find their way like this young man and go on to make a difference wherever they land. We know that with positive role models and a caring community they can.

Youth Center Member, Sean