No One Should Go Hungry
A man came into the Food Bank, not really wanting to ask for help, but needing it badly. His head hanging in shame, tears in his eyes, he said he had never asked for help before, but he had nowhere else to go and needed food for his children. After losing his job, he and his family were living in an old travel trailer with no electricity or water, and they had been without food for a while.

As staff gathered food, they also compiled a list of resources to meet their other needs. Relief began to show in the man’s face. He called for his children to help him carry out the bags of food. The entire family couldn’t stop thanking staff for the food and other help, finally leaving with smiles on their faces.

In today’s economy, Food Banks are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of working families who need help until the next job or the next paycheck arrives. WGAP is committed to helping provide food security to our rural communities.

Peace Begins at Home

Imagine being a teenager, addicted to drugs, with two small children living in an abusive situation. This young mother sought the services of Programs for Peaceful Living when the State was in the process of removing her children from her custody. The program offered Legal Advocacy in obtaining a Protective Order against the abuser. It also helped her get into a drug treatment facility.

When she completed treatment, she was referred to the WGAP Transitional Housing Program, where she attended weekly domestic violence support group meetings. She made friends within the support group and as a result, secured a part-time job. She continued to work diligently to move from victim to survivor, and now, happily, to a ‘thriver’. Her children were recently placed back at home with her. Today, she looks and acts like a completely different young women – happy, self-confident, drug-free, and safe.

Every person deserves a second chance, and sometimes many chances, to live a safe, happy life. Programs for Peaceful Living is committed to creating as many ‘chances’ as it takes for victims to be safe, and successful.