It is the second Zareba fence charger and second solar powered fence charger as well. Zareba makes its mark in the solar-powered electric fence charger market as well as Parmak. The Parmak is specifically designed for large livestock, with a moderate amount of joule output.

Pets, goats, and small domesticated animals should not be shocked. Larger animals eat more grass and require more space. Zareba ESP10M-Z provides all this at an extremely low price.

ESP10M-Z is not the only solar-powered electric fence most people overlook because they believe they are less powerful. ESP10M-Z offers only 15 joules of power. Small domestic animals are kept out in this way. If they are in a desperate situation, foxes and coyotes may be let in.

10 miles is the most coverage provided by the ESP10M-Z. If the charger were for larger animals, there wouldn’t be an issue with two or three hot wires since the power is so low. You will need a high or low hotwire to keep small animals inside the fence. Otherwise, they will ignore it entirely.

Zareba EAC200M-Z 200-Mile AC-Powered Low-Impedance Electric Fence Charger

Electric Fence Chargers Buyer’s Guide

Proper electric fence chargers will protect your property against predators and intruders. Electric fence chargers should have these main characteristics. It will be of benefit to you. Check them out:


Electric chargers will have to consider the type of current they use in 2023. Your overall cost as well as the location of the charger is determined by its location. DC fences are cheaper than AC fences, despite the fact they are easier to position. DC fences will require battery replacement. Electric fences powered by AC do not require outlets, but come with a higher price tag.

Solar arrays are often used in place of DC batteries. Their performance isn’t as good as DC or AC-powered units.


You should consider an electric fence charger’s power as well as its impact when choosing one. Depending on where your electric fence will be used will determine how powerful the charger should be. Intruders won’t stay away from an electric charge that is too weak.

If you own chickens or dogs, get an electric fence that is too powerful. A dog’s heart and nerves can be seriously damaged by it, however. Low-powered joules are best for this because you only need 1 to 3 joules.

Horses and Cattle

Domestic livestock is better suited to handle strong shocks, but a low joule output will do. A weaker unit may not be able to handle such shocks. You should choose a charger that can deliver 3 to 8 joules for horses and cattle.

Pests and Deer

It is better to prevent pests or wild animals from entering your property than to keep animals inside. It is sufficient to scare away herbivorous pests from your crops if you own a small farm, for example, by giving them a solid but not excessive shock.


Your livestock needs a high joule output to protect themselves from predators. Think about your livestock, for instance, chickens are at risk from coyotes and foxes, but cattle are not. Keep coyotes and foxes out with a charger that won’t shock cattle.


Boars are strong animals and can withstand any shock or blow if they are not knocked down. You can shock them and keep them out of your property by installing an electric fence.


Bears should be kept off your property with an electric fence that has a high joule output. The thick fur and fat of bears protect them from electric shocks. A powerful electric fence will keep bears away.


When shopping for a charger, choose one with low impedance if there are brush or weeds touching the fence, which will reduce energy output. Horses and goats should only use high impedance chargers.

What We Like

  • Easy to mount.
  • Renewable energy.
  • Priced reasonably.

What We Don’t Like

  • Coverage is limited to 10 miles.
  • Battery is only 6 volts.
  • In terms of joules of energy, this is the lowest on the list.

FAQs – Zareba 200 Mile AC Electric Fence Energizer

Are fence chargers effective in keeping bears out?

A fence charger won’t keep a bear out of most fences. Zareba EAC200M-Z 200-Mile has been effective for people with bear problems. This is not something the company claims.

Is a 3-4 ft. grounding sufficient for the charger?

That might work, but it won’t be the best. You should do it over 6 feet.
Why does the charger pulse with energy? There is no protection.

In order to avoid killing livestock, the chargers output the energy in pulses. A shock merely makes them abstain. It is not good for business if continuous flow kills them.

Poly tape or poly wire fence charger?

Poly wire and poly tape work with all fence chargers. Steel wire is less effective. Pet & Livestock HQ’s Solar Fence Charger Energizer Panel works best with polywire or polytape.

In the case of fence chargers, does the animal’s hair length matter?

That’s right, it does. Long haired animals won’t be shocked by some fence chargers. Check them out first.


Power backup is not available since it runs on AC power. Nevertheless, it works well when connected to AC power. A bear may be startled by it. Where bears are the primary predators, such as bee farms and chicken sheds, people have used it successfully without incident. This fence will keep your animals out!