Exploring the Best Placement Options for Your Soundbar?

In this blog, we delve into the optimal placement strategies for soundbars to enhance your audio experience. We discuss various setups, from mounting below the TV to placing it within a media console, and include considerations for different room layouts and soundbar models. Additionally, we provide tips on avoiding common placement mistakes and maximizing sound quality.

With over 20 years of experience in audio system setup and acoustics, we’ve guided numerous customers in creating immersive home audio environments. Our insights into soundbar placement are drawn from extensive testing and a deep understanding of sound dynamics, aiming to help you achieve the best audio performance from your soundbar.

Soundbar Placement Options: Best Soundbar Under $1000

Buying a Soundbar: Things to Consider

Several factors should be considered when purchasing a soundbar. Are subwoofers necessary? What are the ideal placement options? How would you rate a home theater versus a soundbar for your room or department?

We will, however, only discuss soundbar placement options in this article. How can it be placed most effectively? How should it be used?

Would it be better if my soundbar was placed above or below my TV?

It is possible to place a soundbar above or below your television. If you choose to mount the soundbar, make sure it is not blocked in any way. It is also advisable to consider where you will sit and where the TV will be located when placing the soundbar.

Are there any particular locations that you prefer? Where you choose to meet depends on your approach. Ideally, you should have it at eye level and near your ear for optimal audio quality.

  • When choosing a TV rack, be sure to take into account your setup and TV position. The placement of the TV should be easy to decide once you have a soundbar installed above or below it. The rule does not apply to surround system combinations that include subwoofers and satellite speakers, for example.
  • You should also consider the remote control. In order for your soundbar’s remote to respond immediately, you should be able to point it at the receiver. In this sense, placing it too high will make it difficult to reach the soundbar.
  • In addition, keep in mind that your remote’s IR blaster could also have an impact on where your soundbar is mounted, whether it is above or below your TV.
  • Putting the soundbar below the TV gives you more placement flexibility. Afterward, just place your TV on the rack surface, and you are ready to go.

In most cases, drilling holes and using screws will be needed for mounting above the TV. If you don’t want to do the extra work, you can place the soundbar on your TV rack.

Soundbar above or below TV?

Soundbar Above the TV

No matter where the soundbar is mounted, it should be placed at ear-level if it is above the TV. For some people, a low television is an issue because their couches are high and their consoles are low. Soundbars are best positioned above TVs in this scenario.

Soundbar Below the TV

For those who watch TV from the floor and have a TV mounted on the wall with couches at lower levels, the opposite setup would be to mount the soundbar below the screen.

It usually results in better acoustics when mounted at ear level. This is also true for televisions. Televisions should be positioned at eye level or just above. Likewise, many popular soundbars are mounted beneath televisions at ear level to make them as accessible as possible.

Soundbar Behind the TV

Soundbars behind televisions are why? Many people conceal their soundbars with this method in order to hide the ugly wires. The speaker will be difficult to control remotely from the TV due to the TV blocking sound. We do not recommend this placement. Please refrain from placing the speaker here.

Soundbar Behind the Couch

The couch could also seriously interfere with the TV’s audio, just as the couch seriously interfered with the TV’s audio. Though you may think the couch enhances your experience, it actually creates a barrier. Hearing what’s going on around you is far better than hearing information on a screen. The purpose of soundbars is to present information to an audience.

Soundbar on the Floor

  • In order to produce the best sound, soundbars should be placed at ear level. Put it on your entertainment console instead of the floor if you’re going to lay it down.
  • Occasionally, a household does not have a television, in which case we recommend wall-mounting the unit. It will also provide better sound quality and be safer than the previous system.

It might be necessary to drag some cords if you connect the soundbar to a wired connection. Furthermore, they may cause children, pets, and even you to trip over them.

Is it possible to install a soundbar in the cabinet?

It is possible to place soundbars inside cabinets that do not have doors and are the right height. Your soundbar would also seem outdated if it had upward-firing speakers, since this would hinder and muffle the sound.

An upward-firing speaker is used to create sound in surround mode. The ceiling acted as a sounding board, allowing you to hear your sounds in three dimensions. The Dolby Atmos soundbar does not require this placement because of its impressive audio performance.

It is possible to place the soundbar in the cabinet even if you have only front-firing speakers.


Besides aesthetics, sound delay and general quality should be considered when placing a soundbar. It depends on the setup and device you are using when deciding where to place a soundbar. Place it near your ear to enjoy the best home theater experience.