Robot dogs – other than the cute little dog that was in “Stepford Wives”, all of us may not necessarily know what the heck a robot toy dog, which is where we come in.

For those of you who may be looking for a festive birthday present for your little one(s) or even for those of you who are starting to get that early Christmas shopping out the way (because it’s already literally the middle of the year), we are going to take a look at some of the best robot dog toys of 2023.

Hopefully, you will be able to find the perfect gift for your loved ones (or yourself, if this is something that you’re looking into) while not sending your wallet screaming off into a panic! Let’s get started!

Best Quality Robot Dog Toys 2023

Best  Remote Controlled Smart Dog Toy with Immersive Sound


The SainSmart Jr. Robot Dog will cost you roughly $70.00 on Amazon and/if when you decide to purchase this smart robot dog, you can expect a robot dog that can sing, dance, walk, lie down, shake head, wagtail, stretch, crawl, run and pee-pretty much all the festive things that can entertain those young children of yours!

There are also various emotions that come along with the SainSmart Jr. (i.e. happiness, sadness, etc.) so you can consider this particular robot dog to be reasonably realistic in both actions and feelings.

Users can control the SainSmart Jr. Robot dog from up to 50 feet, which allows for a higher level of freedom.

What We Like
  • The built-in rechargeable battery is indeed a plus with this robotic dog, not to mention the amount of fun that it will bring both to your family and friends.
  • In regards to price, it’s also pretty reasonable as well so no need to work about your bank account getting upset!
  • There is also an 18-month warranty that comes with the SainSmart so you can be reassured just in case any defects arise with the toy.
What We Don’t Like
  • Unfortunately, it’s been said that this particular robotic dog stops working only after a short period, which can be a huge disappointment, mainly if you purchased the toy for your little ones.

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WowWee Chip Robot Toy Dog


The WowWee robot dog is a bit more expensive, costing about $170.00 on Amazon; the Chip Robot Dog comes equipped with voice commands, and the smart band allows WowWee to follow you just about anywhere.

What’s even more relaxed about the WowWee robot dog is that you can even play fetch or soccer with him, whether it’s in the house or outside; not to mention when your WowWee dog gets low on his battery, he will automatically go back to his “smart bed” to recharge.

What We Like
  • There are various components of the WowWee robot dog that makes it incredibly interactive, with an app being available via smartphones or the Google App Store.
  • You can pair the WowWee dog with Bluetooth, and the application that you can download allows you to control various features and teach WowWee “tricks”.
What We Don’t Like
  • The voice recognition for the WowWee robotic dog is not necessarily the best; you will most likely have to adjust the inflexions in your voice a bit to get it to work correctly.
  • The sensors on the WowWee dog are not the best either, so you may find the dog running into walls a couple of times, depending on where you are playing with him.

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Tekno Newborn Pet Robot Dog


The Tekno robot dog costs less than $15.00 on Amazon and comes in a “newborn” form in the world of electronic pets; Tekno barks, interacts, and plays just like any other real puppy and will even sit, beg, walk, and jump into your hand!

Additional features include lighting up of the eyes and both tails and ears that waggle as well- not to mention that you can even teach it to sing!

There are several colors that the Tekno robot dog comes in, just in case you have a preference- from blue to green to pink.

What We Like
  • For it to be so inexpensive, it is undoubtedly an excellent choice for your little ones, not to mention that you can get a ton of hours of playing time.
  • It is also indeed very durable so no need to worry about it falling apart if it gets rammed into a wall a few times.
What We Don’t Like
  • There have been some incidences of the dog starting to smoke once the batteries are put in, which is naturally a cause for concern.

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Hi-Tech Wireless Remote Control Robot Puppy Dog For Kids


This particular robotic dog will cost you about $40.00 on Amazon and is a great alternative just in case your little ones need to practice before getting a real dog.

It is controllable from up to 50 feet, with the eyes being able to change depending on various actions and sounds within the dog’s surroundings.

This interactive dog can sing, dance, and even help your little ones to learn because the alphabet appears on their eyes, helping your child engage in learning activities while playing. This is certainly a perfect choice for children between the ages of 2 and 7!

What We Like
  • The options that come with this interactive dog are pretty impressive-being able to have music from the ABCs to Michael Jackson!
  • It’s also pretty affordable which a huge bonus as well.
What We Don’t Like
  • The charge to this robotic dog can sometimes end shortly, not lasting as long as you would expect it to, which is a major disappointment.

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Paw Patrol Action Pack Pup & Badge, RoboDog


The Paw Patrol robot dog is a bit less than $30.00 on Amazon and is an excellent choice for those little ones who are huge fans of the Paw Patrol show (and I know a few of them)! You able are to press the “badge” on your robodog to transform his pup pack into wings, just like they do in the show!

If you decide to purchase this particular Paw Patrol character, you can also buy Ryder, Skye, Rubble, and Everest to have the whole gang! No batteries are required for this robot dog, and are an ideal choice for kids 3 and up.

What We Like
  • Your kids will love the Paw Patrol robotic dog, especially if you decide to purchase the other members of the team!
  • He is incredibly easy to use, even for those younger ones.
  • The price isn’t that bad at all, especially considering that Paw Patrol is such as favorite brand.
What We Don’t Like
  • Unfortunately, it is a bit smaller compared to some other interactive dogs, so although this isn’t a significant issue, you may want to invest in a bigger dog if you desire to.
  • There have also been incidences where the dog arrives broken so before purchasing you will want to make sure that there is a secure warranty in place.

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FAQs – Best Robot Dog Toys for Kids

Do robotic toys work on carpeted floors?

Yes, you should have no problem playing with your robot dog on carpeted floors!

Does the dog pee?

Thankfully no! They make the general motions of urinating (I think we have enough of that with our actual dogs)

Do the robotic dogs come with a remote?

Typically no- all of the robot dogs reviewed are controlled by sensors that are built-in.

What materials are used to make robotic toys?

Robots interact with their environment using sensors, computation, and motors. Toy robots should be affordable and durable enough to be used as toys.


Overall, all of the robotic dogs reviewed here are pretty good and reasonably priced so you can’t go wrong with any choice. You will want to select a toy that fits your needs and budget the most, but indeed, any option (because everything has flaws) will be a good choice!

Happy shopping!