Struggling with maintaining a consistent flow of balls during your table tennis practice sessions?

In this blog, we explore the best ping pong ball dispensers, essential tools for table tennis players looking to enhance their practice efficiency. We cover a range of ball dispensers that offer convenience and consistency, from manual options ideal for casual play to automated machines suitable for intensive training. This includes options that cater to different practice environments, skill levels, and budget considerations.

With over 20 years of experience in table tennis equipment and training aids, we’ve assisted numerous players, from hobbyists to competitive athletes, in selecting the right tools to improve their game. Our selection of the best ping pong ball dispensers is based on extensive testing and real-world application, ensuring our recommendations are practical, durable, and improve the overall training experience. These dispensers aren’t just about convenience; they excel at providing a steady supply of balls, allowing for uninterrupted practice and the ability to focus on technique and strategy.

We’ve evaluated them for their capacity, ease of use, reliability, and impact on training efficiency, finding them ideal for anyone seeking to optimize their table tennis practice with a reliable ball dispensing solution.

CHAOFAN 36-Spin Ping Pong Ball Machine with Automatic Table Tennis Machine for Training

  • This updated ping-pong robot might be well received by buyers. With the new remote, it can be controlled easier. You can adjust the direction of the ball as well as the ball arc, drop, speed, and frequency on the table tennis machine.
  • There is a range between 4 metres per second and 40 metres per second based on the speed and frequency. You can start by following the instructions.
  • It is also possible to store 110 balls in a high-capacity ping pong machine before reloading it. A number of different techniques can be used for serving and returning.
  • Those who train for tournaments or want to improve their skills should find this system pretty effective.
  • A few flaws limit the appeal of the ChaoFan 36 Spins Machine to avid players.
    The instructions for this product are all in Chinese, which is a major problem. It is difficult to set up the remote control and learn how it works. A trial-and-error approach is best.
  • A new manual would contain relatively simple information about a brand. This company claims that its product is simple to use, regardless of the language it is in.
  • It is shortsighted to provide this type of customer service.
  • Among users, a small minority dislikes the mounting hardware. They complain about the screws’ pressure.

What We Like

  • Keeping the given options on two wheels.
  • You can also adjust the backspin level.
  • Players have four levels of control with the control box.
  • Setup is easy.
  • It’s a good price.

What We Don’t Like

  • After a few months, the balls lose their angle of oscillation.
  • Excessive use of the motor can burn the motor.

FAQs: CHAOFAN 36-Spin Ping Pong Ball Dispensers

Table tennis facilities and equipment: what are they?

As with ping pong, you will need tennis equipment. To play table tennis indoors, you will need three pieces of equipment. There are just three things you need: a paddle, a ball, and a table!

TT tables come in what size?

The table. It measures 2.74m long and 1.525m wide, with a horizontal playing surface measuring 76cm. It does not have a vertical side.

What type of material is used in table tennis?

The standard table tennis table today is made from fiberboard. High-density fiberboard appears to be the most likely material. Alternatively, if you are making your own at home, you can use medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Depending on the thickness, MDF can be up to 1 inch thick.

In what way does a table tennis ball differ from a tennis ball?

Two or four people play table tennis with solid rackets and lightweight balls, also called ping-pong or whiff-whaff.


Although this product deserves caution, it shows promise. With this system, you can train in different ways and see different types of services. With the new remote, this can be an excellent learning opportunity.

This manual problem makes it difficult for some people to achieve a fluid, reliable training session. Some areas could be improved. The right users should still consider CHAOFAN table tennis robots up until then.