A Spinshot Plus-2 tennis ball machine from SpinshotSports is the top of the line. Neither the Spinshot Plus nor the Spinshot Player model offers any advanced features.

Additionally, the Plus-2 has many high-end features that make it well-suited for serious tennis players, as it simulates an actual tennis match. With its programmability, durability, and power, the Plus-2 is a smart investment.

So you won’t have to repeat shot drills, Plus-2 simulates realistic match conditions. As well as choosing from 12 preprogrammed drills, you can design your own drills.

Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine 2023

SPINSHOT PLAYER Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine (Plus2 Model =Plus Model + Player Model)


  • Combining the Player and Plus models, Spinshot Plus-2 tennis ball machines are slightly more affordable than both. Plus-2 will not surprise you if you have experience with Player and Plus.
  • The control panel of the Spinshot Plus-2 features an LED screen in addition to the programmability of the Spinshot Player.
  • Furthermore, each model of the Plus, Player, and Plus-2 comes with the same features.
  • Speed feed between 18 and 68 mph. Choose from 20 different settings. You can adjust the speed very precisely with this device. It would be nice to have an LED display that displays the exact speed.
  • You can set up feeding intervals of 2 to 10 minutes.
  • There are 18 different ball spins available on the Plus-2 tennis ball machine. As well as nine different levels of topspin, nine levels of backspin are available.
  • Spinshot Plus-2 users can access “High-Spin”. Using these models, a player can set a high spin drill without the ball slowing down. These models are slightly more expensive.
  • Electric elevation varies from 0 to 50 degrees in Spinshot tennis ball machines
  • It is cheapest to buy the Lite model.
  • As a standard feature, tennis ball machines from Spinshot include 120 balls.

Drills that are accessible

The Plus-2 machine comes with 12 preprogrammed drills. There are six ball shots in each drill. Also, drills can be adjusted or programming can be done for new drills. Tennis ball machines are also known as Spinshot Players.

Controlled remotely

  • For Spinshot Plus-2, you can use your phone or watch to operate it remotely. When you have an Android or Apple phone, you will be able to start, adjust, or program your drills from the other side of the court.
  • The application provides comfort. As soon as you get used to the interface, you won’t need the control panel again.
  • Apple Watch connectivity is also a bonus. You should consider it. Preparing everything on your phone ahead of practice is also a possibility. Your watch can be used to start the machine. Your phone will not distract you.

Thumbs up

A remote watch will be available with the one-button bracelet in 2020. The machine can be started or stopped and the drill selected with a few clicks. You must pay extra.

Batteries & Charging

  • For two to three hours, Spinshot Plus-2 is fun. Charge time for the recharger is between 8 and 15 hours. It has built-in overcharge protection.
  • Most players benefit from two hours of practice per week. Lobster Lite and Spinshot Lite, on the other hand, offer more time for practice. People who practice consecutively can have difficulty with tennis ball machines in a club.
  • Engineers at Spinshot should also consider adding a larger battery to their premium model.


Spinshot Plus-2 is made from powdered metal. It’s a durable, sturdy piece of equipment. Neither juniors nor ladies should have a problem with the weight. The wheels are useful both on and off the court.

The Spinshot Plus-2 can be transported in your back seat thanks to its dimensions. Because of its rectangular shape, it is very convenient to keep it in the garage during winter.

What We Like

  • Drills consist of 12 shots each.
  • Programming new drills or adjusting preset programs.
  • Five different parameters can be adjusted or set.
  • Control panel with LED screen.
  • Realistic match simulation.
  • Free remote control app for phones.
  • It’s for players who want the best.

What We Don’t Like

  • 120 balls can be stored.
  • It takes 8 to 15 hours to recharge.
  • Step-wise speed control and interval setting.

FAQs – Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine

Would you like to use ball machines?

Less than 10% of the time, tennis pros use ball machines. About 95% of ball machines are purchased by clubs rather than by teaching pros. Considering these statistics, it’s clear that teaching professionals don’t view ball machines favourably.

A ball machine serves what purpose?

Ball machines can be helpful for learning stroke mechanics, and advanced models can help you learn footwork and stroke mechanics together. Both stroke mechanics and footwork must be integrated in order to play tennis well.

Would you play without pressure on the tennis ball?

Pressureless balls are often used by beginners, players in practice, and for recreation. These balls bounce because they are made of rubber shells rather than from air inside. The outer felt of pressureless balls will wear down over time, but not lose bounce as standard balls do.

Do you know how much Spinshot costs?

If there is a nearby power supply, this is the most economical option. With the power cable plugged into a nearby outlet, you can play all day!

Do pickleball machines use tennis balls?

In addition to pickleball machines, tennis ball machines have been adapted because pickleball is popular with kids and adults alike. Practice pickleball indoors and outdoors with the Pickleball Tutor.


If you don’t want to repeat drills, you can use Spinshot Plus-2. Furthermore, it can be customised to simulate realistic match conditions. Tennis professionals will find the preprogrammed drills useful, and if they don’t, you can create your own drill.

All the features of SpinshotSports are available in SpinshotPlus-2. A programmable LED screen is available on the Player model, and a programmable LCD screen is available on the Plus model. In my case, the phone app would suffice since I don’t need a LED screen.

I would choose either the Player or Plus-2 since they both have pre-programmed drills and the ability to program your own. They offer excellent value at less than $2000 each.