Struggling with finding the right tennis training partner to enhance your game at any time?

In this blog, we provide an in-depth review of the Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine, a popular choice among tennis players seeking a reliable and versatile practice tool. Ideal for both beginners and advanced players, this machine stands out for its ability to simulate real-game scenarios with various speed, spin, and oscillation settings. We delve into its key features, such as programmability, portability, and battery life, and how it compares to other tennis ball machines in the market.

With over 15 years of experience in tennis coaching and equipment, we’ve assisted numerous tennis players, from hobbyists to competitive athletes, in selecting the right training tools to improve their skills. Our hands-on testing of the Spinshot Plus in various training setups has revealed its strengths in offering a consistent and challenging practice experience. It’s not just about firing balls; it excels at providing a comprehensive practice session with its customizability and ease of use.

We’ve evaluated it for its performance reliability, build quality, user interface, and overall impact on player development, finding it to be an excellent choice for anyone seeking a high-quality tennis ball machine that meets a wide range of training needs.

Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine Review 2024

Features & Benefits of the Spinshot Player

Tennis ball machines, such as the Spinshot Player, are becoming increasingly popular. Read on to learn more.

Remote Control

Spinshot Plus offers remote control for phones and watches, which is a big plus in this category. Using the phone application for Android or iPhone, you can use the Spinshot Plus machine without a coach.

Moreover, your app lags by 10 seconds after clicking play. Make sure your phone is in your pocket before you take your first shot. This feature is truly remarkable.

Providing an easy-to-use remote control on a bracelet is another new feature that will be available in 2020. Several short clicks can start or stop the machine, and you can select the drill by pressing the button. Remote watches are an additional cost.

Battery Life and Recharging

The court is typically used for two to three hours a day, depending on how often it is used. The battery will dry out sooner if you use more speed and shorter feeding intervals.

In addition, it is protected against overcharging, and it requires eight to fifteen hours to recharge. The price range does not usually include this feature.

It takes a reasonable amount of time to recharge the batteries. I still believe two hours is plenty of time to practice tennis (even though there are machines with longer battery life).


Tennis ball machines made with spinshots use powder-coated metal boxes. The Spinshot Sports trademark is not departed from.

  • The stability and solidity of metal boxes are unmatched. Damage to the case is extremely difficult. Although the tennis ball machine is a bit heavier due to the metal, it is still a relatively lightweight machine.
  • Approximately 46 pounds of weight for the battery model and 42 pounds for the A/C model. With the handle and wheels, juniors and girls will have no problem moving around the court.
  • The box is roughly the size of a back seat in an average sedan. Women may have difficulty climbing stairs.

High Level of Programmability

By using the Drill Maker app, you can connect your mobile device to the Spinshot Player. This app comes with 12 pre-set 6-shot drills that you can customize.

  • In order to customize the drill, you must alter the feed rate, height, direction (horizontal, vertical, or randomized), speed, and spin between each of six consecutive shots.
  • Spinshot Player is highly programmable, which is one of its main strengths. With this machine, you can practice a multitude of drills that are highly configurable, and you can switch between them easily.
  • There is even the possibility of setting up 2-line drills, during which the machine will alternately hit balls against your forehand and backhand.

As well as a remote watch option, you can purchase a Spinshot Player. It is very simple to use. The only button is programmable, and it will switch drills as long as you press the button as many times as the drill number. You would press once for drill #1, twice for drill #2, etc.

Durable and Transportable Body

Its size and weight make it more portable and lighter than similar machines. With the collapsible wheels and hinged handle, it is easy to move, pick up, and store.
It fits easily in your trunk.

Tennis balls moving very fast might hit it because of its metal composition.

Recommended Alternative to the Spinshot Player

All the features of the Spinshot Player are available on the Spinshot Plus-2, which features an additional OLED screen for enhanced flexibility and convenience. Users can easily adjust the oscillation settings on the machine itself.

By watching this video, you’ll learn what the differences are between the Spinshot Player and Spinshot Plus-2.

What We Like

  • Programmable to a high degree.
  • There are 12 customizable drill presets in the Drill Maker app.
  • This jam-free design is patented.
  • Fast charging of the battery.
  • Machines with similar features are lighter and more compact.

What We Don’t Like

  • It can be challenging to program an app drill for the first time.
  • Battery life is shorter than on other machines.

FAQs: Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine Review

Is a tennis ball machine beneficial to the game?

Tennis ball machines can help you improve your game. Tennis players must rely on tennis ball machines to feed balls continuously for long periods of time to improve their game. Players can practice a wide variety of shots on tennis ball machines and prepare for real matches.

Which tennis ball machine is the fastest?

It is without a doubt the fastest machine on our list. Ball speeds of 12 to 105 mph make this a favorite among players of all levels. You can simulate actual games with the ball thrower by using the state-of-the-art control panel.

Which tennis ball machine is the lightest?

Spinshot Lite is an entry-level tennis ball machine. Portable & light, this tennis ball machine is very rare. Excellent for beginners and children.

Tennis ball machines: How long do they last?

Battery-powered tennis ball machines last between two and eight hours, depending on the machine and battery. Battery life is typically 3 to 4 years before it needs to be replaced.


Atop the list of tennis ball machines, Spinshot Player is an easy-to-transport machine with amazing features. If you have the budget, you won’t be disappointed when it comes to high-quality tennis ball machines.

If you love having the convenience of an OLED screen and control panel, we recommend the Spinshot Plus-2 if you need quick oscillation settings.

For more information about Spinshot tennis ball machines, visit our review or visit Amazon to see how much the Spinshot Player costs. Happy tennis!