Best Bath Toys for Toddlers 2023 – If you give a toddler a toy, it mostly means that you have got a happy kid. Toddlers aren’t fussy when it comes to toys. Toys are more than just playing things, though and while they should be fun, they should always be age-appropriate, stimulating, and safe. The key to long toddler baths is always great bath toys. Playing is important in the social, mental, physical, and emotional development of children.

Best Baby Bath Toys For Toddlers 2023

Animal Shaped Bath Toys

Every toddler is awestruck with animals and when they get animals when they take a month, it’s like a party in the bathroom for the toddlers. The bright and colorful squeaky bath toys which are specially made to make your toddler’s bath time entertaining and fun are very aptly made to fit into their little hands. They are made out of non-toxic materials & make the perfect companion for your kid in their bath pool.

Key points

  • This will help the kids understand the names of different animals.
  • As a parent, you can also interact with your child and teach them how different animals make sounds and so on.

Fruit Shaped Bath Toys

Just like animals, fruit-shaped toys are more likely to educational toys that are useful for toddlers while they grow up. The toys are made with high-quality non-toxic material especially keeping the child’s safety in mind. The toys come with an amazing fragrance. The toys are specially made in bright colors which are attractive and in different shapes. The size of the toys is very apt for the baby to hold or grasp during a bath or playing.

Key Points

  • This will help the kids understand the names of different fruits.
  • As a parent, you can also interact with your child with this small bath time activity.

Turtle Animal Wind up Chain Bathing Toy

The turtle toy is made in with attractive colors to attract the toddlers and make their bathing time fun and exciting. This can be usually used to distract the child when they usually become anxious while taking bath.

Key points

  • The different colors of the toys make it quite interactive for children who have just started exploring the things around them.

Munchkin Fishing Bath Toy

The Munchkin Fishing Bath Toy which is a magnetic fishing rod and three plastic toys that float in water is perfect for your toddler. The rod’s string can be winded up while playing thus making the toy an excellent fishing bath toy for toddlers. The fishing action helps in developing better hand and eye coordination of the toddler. The toy is made from 100% BPA-free material and contains non-toxic colors.

Key Points

  • The different toys will help them understand various shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • The fishing rod will help your child move his/ her arms and legs more in water which is physically good for them.

Musical Duck Race with Auto Fountain

A musical bath toy for toddlers that also spews fountains using a battery-operated and inbuilt pump. All you have to do is place the toy at the center of the tub as it drawers the tub water and throws it out like a fountain through a central duck-shaped spout. The toy gives out duck sounds for added entertainment.

Key points

  • Music is considered to be a great way to help the child developmentally especially in the initial months.


The speedboat bath toy for toddlers is made from non-toxic wood, so it’s as safe on the water as it is in a baby’s mouth. This kind of toy is made especially sustainable, and from wood so that it gives back to entertainment as much as the gas-guzzling vehicles.

Key Points

  • This will help your kids get moving in the water which will get them a little active physically.

Classic Stacking Cups

The most used bath toy is the classic stacking cups. They can be used as cups to wash the little one’s hair, pots of soup for their pretend dinner, or ways to transfer bubbles from one side of the bathtub to another. A toddler can be taught relative sizes and reinforce colors as well as counting during bath time and they’re great for packing along to the beach or just playing with on the living room floor.

Key Points

  • Kids will have a great time arranging the cups one on the other and it will become easier for you to have them take a bath.
  • Also, the different colors prove to be quite attractive to them.

Foam Letters and Numbers

These are the classic bath time option and are a great way to introduce colors, numbers, and letters to toddlers. The foam letters and numbers stick to the walls of the bathtub when wet and also floats on the water.

Key Points

  • The foam letters and alphabets will help them develop the knowledge of these alphabets and they can easily learn them at a very early stage.

Keep In Mind While Choosing the Best Baby Bath Toy for Toddlers

Keep them simple: The best baby toys are often the simplest ones because they allow children to be creative and spontaneous.

Don’t fall for toys that call themselves educational: The educational toy business is booming, playing on parent’s fears that their toddlers need to learn as much as they can soon as possible to give them a leg up in the future.

Keep only a few toys out at one time: If your toddler has several toys of a similar type, let them fully explore one before introducing another. Kids don’t need five different shaped toys out at once.

We have listed a few of the toys that you can use to amuse your toddler and trick them into taking a bath.


Before buying or giving your toddler any toy, make sure to check the material used to make the toy. It should not harm your toddler in any case.

Also, keep a check on how your toddler uses the toys you just brought for them. The best way to keep a check on how does the toddler uses the toy you just brought or gave them, is by simply supervising kids as they play. Your constant telling them how to play will teach the kids how to play safely while having fun.

Make sure they’re clean because toddlers tend to put every toy in their mouth so always make sure it’s safe for them.

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