Struggling with finding a powerful and reliable crossbow for hunting or target shooting?

In this blog, we meticulously review the Killer Instinct Lethal 405 Crossbow, a standout choice for hunters and archery enthusiasts seeking a blend of power, accuracy, and affordability. We delve into its key features, from its impressive shooting speed to its ergonomic design, offering insights into how it compares to other models in its category for both hunting and sport shooting.

With over 20 years of experience in archery and outdoor sporting equipment, we’ve aided a wide range of clients, from novice archers to seasoned hunters, in selecting the right crossbow for their specific needs. The Killer Instinct Lethal 405 is not just another crossbow; it’s a testament to high performance combined with user-friendly operation. We’ve tested it in various scenarios, assessing its accuracy, durability, and ease of use.

Our review highlights its ability to deliver high-velocity shots with precision and its comfortable handling, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a robust crossbow that offers both effectiveness in the field and an enjoyable shooting experience.

Killer Instinct Machine Crossbow Review 2024

Killer Instinct Lethal 405 Crossbow Package Reviews

First Impressions

The crossbow feels comfortable in the hand. A Killer Instinct article describes these rubberized grips as having a very comfortable feel. Since X-Lok foregrips can be gripped however you want, they can be held in pretty much any direction. In addition to being flipped over, the crossbow’s grip can be held in several ways. As well as protecting your fingers, the X-Lok foregrip reduces the chances of them getting tangled in the string.

  • A 4×32 non-illuminated scope is included with this crossbow. This crossbow will be perfect for beginners or those on a tighter budget.
  • Although the Killer Instinct Lethal 405 is available with a variety of accessories, it remains a relatively lightweight crossbow.
  • Observations indicate that the Killer Instinct Lethal 405 is a great crossbow at an affordable price. Further details will be provided on its performance.

Design and Durability

Crossbow manufacturer Killer Crossbows utilize a lightweight aluminium adjustable stock called Micro-Lite to keep their crossbows lightweight. Lethal 405’s accessories are included, so the package weighs in total at 7.2 lbs.

  • The Lethal 405 from Killer Instinct is not only lightweight, but also immensely portable. It measures 34.5 inches in length and is incredibly compact. In an uncocked state, a Lethal 405 measures 18.75 inches wide. In cocked state, it measures 14.75 inches wide.
  • The power stroke is 14.5 inches and the kinetic energy of 134 foot-pounds, combined with the HYPR Lite Arrows, make this crossbow extremely accurate.
  • By including the Dead Silent Kit with Killer Instinct, the crossbow becomes significantly quieter and more vibration-free. As part of the Silencing Kit, you’ll find silencing devices and dampening devices to ensure an extremely silent Lethal 405 when firing.

Furthermore, the weapon includes an X-Lok foregrip that is mounted on a Picatinny rail and can be rotated in any direction for a variety of grips.


The scope on this crossbow measures 4 x 32 without illumination. Its multiple aiming points are complemented by a glass etched finish. Crossbow hunters’ first crossbow, since it’s such a basic scope, would love this scope.

You can’t complain about a scope that’s so cheap, but if you want to upgrade then it’s worth considering. It is still extremely affordable, even after including a new scope, and it is even more complete!

From a previous review of the Furious Pro 9.5, I installed the scope from it on the Lethal 405 so it could be used as a scope. One major difference between the scope on the Lethal 405 and the scope that was originally mounted on it is that the Lethal 405’s scope lacks lens covers and illumination. Other than that, the scopes are the same. The aiming points and magnification are the same.

Noise Reducing Features

Killer Instinct’s Lethal 405 crossbow provides noise and vibration dampening by featuring string and limb dampeners. The kit is marketed by Killer Instinct as “Dead Silent kit.”.

Installing string dampeners reduces the sound created by the strings. A rubber dampener acts as a shock absorber within the split limbs. Crossbow limbs become less noisy and vibrational when they “relax” after shooting.

The “Dead Silent Crank” can also be purchased separately. In addition to its seemingly endless draw weight, this gun is dead silent, according to Killer Instinct.


Before I put the Dead Silent kit through its paces, I was impressed with the Killer Instinct Lethal 405 Crossbow. The shooter should be quiet.

  • The Lethal 405 fires arrows at a speed of 405 feet per second with its included 20-inch HYPR Lite arrows. There are 3 HYPR carbon arrows in this package, each containing a field tip. Each 20-inch-long field tip weighs 370 grains and measures 100 grains long.
  • This crossbow has a standard trigger pull of 3.5 pounds. Safety switches automatically engage when there is no fire in the fireplace. A crossbow with this low price has a smooth trigger and very little creep.
  • In the scope section, a 4×32 illuminated scope has been swapped for the non-illuminated 4 x 32 scope. They are identical aside from the illumination.
  • According to Killer Instinct’s scopes, it’s pretty obvious. After you sight in at 20 yards, sight in at your other aiming points. An illuminated and an unilluminated scope are both equally accurate. When using a crossbow, I prefer scopes with illumination.

By using the rope cocker that comes with the Lethal 405, you can pull about 100 pounds. Beginner crossbow hunters may have a hard time getting used to this, but it’s not impossible for experienced crossbow hunters. People suffering from shoulder, back, or neck pain may be interested in the “Dead Silent Crank” created by Killer Instinct.

  • It’s now just a matter of testing speed and accuracy. My package came with three HYPR arrows, and that was enough for me. Using the scope, I was able to hit targets at 50 yards dead-center in a jiffy. When shooting at the same spot repeatedly, you will most likely “Robin Hood” some arrows! The crossbow can easily achieve 1-inch groups.
  • With some HYPR bolts, I shot the Lethal 405 over a chronograph and got some nice results. I even got a few over 400fps! The frames per second were 403, 401, and 404. It is an affordable game. When hunting with it, you will have a fast, quiet, precise, balanced, and comfortable hunt.

Using this gun, you’ll be able to hunt quickly, quietly, precisely, and comfortably.


The Lethal 405 crossbow is offered by Killer Instinct with rope cocking devices. Rope cockers can reduce the drag by as much as 50%. 210 pounds of draw weight makes it quite difficult to rope-cock this crossbow.

Assembly and Sighting-In

The crossbow does not arrive assembled because Killer Instinct is a budget brand. It must be assembled by the user. You must carefully follow the instructions to assemble Killer Instinct crossbows.

Arrows & Broadheads

With this crossbow package, you receive Killer Instinct HYPR Lite arrows. You can use these arrows to practice shooting and for hunting. I recommend sticking with this pack of 6 arrows since they are also not expensive.

A good broadhead is essential for hunting. Injured animals should not run away from you. In my opinion, the RAGE NC X-TREME COC broadheads are the best broadhead money can buy.

Storage and Transportation

There is no character named The Lethal 405 in Killer Instinct. The cost prohibits it. Nonetheless, the crossbow has a place in the game. Maintaining your crossbow equipment in a crossbow case will keep it cool and dry.

What We Like

  • Low-cost.
  • Accurate & Fast.
  • Holding comfortably.
  • Dampeners for Strings & Limbs.
  • Included in Pro-Package.
  • Compatibility with Dead Silent Crank.

What We Don’t Like

  • Scope without illumination.

FAQ: Killer Instinct Lethal 405 Crossbow Review 2024

Is the Killer Instinct Lethal 405 Crossbow a good choice for hunting?

Opinions vary. Some users report excellent accuracy and reliability, while others have experienced issues like inadequate arrow support and inconsistent performance, particularly with the included bolts and optic. A frequent suggestion is to upgrade certain components, like arrows and scopes, for better results.

What are the concerns with the arrows and optic of the Lethal 405?

The arrows provided with the Lethal 405 are often deemed too lightweight for effective hunting. The optic is considered just average, and it may not perform well with heavier arrows. Users often suggest upgrading these components for a better hunting experience.

How does the Lethal 405 compare to the Sniper Elite 370?

The Sniper Elite 370 is generally viewed as a superior option, offering better value for a slightly higher price. It’s recommended for its overall quality and performance compared to the Lethal 405.

Is the crossbow’s speed as advertised?

There’s some skepticism about the Lethal 405 reaching its advertised speed of 405 fps. The actual speed might be slightly lower, especially when using heavier, more suitable hunting arrows instead of the lighter ones provided.

What are the build quality and design concerns with the Lethal 405?

The crossbow lacks a CNC aluminum rail and has a flimsy “finger style” arrow retainer, which can require frequent adjustments. Also, the quiver design is less ideal, with a parallel mount instead of a side mount.

Is it worth investing in a more expensive crossbow than the Lethal 405?

Some users suggest investing in a higher-end model like the SWAT XP, arguing that it will last longer and won’t require upgrades. The idea is that buying a cheaper model like the Lethal 405 might lead to additional costs in upgrades or a desire to replace it sooner.

What modifications are recommended for the Lethal 405?

Users recommend replacing the scope and possibly the bolts. Adjusting the weight of the bolts can also enhance performance, but there’s debate over whether such modifications are advisable or necessary.

Are there any safety concerns with the Lethal 405?

Some users report that the arrow retainer can be problematic, potentially leading to a loaded arrow sliding and causing a dry fire. Regular maintenance and careful handling are advised.


The Killer Instinct Lethal 405 Crossbow is a powerful, lightweight, and user-friendly crossbow that offers high-performance and accuracy in hunting. Its lightweight frame allows for easy handling and maneuverability in various hunting scenarios. The crossbow is praised for its comfortable grip and smooth trigger pull, making it ideal for reliable hunters. It comes with high-quality optics, a rope cocker, and string suppressors, enhancing its functionality. The review recommends the Lethal 405 as an excellent choice for those seeking a high-performance, affordable crossbow for hunting.

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