Epson VS330 How to Widescreen?

Epson VS330 How to Widescreen

If you’re using an Epson VS330 projector and want to display widescreen content, you’re in luck! The VS330 has a widescreen feature that allows you to display content in a 16:9 aspect ratio, perfect for movies, videos, and presentations. To enable the widescreen feature on the VS330, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. … Read more

Vankyo Leisure 410 Review 2023

vankyo leisure 410 review

Working with projectors can be challenging. When choosing a television, screen size and resolution usually play a large role. Different projectors have different features. You must first examine their methodology for setting up future projections, which involves a half-dozen different factors in and of itself. best hd projector under 200 can usually be identified just … Read more

Epson VS330 Review: Cheap Epson Scanner Printer 2023

Epson VS330

In terms of portability and port selection at its price, the Epson VS330 XGA 3LCD Projector of Epson’s value series delivers good performance at an affordable price. We tested the projector and found mediocre image quality and poor sound quality, which isn’t surprising for a projector under $500. Overall, the VS330 is an excellent choice … Read more

BenQ TK800M vs. HT2550 – Projectors Under $500

benq ht2550 vs tk800m

As a manufacturer of innovative products, BenQ has a reputation for providing home entertainment solutions. There are stunning models of this manufacturer’s projectors that are compatible with 4K. We have compared two entry-level 4K projectors from BenQ, the HT2550 and the TK800M, to help you choose your projector. Both projectors support native 4K resolution at … Read more

BenQ TH671ST vs HT2150ST: When Should I Buy?

benq th671st vs ht2150st

Projectors from Benq are known for being reliable. The projectors offered by this brand are suitable for a variety of buyers. The Benq projector ranges from 300 to 2000 dollars, which falls in the middle of the consumer-grade price range. Despite the lower price tag, both the Benq TH671ST and the HT2150ST we are going … Read more