No matter you want to reward a gift to someone with a personal touch or you want to create designs and décors at your home, you need the best laser engraving machine for small businesses.

Long gone are those days when laser engravers were only meant for industrial purposes and using them was a task full of hassle.

Modern laser engravers are much more compact and are easy to use.

If you are a business owner who is looking to leverage the scale of the business by creating quirky products, then a laser engraver is something you need.

You can accommodate a laser engraver on even a small table as there is a multitude of products available in the market.

Best Household Laser Cutter For Small Business

Do You Know How to Choose the Best Laser Engraver?

Many people have the misconception that choosing an exemplary laser engraver is a child’s play, and they can do it on their own.

But choosing an engraver needs you to focus on some core factors. Without paying attention to these details, you can buy the wrong engraver, and it will burn a hole in your pocket.

Don’t panic!

We are here to help you with a complete buying guide. Also with our tremendous research, we have picked up some products that are worth every single penny.

Top Rated Laser Engraving Machine for Small Business 2023

TEN-HIGH CO2 – Best 40 WT Laser Engraver

It is a 40w Co2 laser engraving laser engraver from the house of Ten-High and weighs approx 130 lbs which makes it easy to keep in your home or office. The product comes mainly in a mix of white and orange colors with dimensions 850 x 560 x 400mm.


TEN-HIGH CO2 engraving machine has an intuitive console mounted on the top to enhance the ease of use. Plus there is a power button placed for powering on and off the device more accessible.

The engraving area available with this laser engraver is 40 cm x 30 cm, and the resolution ratio is 0.026 mm. A glass laser is there on the engraver with a CO2 gas supply. The maximum wattage it can encompass is 40 W along with AC110V / 60Hz.

Also, you will attain an approximate cutting and engraving speed of 0-3600mm/min and 0-30000mm/min respectively.

CorelDraw is the primary output software that works on this device and delivers utmost precision in engraving and cutting.

There is a multitude of materials that are available for engraving and cutting using this laser engraver. These materials incorporate plywood, acrylic, leather, and PVC.

It comes loaded with various features like temperature control settings, red-light positioning for precision, and a flame retardant system for safety.

Other inclusions that come with the packaging are a limit switch, a USB key, a double-sided adhesive, a water and air pump, and an exhaust pipe.

The device supports a USB fan which helps in keeping it cool during the operational period.


  • Versatility to use with multiple material types
  • Swift and precise output
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Robust design


  • Some users reported about the software malfunction
  • Installation consumes a lot of time

Bottom Line

The product is suitable for those who are not willing to shell out huge money. It delivers decent results and is compatible to use with multiple material types. Lastly, the device is not too bulky, and you can transport it easily with some external help.

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WER Laser Engraver Printer (Upgraded Version 1500mW) – Best for ease of use


Are you looking for something more compact? Here is a laser engraver that might appeal to you.

WER Laser Engraver Printer occupies very less space due to the miniature look of dimensions 42 x 42 x 78 mm.  The engraver has an acrylic frame and a hollow center to keep the items and materials for the engraving process.

The weight of this machine will surprise you as it only weighs 4 pounds which makes it one of the lightweight and portable laser engravers.

It supports a Blue-violet laser of 405 nm that is perfect for engraving on a wide range of materials like rubber, wood, leather, and plastic.

Additionally, the mini laser engraver is the best laser cutter for schools and other educational institutes and comes with a 6000 mAh polymer Li-ion battery which is enough to power the device for approximately 3 hours. You can connect this engraver to iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Also, it is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, so you can send the commands wirelessly while printing or engraving what you need.

Keep in mind that the images should be at least 550 x 550 in resolution when you are using it over Bluetooth.


  • Requires less installation and is almost ready to use
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows
  • Intuitive operation
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery


  • No detailed information is present in the user manual
  • The engraving process is a bit slow

Bottom Line

WER Laser Engraver Printer is a best 3d wood carving machine that is compact enough to keep at any place. If you are looking for something that is soft on the pocket and bestows great results than this product is something you should consider buying.

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12V USB Desktop Laser Engraving Machine (Perfect Desktop and 3D Laser Engraver)

SUNWIN 40X50CM 12V is a basic-looking laser engraver that is based on a simple mechanism and is quintessential to use for non-commercial purposes. The engraver is made up of acrylic, aluminum, and screws that are made up of stainless steel making it sturdy and resistant to rust.


The dimensions of this best desktop laser engraver are 56 x 44 x 16 cm, and that is enough for keeping it on a desktop table. There are two 42 stepper Y-axis motors mounted on the top. Also, the device comes with a 2 Axis standard control panel powered with USB.

The engraving process in SUNWIN 12 V is quite fast, all thanks to the simple yet effective design!

SUNWIN 40X50CM includes a 500mW laser that works in 12 V and with a supply of 5.5 W. The software in this product is something we can say commendable and gets easily installed on your desktop or computer. The Windows versions supported by this engraver are 10, 8, 7, and even Windows 2000, and XP.

You can use this laser engraver to engrave on plastic, wood, leather, and paper. The users will also receive some accessories like a power adaptor, a USB cable, a protective sunglass, and a user manual.

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • The price is justifiable
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Works with a variety of materials
  • Perfect for novice users
  • The laser power on this engraver is low

Bottom Line

For those who want an affordable and one of the cheap laser cutters for home use, this is a perfect device. You need no training to start using this device, as the instruction manual is enough to get your hands on your new laser engraver.

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Qiilu 1500mw Laser Engraver Printer Laser Engraving Machine (Smallest Laser Engraver)


The Qiilu 1500mw Laser Engraver is another compact device that deserves a place in this list due to the functionalities it offers. QIILU Mini is a portable laser engraving machine and is a budget-friendly device that has a basic shape and is easy to store.

There are a plethora of features on offer with this smallest laser engraving machine like multi-language support, and various operating systems.

The operator can select the language as per his preference, and that is something hard to find other engravers. Languages supported by Qiilu 1500mw are French, German, Italian, English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Another excellent feature is that it is compatible with all mobile devices and personal computers.

You just have to input a command to the printer, and it will engrave the same as described in the input. In terms of heat generation, it will leave you stunned. QIILU Mini has a herculean cooling fan that is capable of keeping the heat at bay.

The operating systems supported by this device are Windows XP, Windows 7 & 8, Windows 10, iOS 9.0, and all other Android and iOS powered devices.

All the functionalities mentioned above make Qiilu 1500mw a versatile laser engraver that is powerful enough to print what you need and remains cool due to the powerful cooling fan onboard.

When it comes to using this device, you need to be patient. Set up the process on this device is not that daunting, but you need to keep yourself chill to complete the process in a couple of minutes. The instructions are easy to process, and you can set up the device on the go.

The materials you can engrave on using Qiilu 1500mw are bamboo, wood, plastic, rubber, acrylic, leather, rubber, and paper.


  • Easy on the pocket
  • The instruction manual is handy and is easy to understand
  • Multi-language support makes it value for money
  • Removable/adjustable printing/laser head


  • The performance of iOS devices is a bit low when compared with Android devices

Bottom Line

The engraving area on Qiilu 1500mw is 1.6 x 1.6 x 3″, and the device is also very light in weight. If you need something that is capable of engraving on a wide variety of materials, then you can take this miniature engraver to your home.

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Triumph Fiber Laser Marking Machine 30w (Best 30 W Laser Engraver for Marking on Metals)


Triumph Fiber Laser Marking Machine 30w is the most powerful laser engraver in the whole fleet. Engraving the pieces of metal is something that requires strong precision and power.

Fortunately, Triumph Fiber Laser Marking Machine 30w has a perfect blend of precision and power and is one of the best products for engraving on metal.

If you are looking for the best laser engraver for a gun that can engrave on strong metal sheets, then don’t overthink, and buy it!

The overall look on this engraver is quite aggressive, but still, the device looks decent. There are swivel caster wheels mounted on this device which makes it easier to move without being exhausted.

Triumph Fiber Laser Marking Machine is the best laser etching machine that features an adjustable attachment and is useful for permanent metal engravings and markings. This top-of-the-line machine provides an excellent beam and high peak power that is enough to engrave the metal surface flawlessly.

Additionally, the design of this laser engraver is modular, and it comes with a separate lifter and laser generator. You can even use this device for marking on complicated surfaces and giant areas.


  • You can use it to engrave and mark on copper, gold, silver, iron and other metals
  • Adjustable height direction
  • Satisfactory performance
  • Comes with an advanced and smart digital galvanometer


  • Extremely exorbitant
  • Not suitable for in-home uses

Bottom Line

For all the business professionals out there who are looking for something to engrave metals, this device is a perfect choice. It works with the utmost precision and will deliver value for money performance.

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A Detailed Buying Guide to Select the Best Laser Engraver

Type Power Compatibility Engraving Area
CO2 40 W Windows 7,8,10 CorelDraw, LaserDRW, iOS, Android, MAC 400x300mm
CO2 1W Windows 7,8,10 iOS, Android, MAC 42 x 42 x 78 mm
Semiconductor Diode Laser 500MW Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, MAC OS 40X50CM
CO2 1.5W Android 4.0 and above, Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP 42 x 42 x 78 mm
Fiber Laser 30W Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP 200x200mm or 110x110mm

Many people mix laser engravers with 3d printers, but in reality, both are different. In laser engraving, you are engraving on existing materials, whereas in 3d printing you are printing a new product right from scratch.

Laser engravers are meant for engraving on different types of material from soft leather to hard metals, and you need to make sure that the engraver you are going to buy is perfect for the type of engraving you need.

Here are some points to consider before making your purchase decision.

Size of the Laser Engraver

Keeping an eye on the size of the engraver is a crucial part. You cannot accommodate an engraving machine that is too huge for your room. The best way to choose the engraver with the perfect size is by making a checklist of your requirements.

Look for space where you want to keep the engraver, now take a measuring tape and do the markings carefully. Make sure to mark a bigger size of area than the size of the laser engraver as these devices emit some heat during the engraving process.

Now compare the entire list of laser engravers based on the markings and handpick the best one.

It is as simple as it sounds!


How much money are you willing to shell out for a laser engraver?

Laser engravers come in an extensive range from inexpensive ones to extravagant ones which can even break your bank.  

You might think that commercial laser engravers are the ones that come at a hefty price, but it is not mandatory!

A buyer can choose a laser engraver based on certain criteria like power, efficiency, and design. You can crack a decent deal by buying the best laser engraver for small businesses without shaking your budget.

Software Compatibility

Laser engravers have two software compatibility options. Either they work on the preinstalled software, or they work on the software which you have installed on your device.

Both the devices have their own pros and cons, and it entirely relies on you that which type of device you choose.

Let us simplify it!!

With preinstalled software, you cannot transfer the input from your Adobe and CAD properties. You have to work within the boundaries of that particular software while using the limited designs and fonts which are available.

On the other hand, engravers that are compatible with external software have better performance than your pre-built designs. Also, you can use different designs and fonts based on your requirements.

Type of Material

Do you want to engrave on metal? Then there is no scope of buying a laser engraver that is meant to engrave on leather.
Every laser engraving machine is different and is best to use on different types of materials.

Look at your requirements before you finalize the purchase options. Some laser engravers are versatile and can work on different material types.

Again it is dependent on you, and your end purpose. Make sure what your end requirements are and then start searching for a reliable product.


Laser engraving machines offer a wide number of connection options. Some work on cables and USB while others are compatible with Bluetooth and other wireless technologies.

If you want something that has no wires wrapped around it, then you should go with the engravers that offer wireless connectivity.

On the other hand, if precision is an utmost necessity then you can select the laser engraver that works on a wired or USB connection.

FAQs On Best Laser Cutter for Small Business

Since the inception laser engraving has attained a frontrunner position for the industrialist and hobbyists. But there are some myths and misconceptions about laser engravers.

Want to more about laser engravers? Here are some FAQs addressed for your ease.

Is it possible to engrave images on a wooden surface using a laser engraver?

Yes, you can engrave high-quality images on the wooden surface using a laser engraver. Also, keep in mind that the area you are going to engrave will justify the quality based on the image’s resolution. The quality of the engraved piece will also depend on the type of connectivity mode you have used.

If you use a wired mode, then the quality will be superior as compared to wireless connectivity.

Are these lasers harmful to humans?

Yes, they are! The lasers mounted on these devices are very strong as they have to engrave on hard surfaces.  But the mountings in which the lasers are kept protect the users from any negative effects.

It is strictly advised to keep your body party away when the engraver is under operation. Don’t put your hands inside the engraver when you have given any command to the machine.

What will happen to the material during the engraving process?

Once you have submitted the engraving command and the material, the process of engraving will take place. The engraving will only impact the area that you need to print.

Laser engravers have adjustable heads and moving parts that adjust accordingly as per the print command.

What kind of laser is perfect for engraving plastic materials?

If your sole purpose is to engrave on the plastic, then a CO2-powered laser engraver is an exemplary choice. However, there are many more laser engravers that work on plastic materials. Keep in mind that you are not putting fire-resistant plastics into engraving machines, as they are hard to engrave upon.


The laser engraver options available in the market are limitless. It’s completely up to you, and the type of requirements you have. You can satisfy your small works with the best entry-level laser cutter, whereas you can buy a massive laser engraver that is capable of accomplishing the heavy jobs done in a couple of minutes.

The best laser engravers described in this article are best-in-class and we have selected them after detailed research and comparisons. From hobbyists to industrialists there is something for anyone.

Make a checklist and tick-mark your requirements when you are about to purchase any laser engraver.