Starting your DJ journey and needing the right controller?

In this blog, we highlight the best entry-level DJ controllers for budding DJs, from user-friendly and budget-conscious models to those with advanced features for growing your skills, including options that offer seamless software integration.

With over a decade of experience in the music and DJ equipment industry, we’ve guided numerous aspiring DJs in kick-starting their music mixing adventures. Our selection of entry-level DJ controllers has been thoroughly tested in various settings, ensuring they offer the perfect blend of ease of use, versatility, and quality to ignite your DJ passion.

Best Beginner DJ Controllers Under $300: Comparison Table

Dimensions Weight Supports Mic Backlit Buttons
10.71 x 18.98 x 2.28 in 4.6 pounds YES YES
9.17 x 21.65 x 1.19 in 3.98 pounds NO YES
14.1 x 18.2 x 5.2 in 6.4 pounds NO YES
22 x 5 x 13 inches 8 pounds YES YES
12.27 x 19.88 x 2.73 in 8.95 pounds YES (2) YES

Best DJ Controller (Under $300) for Beginners 2024

DJ controllers can be hard to use because of the presence of multiple buttons and controls on the deck. But the best starter DJ controllers for beginners have fewer complex features that make them easy to use.

All the controllers described in this list are best-in-class and perfect for novice users.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller

DJ DDJ-SB3 is a high-quality controller from the house of Pioneer that is exceptionally reliable and durable. If you are serious about your career as a DJ, then buying a quality device is supremely crucial.

Extremely Portable

For those who need something, the portable DJ DDJ-SB3 is a perfect choice. The overall weight of the DJ controller is 4.6 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest DJ controllers on the entire list.

Durable Design

After bringing this Pioneer masterpiece home, you will agree that the overall design and the jog wheels are very durable.

Input and Output Ports

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 comes with three categories of ports, i.e., a USB port, a master leveling port, and a microphone port. You can use the controller while plugging in your headphones for better results.

Seamless Transitions

Whether you are a pro DJ or you have just started DJing, you will get smooth transitions on this controller. The fades, patterns, and filters are very pleasant, and the users will get satisfactory performance from the device

On-Board Serato Sound Card

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 has a Serato sound card available that helps users pair the DJ controller with their Mac or PC. In short, there is no need for an external sound card if you have DJ DDJ-SB3 with you.

  • Aluminum jog wheels
  • Manual loop available
  • FX Fade makes mixing easy
  • Easy-to-learn features
  • The Serato DJ Pro comes at extra cost

Numark Mixtrack 3

Numark is another renowned name in the DJ deck industry. All the controllers manufactured by this brand have a decent build. If you are on a tight budget and need something that comes at a justifiable price, then Numark Mixtrack 3 is worth your attention.

Multiple-Function Performance Pads

There are 16 pads mounted on the DJ controller, which enhances performance on the go while adding charm to your composition. All the pads have trendily backlit, and you can easily identify different pads even in a lesser light.

Metallic Jog Wheels

Numark Mixtrack 3 comes with metallic jog wheels, and you can use the controller while having proper control over the device. The wheels are non-slippery, and you can push them to extreme limits without any difficulties.

Also, these jog wheels are touch-sensitive, and you can use them without applying vigorous force.

Compatible with Virtual DJ LE Software

Numark Mixtrack 3 works seamlessly with Virtual DJ LE software, which makes things easier. The users don’t have to purchase any additional software, and that will help them save decent bucks.

Easy Track Browsing

If you love to browse between different tracks with your DJ controller, the Numark Mixtrack 3 is here for you. You can easily browse through the tracks without any hassles. The dedicated controls mounted on this most affordable DJ controller will assist you in browsing different tracks on the go.

  • Excellent USB connectivity
  • LED backlit looks extremely aesthetic
  • Light in weight
  • Pitch sliders render a perfect sync
  • Not suitable for professional use

Pioneer Pro DJ Black (DDJ-WeGO4-K)

We cannot resist adding this DJ controller manufactured by Pioneer, as it is of supremely high quality. Another classic DJ controller is the DDJ-WeGO4-K. You will get the real feel of a professional DJ controller with the ease of a beginner’s controller.

Compatible with PC and smartphones

The buyers can pair their DDJ-WeGO4-K with their smartphones and laptops using a USB cable or the lightning cable. All you have to do is plug in the cable, and it is ready to use with your smart device.

Responsive Jog Wheels

Jog wheels are very crucial for attaining an appropriate mix in the tracks. The jog wheels on the DDJ-WeGO4-K are very responsive and can sense even minor movements.

These wheels are sturdy and have a strong build, which prevents any damage.

Advanced Controls

All the controls available on Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4-K have advanced features, and you can still use them easily. There is no need to learn the process of how to use the DJ controller if you have this powerful controller with you.

Free Rekordbox DJ License

Rekordbox is essential software that helps users pre-prepare their collections without overwriting new music files. It means that with Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4-K, you can keep a collection of your favorite music and access it on the go without spending time searching for it.

Durable Build Quality

All the DJ controllers manufactured by Pioneer have the essence of quality in them. DDJ-WeGO4-K also delivers the same essence, and you will feel the durability after using this performance DJ controller.

  • Easy to pair with smartphones and tablets
  • Auto-looping available
  • Light in weight
  • Includes ample and hot cues
  • There is no port to connect a microphone

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 DJ Controller

Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 from Native Instruments may appear like a basic DJ controller, but it is a comprehensive package that can deliver outstanding performance. The elegant DJ controller has every single feature that is useful for DJing and creating compositions.

Easy to Plug and Play

For those who need something easy to use, Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 is the answer. With the help of Traktor DJ software, you can pair your iPhone and iPad with the controller. The software has multiple functionalities that can add charm to your music compositions.

Highly Durable Jog Wheels

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 DJ Controller has jog wheels that have durable silicone coatings. The metal used in manufacturing them is aluminum, and you will get the lightness required in a DJ controller.

Dual LED Display

The S2 MK2 DJ Controller comes with dual-LED displays that are present on both halves of the DJ controller. With the help of these displays, you can check the progress while keeping an eye on the track mixes you are making.

Multiple Channels Enhance the Performance

With the S2 MK2 DJ deck, you will get the 2+1 channel, and that enhances the performance of the system. For optimal performance, users can use Traktor Pro 2 software without paying any additional charges.

Works with Mac and Windows

No matter if you are using a Mac or Windows operating system, you can pair this smart DJ controller quickly. The controller works with almost all devices with a fair configuration.

  • Colored RGB Buttons
  • Inbuilt microphone
  • Charges your smartphone while you are using the DJ deck
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Fairly expensive

Denon DJ MC4000 | Premium 2-Channel DJ Controller

Audio and video equipment from Denon is very reliable and worth its value. The buyers who need something more professional should shift their focus to the Denon DJ MC4000.

Touch-Activated Jig Wheels

Denon DJ MC4000 has the best jog wheels in this entire list of the best DJ controllers for beginners. These wheels recognize the track cueing while delivering great feedback to the user.

Dedicated Control Knobs

Every channel available with this DJ controller has a different set of control knobs for adjusting the FX and equalizer settings. You can easily adjust the settings by rotating the knobs with the help of the given instructions.

Works with A Multitude Of Software

You can use Denon DJ MC4000 with the plethora of software available on the market. The DJ controller works great with Traktor Pro 2.9, Virtual DJ 8, Serato DJ Intro 1.2.6, and later, Serato DJ 1.7.8.

Choose your preferred software and create mesmerizing tracks with this advanced DJ controller.

USB Interface

The Denon DJ MC4000 has a lightning-fast USB port mounted on the back that allows quicker transfers of files. It has a 2.0 USB version, which is capable of delivering a considerable transfer speed.

Inbuilt Mic and AUX

DJ MC4000 also supports auxiliary and external microphones. You can plug in the mic or your smartphone using the aux cable. The outputs of both mic and aux are tremendous, and the users will get the required sound effects with satisfactory performance.

  • Easy to use
  • It works great with Serato software
  • No driver installation required for using the PC
  • Supports MIDI mapping
  • The scratching is not up to the mark
  • A limited number of channels are available

Best Beginner DJ Controllers Under $300 of 2024

The performance of the DJ controller is entirely dependent on the type of software and features it has.  No matter if you are learning DJing from scratch or need something for a professional purpose, it is crucial for you to pay attention to some functionalities that are vital for every best standalone DJ controller.

We know that it is quite hard to select the best DJ decks for beginners, but you can do it yourself after going through the brief buying guide explained below.

Compatibility and Software

For a better DJ experience, you need to handpick the device that is compatible with your PC and laptop so that you can make some edits in case they are required. If the DJ controller is not compatible with your laptop or computer system, then you should avoid buying it.

Go for the models that offer brilliant connectivity with your smartphone, personal computer, and whatever device you want to connect, like a microphone or the aux cable.

Most DJ controllers available on this list are compatible with laptops, but you need to ensure everything before finalizing your purchase decision.

In the case of software, the choice is dependent on you. Make sure that the particular controller works seamlessly with your preferred editing software. Because, in the end, you have to edit the tracks you have composed.

Check the instruction label of the DJ controller and check whether it is compatible with your preferred software or not.

Responsive Jog Wheels

Jog wheels are one of the most vital elements of a DJ controller. If the jog wheels are inappropriate, then you will have to bear some difficulties during DJing.

Jog wheels should be large enough to fit under your palm. Also, they should be ultra-responsive. Go for the controllers that have aluminum jog wheels, as they are very durable and there is very little scope for damage.

Output and Input Ports

Output and input ports comprise a lot of the performance of the DJ controller. The buyers need to check whether a particular model has at least a USB port for transferring the track to the PC or laptop.

You can also consider multiple input and output ports like AUX, microphone, master ports, and much more.

It is entirely up to you and your requirements.

Internal Memory

Internal memory is the capacity of the DJ controller to save the cue points generated by you. If the internal memory is low, then you cannot save multiple cue points on the controller without attaching external hard drives.

Also, pay attention to the number of USB ports available so that you can attach external memory devices in case you are running short on memory.


Weight is a great factor for every DJ controller. There are a lot of the best DJ controllers available out there, and some of them are very bulky, which makes them hard to carry.

Buy the controller that weighs less and is portable.


If your sole purpose is to carry the DJ controller with you wherever you go, then a massive device is of no use. Taking a giant DJ controller with you is very difficult, as it can get damaged easily.

Over to You

If you have decided to purchase your very first DJ deck, then it is crucial to buy the best entry-level DJ controller. All the products explained above are perfect for beginners and buying one of them will provide you with great pleasure and value for money.

Before buying the best affordable DJ controller, ensure that you have checked the features. Also, have a look at the weight and dimensions described in the comparison table to evaluate whether a specific DJ controller is portable or not.