Just about all of us have heard of the best automatic garage closers, automatic car starters, automatic alarms in today’s day and age; you can about automate any and everything.

With that being said, let’s consider automatic door closers; now, I have personal experience in wondering if I forgot to shut the door as I rushed out for work or to beat that traffic that I knew I was going to come across (we’ve all been there) undoubtedly!

Wondering if you closed that door or not can be an incredibly annoying experience because heaven forbids that it was indeed leftover and a burglar comes in and steals your most precious things or that one curious pet wanders out without you even knowing (again, another personal experience of mine).

Turning back around abruptly, to make sure that you locked up correctly can be just as annoying as that morning commute to work; with that being said, we are going to take a look at some of the best automatic door closers of 2023.

Automatic door closers will alleviate that level of stress and worry, wondering if you closed that door on your way out or not. Let’s have a look:

Best Automatic Door Closers Reviewed 2023

Cal-Royal Automatic Commercial Grade Door Closer


The first automatic door closer for cars that we have up for review is the Cal-Royal, only costing you $45.00 on Amazon; it is aluminum-based and is considered to be is an excellent substitute that one can use on the interior side of your door for the ultimate level of security and protection. The Cal-Royal is incredibly lightweight and has a compact, yet sleek design that only needs a minimal amount of space when being used on your door. One of the fantastic aspects of the Cal-Royal is that it has the functionality for just about any entry and incredibly easy to set up.


  • One of the major benefits of this automatic door closer to the car is that it is relatively affordable, especially considering how durable it is.
  • It is the perfect choice for not only your home but also condos, apartments, even hotel rooms!
  • The arm of the Cal-Royal can be mounted as merely a regular arm or a parallel arm; depending on what your exact needs are (the bracket for the parallel arm is included with the Cal-Royal).
  • The Cal-Royal is best used with doors that have a maximum interior size of 42 inches.


  • There may be some discrepancies with the size of the closer compared to the size of your door; the assembly of the Cal-Royal may be a bit troublesome as well so be sure to have your patience in order!

Automatic Door Closer For Residential/Commercial Use


The DI 100S automatic door closer for home is just a tad over $30.00 on Amazon and can come in either black or silver; the DI 100S comes with dual valves that are completely adjustable closer, as well as speed control that will be able to manage doors opening to up to 180 degrees so need to worry about having to slam your door in order to make sure that it’s appropriately shut. There is also a safety valve option that is based on pressure and is made to reduce any kind of fluid that may accumulate during the various changes in the climate. The design of the DI 100S is both modern and sleek, being as discreet as possible so that you will barely know it’s there; this particular automatic door closer for the chicken coop is better suited for doors that weigh between 135 and 175 pounds so that is something to be mindful of prior to purchasing.


  • The installation of the DI 100S is incredibly easy, taking only minutes to assemble; there is an instruction manual that comes with the DI 100S, not to mention a warranty that comes with the ultimate peace of mind.


  • The adjustments that are required to get this door closer to work accurately can be slightly problematic, resulting in it not working as it should or as you would like.
  • Also, although it comes with instructions for installations, they are not the clearest and concise-bringing what should be a simple install to be incredibly frustrating.

Best Commercial Grade Door Closer


The Dynasty automatic door closer commercial is only $40.00 on Amazon (and if you decide to apply for the credit card that is offered through Amazon it would be even cheaper). The Dynasty fits on doors that swing both right or left and are considered to be a Commercial Grade 2 closer, which is impressive in and of it.

The Dynasty automatic door closer commercial comes with two valves that are independent and inherently self-regulating, allowing you to control both the latch and sweep speeds of the closer.

This particular automatic closer is ideal for the door that weighs no more than 143 pounds and has the bonus of coming with a five-year warranty just in case something does go wrong with it.


  • This door closer is incredibly durable and sturdy and is guaranteed to give you that level of assurance about your property being secure.
  • Various installation options come with the Dynasty so you can be confident that it will efficiently fit most doors.


  • Although the sturdiness is a major bonus, unfortunately, the instructions that come with the Dynasty are a bit lacking and somewhat confusing.

Best Automatic Garage Door Closer


As we move on through the automatic garage door closer, perhaps you are more interested in a new automatic garage door closer- we can help you out with that as well.

Here we have the Magic automatic garage door closer, which is an automatic garage door closer that you can purchase for around $40.00 on Amazon.

The Magic Loser comes with three kinds of timer settings in addition to a fifteen (as well as six-hour delay setting). There are also warnings (both visible and audible) that come with the Magic Closer which allows you to be aware of any issues before the door closes.


  • Some batteries are included with the Magic automatic garage door closer, in addition to a one-year battery warranty based on general usage.


  • It is essential to keep in mind that this particular door closer is not necessarily recommended for specific door models that are manufactured after 2012, so be sure to check before purchasing to confirm that this will fit with your door. 

Garage Butler Automatic Garage Door Closer


This particular automatic opener will cost a potential buyer less than $40.00 if purchased through Amazon and can easily be installed with no prior expertise required! As one can see, this is another garage door opener (just in case you are looking for something more than a traditional closer for your typical doors); the Garage Butler operates on various timer speeds (ranging in increments from 3-60 minutes) and will undoubtedly guarantee an added level of security to your home.


  • There is a sensor that is equipped with the Garage Butler that automatically closes the door when dusk approaches, which is indeed a plus.
  • The Garage Butler will give you the peace of mind that you are looking for, while not being too hard on your wallet at the same time.


  • The main downside is that you will want to make sure that you confirm it works with your particular garage system, and if you can’t confirm for sure, be sure to purchase a warranty along with it, just in case.

FAQs – Remote Door Closer

Are these able to be adjusted to the point where you can close the door partially and not necessarily all the way?

Unfortunately no – if you are looking to have your door closed up partially for any particular reason you will want just to remove the automatic closer as it will close the door entirely.

Can these be used with storm doors?

Depending on the particular brand that you purchased, it is possible but not recommended.


Selecting the best automatic door closer (be it a traditional door or a garage door) depends on your exact needs and what you are looking for in particular.

All of the openers here are reasonably priced and have limited negative points; as stated, unfortunately, there is no guarantee with any purchase so be sure to be mindful of any warranty that comes along with your purchase.