Are head units really that important? A proper understanding of car audio systems is essential for beginners. Music systems are centered around a head unit, which is the brain. The head unit lets you select which radio station to listen to, insert CDs or DVDs, connect your phone, and so much more. A new head unit will bring an old car into the 21st century, I say.

You can enjoy the following benefits by upgrading your head unit:

It is often considered that speakers are the only means of enhancing sound quality. Head units and car radios are largely responsible for determining your car’s sound system’s capability and power. If you upgrade your head unit, you will benefit from more power, better audio quality, and greater clarity, thereby enjoying your favorite tracks to their fullest.

The amplifiers in head units boost the power of the speakers. It replaces the traditional radio receiver, which picks up broadcast signals. Satellite signals are also picked up by modern head units, which greatly surpass their predecessors. In a car audio system, they act as the center of attention.

Technology of today

Various types of media can be played by the new head unit models, including video and audio. Their wide screens and touch screens enable them to be controlled by your fingertips, and you can create your own playlists, according to your mood. A lot of these models also have GPS (Global Positioning System) capabilities, which allow you to use a satellite link to check your exact location in the city and calculate how long and how far you will have to travel to reach your desired destination. In summary, upgrading to a new head unit will not only improve the interior sound but will also make driving and using your vehicle much easier.

A touchscreen and navigation are found on most modern head units.

Comparing factory and aftermarket head units

In addition to accessing social media, connecting with Bluetooth, and streaming music from your phone, modern head units feature advanced technology. Basic audio upgrades can significantly improve your listening experience. Investing in a new head unit could turn out to be a great investment for someone who loves music.

Most of the time, vehicles come with extremely low-powered stock head units. You may want to consider a new head unit rather than new speakers, to begin with. You can expect a reasonable level of music quality from factory head units included in vehicle packages. It is possible to enjoy better quality music by eliminating the stock head units and replacing them with third-party units.

A car sound system built from scratch is recommended by most music lovers. A low-powered amp or head unit cannot be compensated by substituting your stock speakers. Many audiophiles take this into consideration when designing a new system. Especially in these situations, it’s imperative to replace inferior factory head units with aftermarket head units that are more powerful.

The Best Head Units to Buy

Whenever you’re shopping for new car radio, the very first thing you need to do is determine which features are important to you. Filtering out head units will be easier this way (which you will have to do). Your car’s head unit should also be checked. Due to the fact that there is a single din and double din size, you need to purchase one that fits your car.

How will you connect your head unit?

Most people make the mistake of looking at the advertised wattage when purchasing new audio equipment or speakers. In most cases, there are four 50W power amplifiers on head units. Despite its sound, this is not the way it actually works. It is Max Power that is important in that sentence. A 50W maximum output is, therefore, possible from the head unit. In reality, it produces much less, about 14W-18W on average. As a result, the maximum wattage shouldn’t be the only thing you pay attention to. The difference between max wattage and RMS is explained in detail here.

If you want a good amplifier, you must make sure that it has the capability of controlling the wattage to the speakers.


Your vehicle can be upgraded in more ways than just its head unit. A car audio system would not be complete without a head unit due to its design, functionality, and usability. With a new head unit, your old car can be updated easily. With a head unit already in place, it is much easier to build an audio system.