how to install double din car stereo

The installation and handling of each piece of equipment must be done correctly. To get everything working properly, this is the most important thing to do.

Wiring cannot be tampered with, or else the whole package might be damaged.

Step-by-step instructions are provided in this article for installing a Double  DIN head unit.

In order to properly install your double din head unit, you will need to look at the user manual that came with your unit. This guide is a general one.

A Wiring Diagram

The first thing you need to do is connect the stereo wiring connectors from the rear of the new radio unit to the cable leads of the wiring harness adapter. Ensure that the wires of the same color are paired. The battery is accessed by the yellow wire, ground by the black, antenna by the blue, accessories by the red, and headlights are accessed by the orange wire. Also, white wires go to left-front speakers, gray to right-front speakers, green to left-rear speakers, and purple to right-rear speakers.

Each speaker wire has a positive and negative polarity. Be careful while connecting the wires. Wire strippers are needed for stripping all wire ends after you have matched all wires. Crimp caps or electrical tape can be used to join wires together when they are twisted together.

Having the right tools is very important because otherwise, you might make a mess.  You will need to connect the pink handbrake wire if you want to connect the DVD player directly to your stereo.

Getting the Car Ready

Step two involves removing the dashboard level that controls the hood release. An Allen wrench is required to loosen the bolt on the negative cable of the battery. When something goes wrong, lifting the battery cable and taking it off the battery will ensure the fuse does not blow.

Installing a Custom Car Stereo In Place of the Stock Unit

In order to replace the stock radio, you will need to remove it. You will need a flathead screwdriver to pry the gear lever open, and the air conditioning control will be revealed. Discard the air vents around the head unit and pull back the air conditioning control panel. Unless you remove the air vents, you will not be able to reach the bolts that hold the stereo together. You’ll need to detach the wiring and antenna cable once you’ve removed all the screws from the radio.

Installing the New Double DIN Head Unit

Earlier on we had to go through all this trouble for the next step. In order to connect the wiring harness connectors to the outlets on the best double din for the money head unit’s rear panel, you will have to fix the mounting brackets to the stereo as soon as possible. The antenna cable is connected to an FM antenna socket on the left side of the stereo. In the empty dock, you will be able to find the wiring harness adapter for connecting to the car. With a modern head unit, you may need to connect a Bluetooth microphone and an iPod connector as well as the GPS antenna. All of these wires should be tucked away in the glove box at some distance from the driver.

Putting Everything Back Where It Belongs After Testing the New Car Stereo

It is now time to return the stereo to the empty dock when all the wires have been connected and all things have been placed in their working places.

  • Depending on your vehicle, you might have to get an installation dash kit or a Double DIN mount adapter. Docking the adapters is the best place to put them.
  • You need to be careful to not disrupt the wiring and waste your time. Ideally, you should ensure the installation is complete before closing everything down.
  • If you wish to avoid blowing a fuse, you must reconnect the disconnected battery.
  • Check the sound once the car is turned on and in accessory mode.
  • You can also adjust the fader and bass here using the balance controls.
  • Change the balance of the speaker here as well.
  • Check whether the stereo screen and the backlights change their brightness automatically when you turn the headlights on and off.

If it has a Bluetooth, CD, and iPod connector, check them. You should turn off the car and turn the battery off after making sure everything is working properly. Once all of the trim pieces have been replaced, make sure the battery is connected.

Using the right tools and following a detailed manual, this process will take you almost an hour. Double DIN head units are usually packaged with instructions, so this wouldn’t be a problem here. You may, however, need to get a professional if any one of the above steps is difficult for you to understand. Additionally, they know the key points to install a stereo system, as well as having the right tools.