Want to enhance your TCL TV audio experience?

In this blog, we spotlight the best soundbars for TCL TVs, from sleek and compact models to those with advanced surround sound capabilities, including options that are budget-friendly and easy to set up.

Drawing on our extensive 12 years of expertise in home entertainment technology, we’ve helped a multitude of TV enthusiasts elevate their audio experience. Our selection of soundbars has been carefully evaluated for compatibility with TCL TVs, ensuring they provide immersive sound quality, easy connectivity, and a seamless user experience.

Best Soundbar for TCL TV 6 Series 2024

TLC Alto 7 + 2.1 Channel Home Theater Soundbar

First of all, choosing a soundbar from the same brand to connect to your TCL TV ensures seamless compatibility. With the TLC Alto 7+, you can rely on its ergonomic design and superior performance. This soundbar comes with a subwoofer, which enhances the sound further. However, if you do not have a space to accommodate the sub, you can go for just the soundbar.

Benefits for the user: This soundbar is specially tuned to deliver loud and clear sound without distortion. You can adjust the audio by switching its three listening modes: movie, music, and news. When it comes to the convenience of connectivity, it provides both Bluetooth and USB options.

TCL claims that this model simplifies the technology of stunning sound. Here comes the role of the wireless subwoofer, which provides extra bass and, hence, truly makes the audio come alive. Thanks to its wireless compatibility, you can place the subwoofer even at a distance to adjust your exposure to deep bass.

The movie mode is a special feature to listen to the dialogues with the utmost precision, while the music mode ensures a pleasing experience of enjoying the tunes. Moreover, the news mode helps you focus on content by isolating ambient sounds. When it comes to the installation process, you can use its wall mounting kit and activate the device with your very own TCL Roku TV remote.

What We Like

  • Pairs easily with your TCL Roku TV
  • Offers eight sound modes
  • No distortion in high volume
  • No clutter with wireless connectivity
  • It comes with a subwoofer
  • Ideal pair for TVs 55″
  • The best soundbar for TCL Roku Tv

What We Don’t Like

  • The remote is small
  • It is expensive

TCL Alto 5+ 2.1 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar

Another premium soundbar from TCL, the Alto 5+ 2.1 Channel, makes a perfect inclusion in your entertainment zone. Since the manufacturer of this soundbar is none other than TCL, it ensures seamless compatibility with your TCL TV. The precision in its design makes it stand out among the other soundbars in the same price range.

Benefits for the user: This soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer, which makes the entire set complete. While most of the users love how the subwoofer enhances the impact, some prefer to use the soundbar without the sub. Aux/Audio (3.5mm) Cable, Optical/Toslink, and USB are the various options of input, which ensures you can pair it easily with your TV.

The TCL Alto 5+ 2.1 comes with a wall-mount stand that lets you place it nicely right below your TV. Once the installation process is done, you can simply use your TCL Roku TV remote to switch it on. There are three sound modes: movies, news, and music, which add versatility to your listening experience. If you are one of those simple users who does not want to switch between the sound modes, you can simply rely on its optimization technology.

The minimalist design of this soundbar attracts a lot of attention from the buyers, while a clean and loud sound makes them proud once they start using this audio device. You can expect distortion-free sound at any volume from this soundbar, which sets it apart from its competitors. It makes an ideal pair for TVs 43″ and above.

What We Like

  • It comes with a subwoofer
  • Minimalist design in black
  • Ideal pair for TVs 43″
  • 8 Sound modes
  • Wireless connectivity

What We Don’t Like

  • The starting volume is pretty low
  • No HDMI option

TCL Alto 7 2.0 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar

This one makes an ideal choice for all those buyers who don’t need a subwoofer. It provides a quick and easy setup with the wall mounting kit and aux/audio (3.5mm) cable, optical/toslink, USB, and HDMI ARC inputs. The dimension of this sound bar is a little bigger than the TCL Alto 7+. When it comes to the price, it is equal.

Benefits for the user: You can easily control the soundbar volume with your TCL Roku TV remote. The soundbar lets you switch among multiple sound modes, and movies, news, and music are the most popular ones. These three sound modes can actually impact your entertainment sessions by adding a lot of fun and precision.

The Bluetooth connectivity is a plus point of this soundbar since it makes the TV cabinet look cleaner and clutter-free. Also, if you do not want to mount it on the wall and you have ample space in the cabinet, you can simply place it on the cabinet and enjoy good music. Those who never want to miss a dialogue while watching TV will find the movie mode excellent.

This model is way cheaper than the TCL Alto 7 2.1 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar since it doesn’t include the soundbar. Hence, it makes an ideal choice for those who don’t require a sub at all. This soundbar is ideal for TVs 55″ and above.

What We Like

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • HDMI ARC option
  • Voice clarity with tweeters
  • Multiple sound modes

What We Don’t Like

  • It comes without subwoofer
  • It takes up more space

TCL Alto 5 2.0 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar

If you are looking for a pristine sound bar without a subwoofer for your 43” TCL Roku TV, nothing can suit you better than the TCL Alto 5 2.0 Channel model. This one comes in an ergonomic design with a minimalist approach to suit the art of your contemporary TV cabinet. Painted in a jet black hue, it absolutely looks stunning, whether you place it on the cabinet or mount it on the wall.

Benefits for the User: TLC is all set to impress its customers with the exceptional performances of this soundbar, especially when it comes to convenience. Since the device is produced by the same brand as your TCL TV, you can expect seamless setup and connectivity. The remote, wall mounting kit, and various connectivity options, including Bluetooth, make your experience hassle-free.

Since the soundbar comes without the subwoofer, the performance is not as high as the TCL Alto 5 2.1 Channel. Additionally, this model does not give you the option to choose between HDMI and Bluetooth. However, most of the other features are the same, such as the three listening modes: music, movies, and news. The sound modes, as well as the volume, can be easily adjusted with the remote.

According to the brand, the experience of Bluetooth-based wireless music streaming will improve your listening experience. When it comes to price, this one is quite cheaper than the 2.1 model. This model is ideal for TVs 43″ and above.

What We Like

  • Deep bass ports
  • Multiple sound Modes
  • Minimal distortion in high volume
  • It comes with its own remote

What We Don’t Like

  • It comes without subwoofer
  • It takes up more space
  • No HDMI

Best Sound Bar for TCL Roku TV: Buying Guide

It is essential to pick the right soundbar model for your TCL TV. To help you choose the same, here is a buying guide that you need to follow.

TV Model Compatibility:

There are soundbars that are non-compatible with certain televisions and therefore when you are going to buy a soundbar primarily for your TCL Roku TV, checking the compatibility makes the first attempt. For instance, the TLC Alto 7+ is compatible with 55″ TVs and above. Hence, it might not be useful when you have a 43” television at home. Even if you are buying soundbars from your Tv brand, make sure it’s compatible.

Connectivity Option:

HDMI provides a two-way input and output from the soundbar to your TV, making it the most convenient option. Also, to enjoy fully high-definition sound features like Dolby Atmos, an HDMI connection is essential. You need to look for both digital and analog audio output as well as an HDMI arc. However, if your favorite soundbar doesn’t require an HDMI, make sure it has two or three connection options for convenience.

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi:

Today, you can simply connect your soundbar to other devices for streaming through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Wireless connectivity ensures no clutter and lets you set up the device easily. While Bluetooth lets your device stream seamlessly, Wi-Fi does even more. It comes with more added features, such as voice assistant compatibility.

Alexa and Other Virtual Assistants:

Voice control and hands-free convenience are some of the features of virtual assistants like Alexa. They make life way easier by issuing commands to your device with your voice without the need for a primitive remote. For some people, voice assistants are unnecessary, or having an always-on mic in the living room seems like an invasion of privacy. You can opt for these features when you want them.

Dolby Atmos/Surround Sound:

Creating your very own personalized home theatre system is always exciting. Some of the high-end soundbars come with features like Dolby Atmos and surround sound, which provide you with distortion-free sound even at a higher volume. Additionally, soundbars with such features ensure the magic of feeling as though you are in the room with what is playing on the screen.


For those who want a really enhanced sound impact, opting for soundbars with a subwoofer makes the best choice any day. Though some brands will claim that their soundbars are equipped with built-in subwoofers, opting for soundbars with additional subwoofers always leads to a better experience. While buying the same, choosing wireless subwoofers over wired ones will give you the freedom to place them at a distance or wherever you want.

Dimensions and Positioning:

A soundbar should be sleek and compact so that it can slide into smaller spaces without compromising the audio. Usually, the ideal dimension of your soundbar should be around 2 inches smaller than the width of your TCL Roku TV. If you choose to mount your soundbar on a wall, opting for those with a wall mounting kit is ideal. Also, you can choose to place it on a shelf or on the entertainment unit.


Gone are the days of a separate remote for every gadget you use at home. Today, you can take advantage of universal remotes to operate multiple devices. Most of the TCL soundbars can be controlled with TCL TV remote controls, making your life easier. Yet, if you want a soundbar that comes with its own remote control, there are plenty of options, like the TCL Alto 5 2.0 Channel Soundbar.

Front Panel Display:

This feature often goes unnoticed but it contributes a lot to your overall experience. The front panel display shows you the HDMI, volume control, time, and sound modes clearly and therefore avoids confusion. This feature is most useful at night or in low lighting conditions. Some advanced soundbars are equipped with LED displays, while some are non-LED.

Sound Modes or Technology:

With sound modes, you can customize how the sound is being played on your device. For example, the music mode adds clarity to the vocals and instruments or often pumps up the bass, while the movie mode enhances the speech and other details. The best part is that it is up to you to choose which mode you want. On the contrary, smart sound technology does the same thing automatically without manual control.


The more channels your soundbar has, the better sound you can ensure. Channels reflect how many drivers emit sound from the sound bar and by doing so, they make sure you achieve surround sound. The most common soundbars available are equipped with two or three channels. If you want a really impactful sound, you can opt for soundbars with five channels or more.

FAQs: Best Soundbar for TCL Roku TV

What soundbars work with TCL TV?

Most of the soundbars, including TCL’s own models, Bose Solo 5, Sonos Beam, Yamaha YAS-108, and others, work with TCL TV. All you need to ensure is that the soundbar you use has compatible connections with your Roku TV model. The most ideal connectivity option is HDMI ARC since it ensures ease of setup and high-quality performance.

Does TCL make a soundbar?

Yes, TCL makes soundbars that are equipped with loads of features to offer you an excellent listening experience. Some of the top models are the TLC Alto 7 + 2.0 Channel, the TLC Alto 7 + 2.1 Channel, the TLC Alto 5 + 2.0 Channel and the TLC Alto 5 + 2.1 Channel.

How do I connect my soundbar with my TCL TV?

  • You can easily connect your soundbar with your TCL TV by following the steps below.
  • Begin by connecting the soundbar to your TCL Roku TV.
  • Then, turn on both devices and turn on ‘settings’ on your TV.
  • Now, click on ‘control of other devices’ and enable the connection you chose.
  • Activate the system audio control on the main menu and enable the connection you chose.
  • Finally, return to Home, and your soundbar should be working by now.

Is the TCL soundbar good?

All TCL soundbars are equipped with sound modes to let you customize the sound being played. As the soundbars feature some advanced technology, they deliver superior sound by eliminating distortion. Also, these are ergonomically designed to suit the ambiance of your room. Overall, they are good.


In this review, we have analyzed the performance of some of the best soundbars for TCL Roku TV. All are manufactured by TCL and therefore provide the utmost convenience when it comes to set-up and connectivity with TCL TV.

The most expensive and feature-rich model on the list is TLC Alto 7 + 2.1 Channel. The most budget-friendly choice would be TLC Alto 5 + 2.0 Channel.

The main difference between the 2.1 and 2.0 channels is that the 2.1 channels come with a wireless subwoofer, whereas the 2.0 channels don’t. If you are still in a dilemma, you can go through our buying guide again to make an unbiased decision.