Struggling with choosing a telescope that offers both advanced features and ease of use for your stargazing adventures?

In this blog, we provide an in-depth review of the Celestron NexStar 8SE Telescope, a popular choice among amateur astronomers and seasoned skywatchers alike. We delve into the standout features of the NexStar 8SE, such as its large 8-inch aperture, user-friendly computerized tracking system, and the ability to capture breathtaking celestial images. From its setup process to its performance in various sky-watching conditions, we give you a comprehensive understanding of what makes this telescope a top pick in its class.

With over 20 years of experience in astronomy and telescope technology, we’ve assisted countless star enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced users, in finding telescopes that align with their sky-gazing interests and expertise. Our hands-on testing and real-world usage of the Celestron NexStar 8SE reveal its strengths in providing crystal-clear views of celestial objects, ease of navigation through the night sky, and exceptional versatility for different astronomical applications. This telescope isn’t just about viewing stars and planets; it excels in offering a high-quality, engaging astronomical experience with the convenience of modern technology, such as automated tracking and compatibility with photography equipment.

We’ve evaluated it for its optical quality, sturdiness, portability, and overall value for anyone passionate about astronomy, finding it to be an outstanding choice for a comprehensive and enjoyable stargazing journey.

Celestron NexStar 8SE Computerized Telescope of 2024

Celestron – NexStar 8SE Telescope

The Celestron NexStar is a computerized telescope that has automatic functionality so you can set it up easily. Moreover, it comes with SkyAlign technology, and you can easily focus on 0.000+ celestial objects with its 8-inch lens.

Fully Automated

The telescope comes equipped with a database that has information about 40,000 galaxies, stars, star clusters, nebulae, and solar systems. You can easily track anything by choosing it with the smart controller mounted on the telescope.

It will pinpoint with extreme accuracy, and you will find everything easy with this Celestron NexStar telescope.

Compact and Handy

Not all-powerful telescopes are hard to carry, as you can easily carry this Celestron NexStar along with you. The overall weight of this telescope is 33 lbs, and you can take it with you in your car for assembly anywhere.

Schmidt-Cassegrain Optics

Schmidt-Cassegrain Optics is a popular lens that has excellent zooming capacity and is ideal to use with a telescope. This telescope has a lens with an 8-inch aperture so you can focus anywhere with superb stability. The lens has excellent light-gathering capability, and the results will be fantastic.

Easy To Use

Using this Celestron NexStar telescope is an easy task, and even beginner-level folks can do it without any professional assistance. You can mount your DSLR, smartphone, and other image-capturing devices to capture stunning images with this telescope. All you need is a phone mount, and you will be able to attach these devices on the go.

  • Exceptional optics
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic alignment for the perfect view
  • Battery life is short
  • Not ideal for Astro-photography
  • Plastic built


If you are starting with your first telescope, then this Celestron NexStar is worth every single penny. You can take this telescope to the ground to admire the beauty of the moon and the stars. Also, the device comes with a massive database that has the accurate location of about 40,000 sky objects, and you can view them on the go with the SkyAlign technology.

Should You Buy Celestron NexStar?

Buying the Celestron NexStar is a fair deal because you will not get an automated telescope anywhere at this price. The optic lens has superior light-gathering technology, and the images displayed on the eyepiece are fantastic.

You will get all the accessories with the telescope, so there is no need to buy anything additional.

Celestron NexYZ 3-Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter

If you want to mount your smartphone on this telescope, then you will need this universal smartphone adapter. It works with most of the latest smartphones, and you will love how your phone will display amazing shots after pairing with the telescope.

Easy to Install

The installation process of this smartphone mount is as easy as a breeze. You can adjust the X and Y knobs to move the smartphone horizontally, and the Z knob allows you to move your phone vertically. The users can move these knobs to get the best angle position for their smartphone.

Robust Body

The body of this phone mount is made of polymer and metal. The metal frame will hold your phone firmly while protecting it from any accidental drops and bumps. The inner material of the mount has a rubberized grip, and your phone will remain safe and secure in place.

Compatible with Any Phone

You can attach any phone to this mount because of its universal compatibility. The mount has spring-loaded clamps, and thus, you can swap your smartphone on the go. You can even use your smartphone with the case on if the case is not too thick for the mount.

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy to use
  • Universal compatibility
  • It works like charm
  • Superb build quality
  • Affordable


It is the time when you should capture some amazing live shots with your smartphone and telescope. You can view them on the bigger screen to enjoy fantastic views. You can also use this phone-holding mount with other telescopes that are compatible with it.

FAQs on Celestron NexStar 8SE Review of 2024

Is the Celestron 8SE worth it?

The Celestron NexStar 8SE is considered a worthy purchase by many due to its combination of optical quality, user-friendly computerized features, and relatively portable design. The value is especially pronounced if you’re seeking a balance between performance and ease of use.

Is the Celestron NexStar 8SE good for beginners?

Yes, the Celestron NexStar 8SE is suitable for beginners primarily because of its computerized go-to mount, which allows users to easily locate and track celestial objects. The setup process is relatively straightforward, making it a good choice for those who are new to astronomy.

Can you see galaxies with NexStar 8SE?

Absolutely. With the NexStar 8SE, you can observe a variety of galaxies, especially the brighter ones like the Andromeda Galaxy, the Whirlpool Galaxy, and others. The view won’t be as detailed as the images captured by professional observatories, but you will be able to make out shapes, cores, and, in some cases, the spiral arms of certain galaxies under good viewing conditions.

What can you see from the NexStar 8SE telescope?

With the NexStar 8SE, you can view a wide array of celestial objects. This includes:

  • Planets: Details on Jupiter (like its cloud bands and Great Red Spot) and Saturn (its rings and some of its moons).
  • The Moon: Craters, valleys, and mountain ranges in detail.
  • Deep-sky objects: nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies.
  • Stars: double stars, variable stars, and even some color differentiation between stars.

Remember, the clarity and detail of what you observe will also depend on your location’s light pollution and atmospheric conditions.

What is the alternative to Celestron 8SE?

An alternative to the Celestron NexStar 8SE would be the Meade ETX-125 or the Sky-Watcher SynScan series. These offer similar computerized mounts and aperture sizes, providing comparable views of the night sky.

Is Celestron a Chinese company?

No, Celestron is an American company, originally founded in Los Angeles, California, in 1960. However, like many companies, some of their products or components may be manufactured in China or other countries to optimize production costs.

Can I set this telescope in daylight?

The short answer to this question is yes! However, certain factors will impact the final output, as there is a lot of sunlight scattering in the atmosphere. Moreover, you will not be able to get the best view of the stars, and the sunlight will dominate their luminescence.

Is this telescope portable?

Yes, this telescope is portable, and you can take it wherever you want. It only weighs 33 pounds, thus making it a lightweight device.


If you are planning to buy your first ever telescope, then it is a great deal to start with this telescope. It has everything that makes it perfect for beginners. You can focus easily using the SkyAlign technology available on this telescope.

Moreover, it is a pocket-friendly device, and you will never regret buying it. Most of the accessories are available in the box, so you don’t have to purchase anything unless you want to go on a higher level by using this Celestron NexStar telescope.