Having Trouble Connecting a Soundbar to Your TCL Roku TV?

In this blog, we guide you through the process of connecting a soundbar to your TCL Roku TV. We cover various connection methods, from HDMI ARC and optical cables to Bluetooth pairing, including troubleshooting tips and considerations for different types of soundbars. Additionally, we offer advice on optimizing sound settings to enhance your audio-visual experience.

With our 15 years of experience in consumer electronics and home audio systems, we’ve helped countless individuals integrate soundbars into their home entertainment setups. Our step-by-step guide on connecting a soundbar to a TCL Roku TV is based on practical expertise and thorough testing, aimed at simplifying the process and ensuring the best possible sound quality.

Connecting your Roku TV and soundbar is as simple as following these steps.

  • Connect the backside port of the TV and the soundbar port with both sides of the cable.
  • The soundbar and Roku TCL TV should be turned on
  • By selecting the audio settings tab, you will be able to set up the audio settings by selecting the audio mode “DTS”; In addition, you will be able to set up “S/PDIF and ARC to auto select.”.
  • The audio might still be coming from the Roku TV instead of the soundbar due to some unforeseen circumstance. You need to return to Settings > System and Check (ARC HDMI 3) under the CEC (Control other devices) options if this happens on your end.
  • Hopefully, this will fix the issue! (Optional) If neither of these settings worked! Ensure your soundbar speakers are connected to your audio source.

You will see your soundbar begin to work properly after following these simple steps. Unfortunately, there is no longer a workaround available in the event you encounter any sort of error. Finding out whether a technician or a manufacturer can fix it is the real challenge.

How to Connect a Soundbar to a TCL Roku TV

This time, let’s explain the steps with pictures if you didn’t follow them the first time.

Optic cables are the best.

Such a cover is sometimes found on the ends of optical covers. A red hat looks like it can terminate the power supply from running between the soundbar and the television in the image. Many people have difficulty talking about the most sensitive parts of their lives.

Remove the cover from the cable.

Pulling off the plastic or type of cover will reveal the wire a little bit when the plastic is removed from the cable.

Connect the optical cable to the soundbar and port on the Roku.

The tv and soundbar must both be connected to the cable.

Watching TV

By the way, the inputs are usually marked as Digital audio out (Optical). Even without the highlighted text, it can detect that the audio is out of the optical cable because the cable end sizes are different compared to the other inputs.

Audio bar

Much like televisions, soundbars have also become named after the optical cable input, similar to televisions.
This is where the real issue begins; after plugging in the cable, you may not be able to get the soundbar to work. Roku TCL televisions can be configured in this way to solve this problem.

Setting up the audio on the Roku TCL TV

However, you are not getting the voice as it should be once you have connected the cable. If that is the case,
Draw the same settings in the picture as you see them on the tv.
The last settings still come up, so it probably still doesn’t. Don’t let them pass you by.

Enable HDMI3 ARC

ARC HDMI is accessible under the Settings>System heading; by default, it is not enabled; therefore, you will need to check that the option is enabled. Then it’s time to go. If your soundbar has still not functioned after applying all these settings, then make sure you have also set up your speaker settings.

Does TCL Roku TV work with soundbars?

As well as supporting TCL Roku tv, so many soundbar brands are also among the top options. It follows that TCL TVs can only work with certain soundbars. For a clearer and more comprehensive picture, please browse this page where we have reviewed the Best Soundbar for TCL Roku TV.

Are TCL TVs optically connected?

They have an optical output, yes. To pair speakers and soundbars to the television, this is essential. The TCL TV headphone jack can also be used if such a feature isn’t available on your TV. In addition, it functions in the same way as an optical cable port.