STRDH190 Review – Sony’s STR-DH190 offers a practical, affordable alternative to stereo receiver shopping that breaks the monotony of stereo receiver shopping. There aren’t many features here that are available in more expensive receivers, but Sony is getting by with sticking to the basics so it can sell a compelling product to customers who just want the sound to go to their speakers without spending a fortune.

This results in many creature comforts being sacrificed. It is missing HDMI inputs and outputs (and therefore HDMI ARC support), Wi-Fi, and Ethernet systems, as well as Amazon, Siri, and Google integration. I think the STR-DH190 was not high on many shoppers’ lists in the first place, so it might not be a creature comfort for them.

The phono inputs do include preamplifiers but you won’t find Bluetooth connectivity here. However, you still get dual-speaker inputs and 100W power per channel regardless of the lack of Bluetooth. Does this deal seem good to you?

However, we will not make a decision until we see the number of features.

Sony STRDH190 2-Ch Stereo Receiver Review 2023

STRDH190 Review – Design

Despite its minimalist exterior, it somehow looks more expensive than it really is. Sony did not have to overcomplicate the design because there are not many features to create buttons for. Despite this, Sony’s more powerful and expensive products also share this design.

In addition to large volume control and an input selector, the front of the device includes a headphone jack and a port for plugging in portable devices such as phones, computers, and more. It comes with a Bluetooth button, and there are buttons to select either speaker set or both.

STRDH190 Review – Setup Process

With your stripped and cut speaker wire, connect the speakers to the speaker terminals. When connecting a turntable, use a phono cable with the ground wire to connect your audio sources to the receiver. The STR-DH190 begins playing music the moment you turn it on. Compared to testing much more complicated stereo equipment, this is an incredibly simple setup process.

On the Bluetooth front, there is only one button to operate everything. Once you press it, it will go into pairing mode if no previous pairing information has been stored on the receiver, and once it will connect to the last connected device automatically as well. If you already have a connection, pressing this button will disconnect it. Bluetooth pairing is done with a separate button on the remote.

STRDH190 Review – Sound Quality

For its price, Sony has produced an excellent product with the STR-DH190. It’s hard to fault this receiver despite the poor sound quality. It was able to keep up with the nuances of each track with relative ease, even when it was put to the test with music from Nils Frahm’s intimate solo piano pieces to Oliver’s tightly produced electronic music.

Also, the Sony STR-DH190 has a relatively loud sound due to its 100W power per channel. I had no trouble with noise complaints in the long run before I got anywhere near 100W per channel, but for those who want more power, it is there.

STRDH190 Review – Features

Sony’s STR-DH190 doesn’t have many features, but there are still some that are worth mentioning. The receiver comes with the handy feature of being able to turn on from a paired Bluetooth device, such as your phone, even while in standby mode. There’s no need to search for the remote or walk over to the receiver every time you want to listen to music because this little convenience allows you to do so.

STRDH190 Review – Pricing

Sony’s STR-DH190 is absolutely faultless when it comes to the price at just $129 MSRP. The amount of receivers I’m getting for $150 is more than I expected. There are a lot of small things I’d love it to have, but it would be quite unreasonable to discuss them all. Simply put, the STR-DH190 provides great value for money when it comes to its price.

What We Like

  • Value for money.
  • The performance was excellent.
  • Design that looks clean and professional.

What We Don’t Like

  • Loudspeaker terminals are made of thin metal.
  • Only a limited number of connections are possible.

Sony STRDH190 2-Ch Stereo Receiver Review – FAQs

Does Sony make a good stereo receiver?

Sony’s STR-DH190 stereo receiver is your best choice if you need excellent stereo sound at an affordable price. In addition to Bluetooth and a turntable phono input, it’s easy to use and set up and has the basics a majority of listeners would want.

Is the Sony receiver Bluetooth capable?

Bluetooth® helps you stream music from vinyl and digital sources. You can use it with turntables including the PS-LX310BT and PS-HX500 for increasing recording volume.

Can I connect my turntable to the Sony STRDH190?

Yes, the Sony STRDH190 has a dedicated phono input for connecting a turntable.

Can I use the Sony STRDH190 with my smartphone?

Yes, the Sony STRDH190 has a built-in Bluetooth receiver, so you can connect your smartphone wirelessly to play music.

Can I connect more than one device to the Sony STRDH190?

Yes, the Sony STRDH190 has four analog audio inputs, so you can connect multiple devices at the same time.


When it comes to budget-friendly receivers that deliver high-quality sound, the Sony STRDH190 2-Ch Stereo Receiver is a good choice. If you’re just getting started with home audio, this compact and easy-to-use receiver offers a range of features that make it a great choice.

With its 100 watts of power per channel, the Sony STRDH190 ensures that your audio will be delivered with clarity and precision, which is one of its standout features. Streaming audio from your smartphone, tablet, or other compatible device is also possible with the receiver’s Bluetooth connectivity, giving you access to a wide range of audio sources.

There are also four analog audio inputs, one coaxial audio input, and one optical audio input on the Sony STRDH190. It is versatile for those with different audio needs since you can connect a variety of audio sources, such as CD players, turntables, and gaming consoles.

Even though the Sony STRDH190 doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of higher-end receivers, it still delivers high-quality sound at a budget-friendly price. Beginners and those on a tight budget can benefit from its ease of use and variety of features.

If you are looking for a reliable and budget-friendly way to set up a basic audio system at home, the Sony STRDH190 2-Ch Stereo Receiver is a good choice. For anyone seeking a versatile and easy-to-use receiver with high quality sound and an array of inputs and Bluetooth connectivity, this receiver is an excellent choice.