Looking for the ideal pop-up gazebo with sides for your outdoor space?

In this blog, we explore the best pop-up gazebos with sides available on the market, perfect for enhancing your outdoor experiences. We discuss key features like ease of assembly, durability, weather resistance, and versatility. Additionally, we delve into various design elements that suit different outdoor aesthetics, from garden parties to beach outings, and include options that offer additional functionalities like mosquito netting or UV protection. Our selection is based on comprehensive testing for stability, material quality, and user convenience, ensuring you find a gazebo that transforms your outdoor area into a comfortable and stylish retreat.

With over 20 years of experience in garden and outdoor equipment, we’ve assisted numerous clients in creating inviting and functional outdoor spaces. Our insights into pop-up gazebos with sides are drawn from expert evaluations and real-world use, offering you reliable and practical choices for your garden or outdoor area.

Best Waterproof Pop Up Gazebo With Sides of 2024

Here is a detailed review of different Pop-Up Gazebo

Cheap Gazebo With Sides 2024

Palm Springs’ Best Camping Gazebo

If you want a nifty pop-up gazebo with a measurement of 3 m by 3 m, then you have got yourself some really awesome answers with this gazebo.

It gives you the extra touch you need for great relaxation. It doesn’t wreck your bank account to get this gazebo, either.

Perhaps one of the greatest things that distinguishes this gazebo from the others is its ability to give perfect shelter from any kind of weather.

You can best rely on the gazebo in the face of heavy thunderstorm rain.

And if it is the scorching sun that could boil down your skin in minutes, it is built with a perfect cooling system to protect you from it.

What We Like
  • It guarantees absolute shelter and protection from even extreme weather conditions.
  • You can get it in any color of your choice.
  • It is made of a seams-taped roof for waterproof.
  • It comes with a bag for easy carrying.
  • It is built with a steel frame and steel connectors. This ensures that the gazebo is strong and firm.
What We Don’t Like
  • It can be very heavy to carry especially for teens or the elderly.


Heaviness can certainly not be a fault that will deter you from getting this gazebo of top quality with topnotch features you may not find in other gazebos. It is very sturdy and strong as already stated and when it is mounted, it stands firm to the ground that even wind cannot pull it down. Despite the fact that it is heavy, it is just so easy to set up and teardown.

Coleman’s Best Dome Gazebo

You can’t possibly take anything away from this brand. For sure, Coleman is a top industry player and has maintained its top level for years.

This guarantees their recognition in the industry. The brand is quite popular in the market and their gazebos are known for their quality.

The brand mostly manufactures outdoor supplies. Their dome Pop-Up Gazebo is a real treasure to have. You sure have to a quality you desire, with high-powered features. 

It is also made of polyester and comes with a PU aluminum coat canopy that is for sure, the best in ensuring protection and shield.

What We Like
  • It ensures a very comfortable spot that keeps the inside cool during extreme sunny or heat weather.
  • It functions as a tent, and this means that is built with quick attach walls that switch with weather change to give you protection in any kind of weather condition.
  • Its removable walls help you immensely.
  • It has a UV guard that ensures your protection during extreme sun.
  • It is very large at exactly 15×25. Of course, this is enough to house you, your family, and your friends.
  • It is easy to set up and teardown, highly reliable, durable, and fancily built.

What We Don’t Like
  • With a weight of 18kg, it is quite heavy.
  • It may not be overly secure for you during heavy wind.


This gazebo is in the rank of the best in the market. With powerful features that reveal its striking difference, it is surely a top pick for you. You can’t overlook the fact that is highly reliable, durable, and trusted. It is also sturdy enough to keep you secure from dangerous or extreme weather conditions.

Airwave Best Pop UP Waterproof Gazebo

This top-notch Pop-Up waterproof gazebo from Airwave is another quality in its own rank.

Airwave, also, a world reputable brand in the manufacture of just quality gazebo for your fun and thrilling camping experience, is a heavyweight in the industry.

The company’s record has remained strong in the face of fierce opposition they face in the market. You have gazebos that really live up to the meaning of their name; they do a real pop-up.

And not just that they do a pop-up, they are relatively cheaper with such awesomeness. And this is one of the many reasons they have remained strong in the market, controlling millions of customers.

What We Like
  • The tent is pretty easy to set up. It takes just seconds.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is made of polyester fabric that is 190g PU coated soft touch. This contains all seams that are taped to give you extra protection.
  • It compacts well and this saves enough to accommodate other items you need to carry along for your camping.
  • It is built with four sidewalls, and two of these walls have windows for a better outer view.
What We Don’t Like
  • The tent is relatively heavy.
  • Its “D” rings may not guarantee enough protection during very heavy rain.


The minute shortcomings of these gazebos notwithstanding, the gazebos remain a top pick for us. You can bet they are truly reliable. Their heaviness isn’t a thing to actually worry so much about since you could take care of the worry of carrying it around with assistance. It does multiple tasks for you; family camping, festival, adventure, or friends’ meet-up. The gazebo is a real quality that is worth having.

Airwave Party Tent Gazebo

This is another top pick from Airwave. It is made for a distinct purpose other than the traditional need for camping. With this gazebo, your party or that of friends is as good as done.

It is specifically made for that. So, you needn’t wonder why the party was included in its name.

The gazebo is measured at 4.5x 3m and of course, this is large enough to contain your guests for your party or birthday events.

It measures way more than other gazebos that have an average of 2.5m and 3m sizes.

Now, what about protection and shelter? You may ask. Well, this is one gazebo that gives you almost all. It is waterproof, and so, you are guaranteed maximum shelter from the strong rain. It is also designed that helps cool the interior during great heat or scorching sun.  And with its 4 sides as well as heavy-duty cross truss roof, you can use confidently boast of having a true quality to give you the best of what you need.

This is such a great gazebo with 8 tent pegs, an integral wind bar, 4 guy ropes, and even an instructional manual that cans the best guide you with easy-to-follow guidelines of how to use it. 

What We Like
  • It is an 8-color gazebo, with a beige, white, green, black, blue, red top in numbers
  • It is waterproof, even as its canopy weighs 190g so you are sure of absolute protection from heavy rains
  • It has a steel concertina easy pop-up frame
  • It has 4 panels, of two zipped doors and 2 windows. These panels have Velcro attachments which make for easy mounting and tearing down
  • It has adjustable legs. With this kind of leg, you can mount the gazebo on any surface and it will stand firmly rooted to the ground.
What We Don’t Like
  • The gazebo may be heavier for you if you don’t have the strength to carry a large one.
  • It may not be fit for all occasions as it is relatively big. Some of the occasions or uses that the gazebo will be best for include: Outdoor dining, parties, and entertainment, dog shows, chilling with friends in the garden, charity events, picnics, etc.


This is no doubt a perfect fit for lots of events you may want to hold that may require enough people. It can certainly accommodate and shelter you and your guests. And of course, you guys wouldn’t need to panic during heavy rain, wind, or sun as the gazebo is even capable to contain whatever weather condition that shows up, no matter how extreme such would be. But, then, you need to understand that this gazebo isn’t indestructible just like every other gazebo you can find in the market. So, you need to be wise when using it.

Airwave Large Gazebo – 6 X 3m

What makes this masterpiece from Airwave outstanding isn’t just its very large size. Its quality and sturdiness are just wowing. You have all-around protection from both hot and very cold weather. It is well built to contain virtually all weather conditions.

Now, this is that gazebo that offers you lots of options for use. For instance, during summer you can use it without the sides attached. And of course, you know that this will help you create more rooms for everyone to have enough space and freedom. You can easily create an extra meter of space around the perimeter of the gazebo for guy ropes to be rooted to the ground to ensure it is sturdy and firm.

The gazebo which measures 6x3m will be perfect enough to ensure you and your guests are kept warm and dry during extreme cold and wet weather, cool and hydrated during extreme heat. Some other features it carries are a steel concertina frame, carry bag, complete instructional manual, tent pegs, and guy rope, a waterproof canopy of about 190g, 6 sides of 2 zip doors, and 4 window panels, etc.

What We Like
  • It is best for a hot tub enclosure.
  • It has awesome and highly appealing interior and exterior designs.
  • It comes in different colors.
  • You can use it with or without the two sides.
What We Don’t Like
  • It may develop some fault if you leave it overnight.
  • It may not withstand strong wind.


These shortcomings notwithstanding, this gazebo is a perfect match for multiple uses.  Most users who have this gazebo usually buy it for this reason. While some other gazebos are meant for just a little number of persons, this one can accommodate a lot of people for different events. Its space is large enough for you. And of course, not to forget that it is strong and firm enough to give you the best shelter. Not to worry about the cost, it is very affordable.

Picking Out of the Different Models of the Pop-Up Gazebo Brands

Granted, some people sometimes find it hard picking out the different models of the Pop-Up Gazebo brand. Of course, part of the reason is that the brand is reputable for making top-quality tents so customers are caught in the middle of it all, trying to pick one. But, it ought not to be.

Perhaps, a clearer understanding of some of the factors that are necessary for consideration before a tent is purchase will do. Sure, you will need to consider your need and choice over everything, but then, that consideration will be meaningless if you don’t have a deeper understanding of the products and some features they share that are very important to you.


Price is a major issue with tents. Of course, just like other buyers, you have your budget for the product.

You wouldn’t want to buy a product and go hungry just because it is top quality or matches your choice. You need to understand that Pop-Up Gazebo models are of different prices. Their prices differ. Oftentimes, their prices are determined by the features or quality of the product. Higher quality with more advanced features means more money and vice versa.

 Wind Bars 

You cannot possibly ignore this vital feature that is domiciled in most quality tents. The bars clip on the frame on the inside to hold the tent for stability and support. With this feature, the tents can withstand very powerful winds without being pulled down.

 Side Panels 

Highly vital to the tent too, this feature ensures you and any other occupant of the tent are completely protected from sudden rain, no matter how heavy it may be. It is not just about the rain, but also, other extreme weather conditions. It is important you note that not every Pop-Up Gazebo tent is built with this feature. So, you need to check right before you make a purchase. Check also if the side panels are “quick attach.” If they are, then you can fit them fast when the weather begins to change.


Of course, you can be happy staying in a tent that leaks water. Nothing, perhaps, is more irritating than that. To avoid this bizarre thing, you need a tent that assures you shelter from even heavy rain. This is the work of the waterproof system in a tent. Virtually all Pop-Up Gazebos are water-resistant, though. Mostly campers in the UK, the northern end, and some other places where heavy rains can visit the earth without notice, then your best companion would be a Pop-Up Gazebo tent.

Two Important Things to Consider When Buying A Pop-Up Gazebo Tent

Before you spend any buck on any of the tents from Pop-Up Gazebo, you will have to consider these two things. The first is the windows of the tent. While some have windows on the side panels, some others don’t.

With the windows on the side panels, you have adequate protection and shield. And not just that, you can also see through them to watch what happens, admire the scenery and feel the nature of your surroundings outside from the inside. So, the windows are a great addition to connect you with the outside environment even from the inside.

Second is the second thing to consider are the doorways. You can best remove the side panel if your Pop-Up Gazebo doesn’t have a doorway. But gazebos that come with doorways, all you need to do is to tie the sides back in other to create an opening.

Why do you need a Pop-Up Gazebo?

Well, I wouldn’t be the one to suggest why you need a gazebo. You have your choice, your need, and of course, they should drive your purchase, but then, if you are falling into doubt, these awesome benefits or advantages of Pop-Up Gazebos can reassure you in some ways.

  • You can mount Pop-Up Gazebos virtually anywhere you wish to
  • The gazebos take just a little space to be mounted so you wouldn’t wander seeking spaces to mount them.
  • They are relatively cheaper than the fixed gazebos
  • You can set them up easily, fast and less stressfully, just in less than 60 seconds the work will be done
  • They are easy to tear down and store as well.


This review has given you quite enough to work with. However, there are a few points you need to note. First, you need to understand that all gazebos are destructible. All can fade and wear out. None last forever. With this understanding, you have to treat anyone you purchase with uttermost care. That a gazebo can withstand strong wind doesn’t mean it can stand a very heavy one.

You should also understand that most of these gazebos share some different qualities as much as they share similar qualities. They are built to serve different purposes. While there are the very large ones that are meant for some bigger events like the birthday event, parties, etc., there are the smaller ones that are meant for just family or few friends to take shelter and spend time together.

It is equally important to understand that they all differ in price. And since the price is a major issue in a purchase, you can best look for the ones at lower prices that can still serve your need if you have a low budget. In all, ensure you get real quality for yourself so that you don’t ruin your beautiful camping experience with some bizarre gazebo.