Planning to build a 20-foot driveway gate? Here’s How

In this blog, we provide a detailed guide on how to build a 20-foot driveway gate. We discuss the materials needed, the design considerations for durability and aesthetic appeal, and step-by-step instructions on construction and installation. Additionally, we offer tips for ensuring proper alignment and stability and suggest compatible gate openers for added convenience. We also explore alternative designs and materials suitable for different types of properties and aesthetic preferences.

With over 22 years of experience in construction and home improvement projects, we’ve assisted numerous homeowners in creating functional and visually appealing driveway gates. Our guide is based on practical experience and industry know-how, ensuring you have all the information needed to build a sturdy and stylish 20-foot driveway gate.

Here we present several ways to build a driveway gate that are well illustrated (including videos). Rolling gates on wheels to double swing gates. We have everything from homemade automatic gate opener reviews to gates with simple latches.

Let’s face it, that gate won’t be built on its own!

How to Build a Swinging Gate

Advanced woodworking skills are required to construct a driveway gate. You have to sharpen your skills if you’re going to do this project. You shouldn’t undertake such a project if you’re a complete beginner.

The plan for your design should be in place before you start cutting the wood

As soon as possible. Take a look at these facts:

How your driveway is shaped. How do the slopes, holes, and raised ground look? When opening and closing the gate, take into account the obstacles it will encounter. By building an elevated gate, they can be overcome.

Gate dimensions, distance between columns, and height of the columns.

Making sure the wood you choose (the kind of material you need) is the right kind.

A Driveway Gate made of what kind of wood is best?

It’s important to choose the wood that can withstand the weather since you’ll use it outdoors. This is the type of wood that is most suitable for this project:

  • Woodstock
  • Cedar
  • Oak
  • Accoya

How to build a driveway gate

You will also need the following materials for the project:

  • Stainless steel plates or straps galvanized.
  • Screws for wood
  • Glue for wood
  • Staining/painting of wood

There are three types of rails in a gate (see the below diagram). The first thing you’ll need to do is:

  • From your chosen wood, cut the stiles, middle, bottom, and top rails.
  • Wood glue and screws are used to assemble the frame.
  • The boards should be cut and inserted into the frame. Glue and screws should be used to secure them.
  • Attach galvanized metal plates to the joints to strengthen the frame.
  • The edges of the bag should be strapped with metal.
  • The gates should be installed on the posts.

Our discussion of driveway gates will include how to make them, how they are made, and some of their features.

Gates are built on top of driveways. A project like this would not be possible without it. Firstly, let’s discuss DIY considerations.

Budget, aesthetics, dimension, local law, and maintenance are all important factors to consider before starting a DIY driveway project.

Putting up a driveway by yourself can be done for a relatively low cost by using gravel. Paving stones, concrete (how soon can you drive? ), and asphalt are all alternatives to gravel.

In addition to materials (which are needed in tons), you will need to hire heavy equipment that is paid for by the hour. It is possible to reduce costs by using recycled materials (such as crushed asphalt or concrete).

Gates for driveways

You can find a wide range of styles and types of driveway gates. You should choose your gate based on its material and function.

If you want your driveway gate to look like a bastion of curb appeal and suggest what lies beyond, use classical columns. Adding stone pillars to the driveway gate will enhance its appearance.

If you are using Victorian scrollwork or country wood, you can make a beautiful work of art.

Gates for driveways made of wood

Custom iron ornamentation or arches can be added to wooden driveway gates. A wooden driveway gate made of cedar or mahogany is the best. A wood stain that complements the surrounding scenery can be applied.

It would look great with farmland if there were a simple wooden driveway gate. An attractive driveway gate made of black wood is a good choice. Pedestre entry is compatible with it.

Plans for a wooden gate

The wooden gate plan will specify the dimensions of posts, the depth of posts, the spacing of posts, and the size of holes.

You can add a touch of classic New England to your garden with a traditional wooden gate design
Heavy-duty hardware is needed to provide solid board wooden gate plans with the strength they require.

Gates for metal driveways

A metal driveway gate that has thick infill bars and deep frames will hold up better and have a more sturdy appearance.

There should be drop bolts, an opening and closing latch, and adjustable hinges on metal driveway gates to make them the best.

Gates made of metal that are decorative

The wrought iron driveway gate will add elegance to the entryway to your home. Your home will be secure, private, and attractive once this is completed.

Fences for driveways

A wood fence or a metal fence is the most popular driveway fence. These materials can also be combined. Thus, a metal fence can be complemented with wood slats, for instance.

  • A modern alternative is also available. Fiberglass or 2×4 boards can be used to build your driveway fence. Local building codes should be followed when choosing materials.
  • Combine white concrete with black horizontal steel slats to make your driveway fence unique.
  • In terms of driveway fence ideas, rustic fences are among the hottest trends. Most driveway fences cannot exceed 3 feet in height.
  • A key aspect of the installation process is the installation of a gate. Getting the gate right will take as much time and effort as building the gate. Depending on the gate, installation can take as little as two hours or as much as six hours. The length of time it takes may be determined by your skill level and the complexity of the job.

Planning and selecting your gate should be done before it is installed. A driveway gate’s size and type should be determined beforehand. It’s vital to plan ahead.

What happens in a nutshell during installation:

A straight gate (if it has a double swing) should be aligned. A board of wood spanning their entire length will hold them both fast. Clamps should be used to secure. Until they are completely installed, you will have to keep them aligned. They can be aligned correctly when they are fully operational.

  • The hinges should be installed at the required height on the posts.
  • Heighten the gates and clamp them to the hinges when they reach the desired height.
  • The gates should be fixed to the hinges and the clamps removed.

Gateway Hardware

When the hardware isn’t installed (latches, drop rods), the gate isn’t finished. You may need the following add-ons:

  • Close the gate with a simple latch.
  • Double swing gates would not wrap around if there were a piece of wood between them.
  • The gate is locked into the ground with a drop rod.
  • The door is held open by a latch.
  • Locking gates.
  • Equipment for automatic gates.
  • The equipment that protects your home.

A power drill, concrete screws, and an angle grinder are among the tools and materials needed for gate installation. Preparation of the site is crucial before installing a gate.

The different types of gates

An easy way to build a double swing gate

  • There are some differences between building a double swing gate and building a normal gate. The gates themselves require only double the work. A few important aspects should be kept in mind, however:
  • The swinging gates must be measured and aligned carefully to ensure that they meet in the center of the gateway evenly.
  • Dual gates should be firmly supported by gate posts that are firmly set.

In order for the gates to fit the opening, they need to be correctly sized.

Fence gate at driveway

There is no need to make the gate look fancy as it is the easiest to build. You just need an extension of the driveway fence to provide access.

  • For a nostalgic look, consider using a white picket driveway fence gate. This is as vintage as it gets.
  • With a cedar fence gate, you are the perfect host. As a result, it will make an excellent first impression of your home.
  • According to the National Fence Association, driveway gate installation costs average between $14 and $50 per linear foot.
  • Materials and gate upgrades will determine the project’s final cost.

What you Need to Know About Sliding Gates

A sliding gate’s main advantage is that you can choose how wide you want it to be. It does not require any extra room or support for the gate, as it does with swing gates.

Building the gate panels will require you to use aluminum or pre-galvanized steel. An aluminum blade can be fitted to a drop saw to allow the cutting of aluminum. Angle grinders are necessary for cutting steel.

  • If you want the top rail to match the fence rail or to be located on the gate, you can do so.
  • About 50 mm should be left above the ground when mounting the gate. Track and wheels will be mounted to the bottom rails of the gate.
  • Having a gate this wide means making sure it won’t sag over time. All joints must be reinforced to ensure the frame’s strength.
  • A jigsaw, miter saw, power drill, screwdriver, hinges, screws, and a jigsaw are all essential tools for the project.
  • Frames with four sides are necessary for wooden gates. An inch or so should be left between the frame and the gate opening.
  • It takes about three hours to make the gate because you have to cut the frame pieces and screw in the bottom and top planks.
  • Gates should be designed, hinges installed, fences attached, a gravity latch installed, and the wood sealed.

Video – How to Build a Big Gate

FAQs – How To Build A 20 Foot Driveway Gate

A twenty-foot driveway gate – how to build it?

Gates that are extra wide should be sliding gates. A metal double-swing gate may also be an option if there are sufficient swinging spaces.

An installation of a driveway gate costs about how much?

You can expect to pay about $7,000 for an electric gate, in comparison to about $2,500 for a manual gate. If the cost is higher or lower, it will depend on your location.

A gate that opens automatically costs how much?

The cost will range from $3,000 to $12,000 for a fully installed system.

Does a gate increase the value of a property?

There is no doubt that the value of your property will increase.