Struggling with finding a dependable and efficient automatic gate opener for your swing gate?

In this blog, we introduce the TOPENS AD5S Automatic Gate Opener, a standout choice for homeowners looking for a blend of reliability, convenience, and safety in a gate opener. Designed for medium-duty swing gates, this opener is notable for its smooth and quiet operation, durability, and easy installation process. Whether you’re aiming to upgrade your residential gate system or looking for a hassle-free solution for daily use, this guide will help you understand the benefits and features of the TOPENS AD5S.

With years of expertise in smart home automation and security systems, we’ve helped a multitude of clients make informed decisions about their gate automation needs. Our hands-on experience with the TOPENS AD5S Automatic Gate Opener highlights its strengths in providing secure and user-friendly operation, compatibility with different types of gates, and energy efficiency. This gate opener is not just about opening and closing gates; it’s crafted to offer peace of mind with features like obstacle detection, customizable operation times, and integration with various accessories for enhanced control. We’ve tested its performance in different weather conditions, its adaptability to various gate sizes and materials, and its overall reliability, deeming it an excellent investment for those seeking a sophisticated and robust automatic gate opener.

Automatic Gate Opener for 16-Ft Gate

Features of the Topens AD5S Automatic Gate Opener 

  • Dual Gate Operation: This model has two sets of hinges, which allow it to operate as a single set of double doors or as two separate sets of single doors.
  • Solar-powered: On top of the unit are solar panels that provide power. When the sun shines, this unit will automatically open the gate.
  • Automatic Opening System: This unit has an automatic closing system that closes the gate after you leave.
  • Remote Control: You can control this unit using a remote control device such as a radio frequency (RF) transmitter.
  • Battery Backup: If there is no power source available, this unit will have a battery backup so that it can still be used even if there is no power source.
  • Weight Capacity: This unit can handle up to 550 pounds of weight.
  • Dimensions: This unit measures 24 inches wide, 18 inches high, and 20 inches deep.
  • Installation Instructions: Please refer to the installation instructions included in the package.
  • Warranty Information: The warranty covers all parts and labor for one year.

What We Like

  • A self-installation kit is included with this unit.
  • There is no learning curve with this unit.
  • Battery backup is built-in.

What We Don’t Like

  • The product has a few minor issues.

Topens AD5S Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove all existing hardware from your gate.
  2. Install the top-end bracket by removing screws located near the hinge.
  3. Attach the bottom end bracket using the provided screws.
  4. Attach the top end bracket to the bottom end bracket using screws.
  5. Mount the motor onto the brackets using the provided screws. If you do not know how to mount the motor, please refer to our installation guide here.
  6. Connect the wires to the motor using the provided connectors.
  7. Connect the solar panel to the battery terminals.
  8. Place the batteries in the battery holders.
  9. Plug the battery holder into the back of the unit.
  10. Turn the unit on and test it out.
  11. Adjust the height of the gate as needed.
  12. Test the gate again.
  13. Enjoy!

FAQs on Topens AD5S

How long do automatic gate openers last?

Most models of automatic gate openers last about 10 years.

Are solar panels included with the unit or can I use my own?

Any type of solar panel will work, as long as it is rated at least one amp per square foot.

What size solar panels do I need?

You need to get a minimum of 3 amps per square foot.

Are there any extra batteries I need to buy?

All of our units include dual batteries, so you don’t have to buy extras.

Where should I place my solar panels?

You can put your solar panels anywhere you like. We recommend placing them where they receive the most sunlight.

How much does it cost to replace the batteries?

Replacing the batteries costs approximately $100.00 each.

How many hours of operation can the unit run without charging the batteries?

The average amount of time that the unit runs without charging the batteries is around 2 months.

How often should I charge the batteries?

We recommend charging the batteries once every month.


If you’re looking for an affordable automatic gate opener, then we highly recommend this unit. It’s very simple to use and it works great!

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