The TOPENS AT602 is a dual gate opener kit that will open up to two gates simultaneously. It has an easy-to-use push button control panel with LED indicators and a built-in keypad. This unit can be used on any type of swing gate, including chain link, wood, steel, and fiberglass.

With the TOPENS AT602, you won’t need to purchase any additional parts. It comes complete with everything you need to install it. This unit includes all necessary mounting hardware, instructions, and a 12 volt power supply.

The TOPENS AT602 features a heavy duty motor rated at 60 amps continuous current. This powerful motor opens up to 18 feet or 660 pounds of weight. The motor also has a variable speed drive which allows it to operate smoothly even when opening large gates.

This unit is designed to work with our TOPENS AT601 Dual Gate Opener Kit. If you are looking for a single gate opener, please see our TOPENS AT601 Single Gate Opener Kit.

TOPENS AT602 Dual Gate Opener Medium Duty Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Dual Swing Gates Up to 18 Feet or 660 Pounds Gate Motor AC Powered

Features of Topens AT602 Dual Gate Opener

Medium Duty Dual Opener:

Two low-power 24VDC motors power the TOPENS AT602 Automatic Gate Opener for medium-duty dual swing gates up to 18 feet or 660 pounds. Designed for medium-weight gates, the swing arms are durable and expendable. The system requires minimal maintenance and has a long working life.

Power Supply Methods:

AT602 has a built-in transformer, so it can be powered by 110VAC directly. An additional 24V automotive or marine type battery (not included) as well as a 24V solar panel and controller (not included) may also be used as backup power sources. For 24V, two 12V batteries can be connected in series.

Multiple Protection & Safety:

Easily adjustable electromagnetism limit switch. Soft start and soft stop ensure long-lasting performance. Self-close time (0-99 seconds), stall force, motor running time (1-50 seconds), and microchip rolling code for remote keys can all be adjusted. If you lose your remote or if the power goes out, there is a manual release key included. A built-in stop and reverse function is available if you encounter an obstruction.

Wide Applications:

It can be used with dual swing gates of steel, wood, vinyl, panel gates, tube gates, and chain-link gates. It is suitable for residential, courtyards, pastures, farms & ranches. Easy installation with commonly available tools, no welding required. Easy-to-follow instructions and mounting hardware are included for your convenience. A few hours are all it takes to complete the installation.

What We Like

  • Easy Installation
  • Built-In Transformer
  • 24VDC Motors
  • Variable Speed Drive

What We Don’t Like

  • No Cons

FAQs on Topens AT602 Dual Gate Opener

Q: Can I use this product with my existing automatic gate?

A: Yes, we recommend using the TOPENS AT601 Dual Door Opener Kit instead.

Q: What is the difference between the AT601 and the AT602?

A: The AT601 only opens one door while the AT602 opens both doors simultaneously.

Q: How does the AT602 compare to other products on the market?

A: We think that the AT602 is the best choice for most customers because of its high quality, ease of installation, and reliability.

Q: Is there any warranty on this product?

A: Yes. All TOPENS products come with a 1 year warranty.


The TOPENS AT602 Dual Gate Openers are perfect for medium duty applications such as residential, courtyards and farm/ranch gates. They are easy to install and have a very good reputation.