The TOPENS AT6132S is a dual swing gate operator that can be used on double or single gates up to 18 feet in length. It has an electric drive and comes complete with a remote control kit. This unit is designed to operate the two gates of a double gate system.

The TOPENS AT6132 is equipped with a solar panel which provides power when there is no electricity available from the grid. The solar panel also allows you to use this unit as a backup generator if needed. The solar panel is located at the top of the unit so it will not interfere with the operation of the motor.

The TOPENS AT6132 features a high torque DC brushless motor that runs quietly and smoothly. 

A heavy-duty gearbox protects the motor, and sealed bearings ensure smooth running. There are several accessories included, including sprockets, chains, and brackets.

Topens AT6132S Solar Dual Swing Gate Opener Medium Duty Automatic Gate Motor for Double Swing Gates Up to 18ft per Arm, Electric Driveway Gate Operator AC Powered with Solar Panel Remote Control Kit

Features of Topens AT6132S

  • Heavy-duty DC brushless motor
  • High torque design
  • Quiet operation
  • Sealed ball bearing
  • Full range of accessories
  • Easy installation

What We Like

  • Heavy duty DC brushless motor
  • Quiet operation

What We Don’t Like

  • Noisy when opening/closing gates
  • Not suitable for large gates

FAQs on Topens AT6132S

Q: What is the difference between the AT6131 and the AT6132?

A: The AT6132 is a dual swing gate opener that can be used on both single and double gates up to 18 feet long. The AT6131 is a single swing gate opener that can only be used on single gates up to 12 feet long.

Q: Are solar panels easy to install?

A: Solar panels can be installed by yourself. You should make sure that they are continuous use rated. If you have any questions, please comment.

Q: How much does the solar panel cost?

A: We do not sell the solar panels separately. They must be purchased along with the gate opener.

Q: Does the AT6132S come with the appropriate solar controller for charging the batteries?

A: Yes, we include a solar controller with every AT6132S.

Q: At what gate size can the AT6132S operate?

A: Gates up to 18 feet wide and 18 feet tall can be opened by the AT6132S.

Q: How many times can the battery charge using the solar panel?

A: You should expect to get approximately 5 hours of run time out of each day.

Q: Does it have a setting that it can just stay open?

A: No, the AT6132S will automatically close after 30 minutes of being left open.

Q: Can I use the AT6132S with other brands of gate operators?

A: Yes, the AT6132 is compatible with all other brands of automatic gate motors.


If you want a reliable automatic gate opener that works well and looks good, then we recommend the TOPENS AT6132. It’s easy to install and maintain. It’s quiet, durable, and powerful. It’s perfect for residential homes and commercial properties.