Looking for a reliable gate opener for your property?

In this blog, we thoroughly review the TOPENS PW502 Gate Opener, focusing on its functionality, efficiency, and suitability for different types of gates. Additionally, we compare it with other popular gate openers, including models that offer varied features for different security and convenience needs.

With over 15 years of experience in home security and automation, we’ve helped numerous homeowners and businesses select the ideal gate opener for their premises. The TOPENS PW502, along with our other recommended gate openers, has been rigorously tested for performance, durability, and user-friendliness in a range of settings.

TOPENS PW502 Dual Swing Gate Opener Kit, Solar Compatible

Features of Topens PW502 Dual Swing Gate Opener

  • Choose Topens: With 25 years’ experience in gate automation, we provide safe, smart, and reliable gate operator systems with long-lasting durability. The PW502 automatic gate opener features two stable 24VDC 50W motors that can drive medium-duty dual swing gates up to 550 lbs. or 16ft. per leaf. Your family will be able to enjoy a quieter and more comfortable lifestyle with the ultra-quiet electric gate motor.
  • Wide Applications: Dual swing gates can be made of steel, wood, vinyl, panel, tube, and chain-link and are designed for residential, commercial, courtyard, farm, and ranch applications. It is available in two installation styles, pull-to-open and push-to-open, which allow the gate to open inwards or outwards. You can complete the installation in just a few hours with commonly available tools. Follow the user manual to install the gate quite easily.
  • Multiple Protection: With an advanced TOPENS code, the remote prevents unauthorized access perfectly. A reliable electromagnetism limit switch can be easily adjusted. It has a built-in safety feature that reverses the gate upon the first obstruction and stops after the second sequential obstruction occurs during operation. Automatic closing ensures the property is secure after you leave. “Soft start” and “soft stop” protect the motor from long-term exposure to the elements. A manual release key (included) is provided as a backup.
  • Support All Power Modes: With the DPS180-U power supply, the PW502 gate opener is powered directly by 100 to 240 VAC. A 20W solar panel (not included) and a 24V, 12Ah automotive/marine battery are also options for powering this system. The DPS180-U cannot be connected to a battery or solar panel; there are only two 12V batteries in series. For charging the battery and securely regulating solar charging current, you can use the UPS01 adapter (not included).

What We Like

  • Easy Installation: Dual swing gates can usually be installed within one day. No special skills are required.
  • Reliable Operation: The electric motor is very quiet and durable, and the gate opens smoothly.
  • Wide Application: Can be applied to all kinds of gates, including wooden, metal, plastic, and chain link gates.
  • Multiple Protection: Built-in safety features prevent unauthorized access.
  • Support All Power Modes: Can be powered by a 24VDC, 12Ah automotive/marine or a 20W solar panel.
  • Battery Charging and Regulation: The DPS180-U power supplies can charge the battery and regulate the solar charging current.
  • Long Service Life: The motor is protected against overloading, overheating, short circuits, and other damage.
  • Soft Start and Stop: Prevents the motor from being damaged when it starts or stops.
  • Low Noise Level: The motor operates quietly and does not interfere with your daily life.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not Suitable for Outdoor Use: The gate opener is not suitable for outdoor use due to its lack of weatherproof protection.

FAQs on Topens PW502 Dual Swing Gate Opener

What’s the difference between this product and others?

The main differences are:

  1. The motor is more powerful than most competitors.
  2. The gate opener is equipped with an automatic reversing mechanism that automatically closes the gate after the first obstruction and stops after two consecutive obstructions.
  3. The gate opener is compatible with both pull-to-open and push-to-open styles of gates.
  4. The gate opener comes with a manual release button so you don’t have to worry about losing the remote control.
  5. The gate opener is easy to install and operate.
  6. There is a one-year warranty on the gate opener.

How do I know if my gate opener will work on my gate?

Please check the dimensions of your gate before ordering. If the width of your gate is less than 15 inches, then we recommend using the PW501 model. If the width of the gate exceeds 15 inches, then please choose the PW502 model.


In addition to being equipped with overload and reverse functions, the dual swing gate opener also has soft start and stop functions and is able to open double swing gates that are up to 16 feet wide. The gate can also be closed manually without pressing any buttons, thanks to the manual release button. Installation is easy and no special skills are required.