Best King Size Pillows That Don’t Go Flat After a long tiring day, nothing is more comfortable than a soft and warm bed with a plush pillow, although everyone has a different choice regarding pillows there isn’t a perfect pillow for everyone which will serve everyone’s need but to start with a comfortable king size pillow is best for all types of sleepers.

The best king-size pillow will not only serve its purpose as a pillow but will allow you to take a long and comfortable good hour of sleep every night.

As there are different people with different needs, we have gone through several pillows including their fill type and cover materials and are those pillow comfortable with varying positions of sleeping or not and have considered other features, we have narrowed down all the features that you need to keep in mind in our buyer’s guide so that can consider them before buying a king-size pillow.

We have listed down below the best king-size pillow for you, to know about them keep reading the article.

Best King Size Pillows On the Market 2023

Snuggle-Pedi Ultra Luxury Pillow

To have a sound and comfortable sleep you should opt for this snuggle-Pedi ultra-luxury bamboo pillow, it won’t turn lumpy or flat.

This pillow is made up of the mesh of fabrics 43% of bamboo viscose, 56.4% of polyester, and 0.6% of Lycra and shredded memory foam which is being easy to access;

You need to adjust the thickness of the pillow to know the best match for you.

This pillow is the best pillow for combination sleepers and for those who love to sleep on their side, back, or stomach.

The case is safe can be washed in a washing machine, you can buy this pillow without stressing over the quality and CertiPUR certifies health risks with the chemicals and toxic substances used as the pillow – US and the pillow is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

  • Many of the customers have an issue with the scent of the pillow as it smells like rubber; however, the rubbery scent fades away after the first wash, and this pillow can be fully washed in a washing machine.

The utmost advantage of buying this pillow is that if you are not satisfied with the pillow then this pillow comes with a 120-day return policy with a full refund, so you can give it a shot without worrying about the investment and if you still worry about the durability of the pillow then please don’t stress over it because it offers you the 20-year warranty which speaks for itself.


  • It comes with a 20-year warranty.
  • The mesh fibre, with which the filling of the pillow is made, helps to keep the pillow-soft and cool.
  • The pillow is hypoallergenic and is resistant to dust mite.
  • If you are not satisfied with the pillow, then you can get the full refund within 120 days.


  • It is expensive.
  • In the beginning, it smells like rubber.

Xtreme Comforts Pillows for Sleeping

If you want to purchase a pillow that is firm and flexible or which doesn’t spoil its shape, then you should purchase this Xtreme comforts pillow.

The pillowcase is made out of bamboo material, which means that this pillow is going to be durable, along with bamboo further this pillow is integrated with a Kool-Flow micro vented technology which will make sure that the pillow is soft and cool throughout the night, the pillow is filled with a lot of foam which will automatically make this pillow-soft and firm, therefore, in the beginning, you need to adjust the foam little bit to find out the shape which is going to be the most comfortable one for you.

  • If you are worried about the cleaning of the pillow, then please don’t worry, you can easily clean the pillow in a washing machine using cold water and can dry it in a cold tumble, by following this process you can make sure that your pillow is thoroughly cleaned and is not damaged.
  • Many happy customers appreciated the amount of foam with which it comes, but it can make the pillow a bit lumpy, but please don’t get fooled by the fact that it has foam, therefore, it must be soft which is not true it is not soft, it might cause neck problems.

This pillow has a disturbing scent that may hinder your sleep in the beginning, but it will go away after the first wash.


  • The pillow has a bamboo rayon cover which will keep your head cool.
  • The pillow can be fully washed in a washing machine.
  • The pillow is CertiPUR – US certified.


  • It can be a bit firm for some people.
  • It has too much foam which can make it lumpy.

Royal Hotel Abripedic Down Pillow

The royal hotel abripedic down pillow comes with down stuffing and cotton covering which makes this pillow best for everyone who is looking forward to the best king size pillow, further, the pillow comes with three options firm for the one who is looking for a firm pillow, medium-firm for the one who wants not too firm nor too soft pillow and the last soft pillow for the ones who need a soft and comforting pillow for themselves, you can choose from these options depending upon the need that which kind of pillow you are looking for as each of the pillows comes with their own benefits.

The stitch work of the pillow is fantastic as it has 500 thread counts which add to the durability and the high quality of the pillow cover.

The filling of the pillow is made up of down which makes this pillow extremely comfortable and cooled down.

The pillow also absorbs moisture and is allergy-free; therefore any person who is suffering from any respiratory or skin allergy can buy this.

Now, cleaning this pillow can be a significant task as this pillow can only be dry cleaned and this pillow falls flat during the night but still is comfortable and can be easily fixed by fluffing, so this is not something to worry about. But you need to pay quite more for the pillow because it has all the comfort.


  • It comes with good quality fabric.
  • You get to choose from three different types of pillows with the same material.
  • The stuffing material used is down, but still, it is allergy-free.


  • It is quite costly.
  • You need to fluff it regularly as it gets flattened easily.
  • To clean it you can only get it dry cleaned.

Pillow of Health Choice Adjustable Pillow

The pillow from the pillow of health choice adjustable pillow comes with polyester spandex which will quickly absorb all the moisture and will keep the pillowcase nice and soft. The pillow is extremely durable and can be washed easily in a washing machine and then can be dried easily without any hassle.

The pillow is exceptionally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and dust mite resistant.

The material with which this pillow is made up makes this pillow breathable, reduces sweat, prevents discomfort and odor.

You can easily control the softness and firmness of the pillow by merely adding and removing the fiber inside out.

CertiPUR certifies the material with which this pillow is made up – US, therefore, you need not worry about the harmful effects of chemicals.

The pillow is quite lumpy; therefore you need to fluff it till the moment it becomes comfortable. Pillow is on the expensive side, and some people say that it is not worth the hype.


  • The pillow is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial; people who have allergic problems can use there.
  • CertiPUR- we certify its material.
  • The filling of the pillow is made up of polyester spandex which absorbs all the moisture and keeps the pillow cool.


  • The pillow is quite lumpy and can cause discomfort.
  • It is expensive.

Paragon Woolen Dreams Pillow

If you love woolen pillows, then you should go for the Paragon Woollen Dreams which is filled with hypoallergenic wool which is filled with wool is sheared from the finest sheep of New Zealand.

Wool can act as the best thing to manage moisture well; this wool can hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture without giving a wet feel to the pillow.  

Also, if you use wool, you will be greatly contributing to the safety of the environment because wool is environment-friendly and can be recycled, and if not recycled it can be biodegradable.

As wool is pure there will be no chemicals and harmful substances used in it.

Therefore you will be getting natural stuff to use.

  • It is easy to reshape your pillow; you can easily make it firmer or soften it by adding or removing the wool from it, depending upon your comfort.

The only downfall you will be facing with this pillow is that if you stuff it less, it will become lumpy; however, it is easy to solve this by adding more woolen filling to it, till you get satisfied with the result. Additionally, this pillow will not be comfortable for stomach sleepers.


  • This pillow is free from any chemical and toxic substance.
  • This pillow is made out of natural wool.
  • The wool used as the filling of this pillow absorbs the moisture well.


  • The pillow is not suitable for stomach sleepers.

Coop Home Goods EDEN Pillow

The coop home goods Eden pillow is one of the best pillows available in the market, the cover of this pillow is made out of 60% polyester and 40% rayon derived bamboo and are filled with shredded gel-infused memory foam which helps in maintaining the temperature of the pillow and making it comfortable, the unique cress cross design is cut upon the memory foam which makes sure that it doesn’t clump together and makes it firm.

The material which is used to make this pillow is CertiPUR – the US certified; therefore you need not take any precautions; the pillow will make sure that your health is not affected.

The pillow will remain fluffy all night long, and if you don’t believe it you can test it for 30 nights, and if you are not satisfied with the results, you can send it back within this period as the full refund is guaranteed.

The filling used in this pillow is adjustable you can easily remove and add wool depending upon your ease until you are satisfied, as it is easy to access the filling at the same time adding and removing memory foam can be a great task as it can cause voids in the pillow which will create an uncomfortable sensation.

The pillow can be a bit heavy and a bit difficult to adjust.


  • It offers you the 30-night trial pack.
  • CertiPUR certifies the material of the pillow – US, therefore, you need not worry about the harmful effects on your health.
  • The unique way in which the memory foam comes reduces the lumps.


  • The pillow has a strong odour.
  • Voids can be created while adding or removing foam.

East Coast Bedding White Down Pillow

This pillow from east coast bedding white down pillow is another pillow with down filling and cotton pillowcase, the down filling controls the hot temperature and is resistant to increase in temperature, the pillow also absorbs moisture.

The cover of the pillow is durable and will not wear out easily as it has 300 thread counts; the pillow has medium firmness;

Therefore it will act as good support for being fluffy.

The pillow is very comfortable for all the sleeping positions, as this pillow is good in terms of support but it can feel a bit firmer for some people, and cleaning this pillow can also be a great task as you cannot wash it in a washing machine you need to give it for dry cleaning.


  • It is comfortable in every sleeping position.
  • The pillow is supportive but soft enough at the same time.


  • It can be firmer for some of the people.
  • The pillow can only be dry cleaned.

Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft

The coop home good’s premium adjustable loft is one of the premium pillows whose pillow cover is made out of 40% rayon which is derived from bamboo and 60% polyester which makes the fiber of the pillow cover hypoallergenic and resistant to the mite.

The pillow is filled with shredded Visco elastic memory foam which enables the pillow to breathe and stay cool throughout the night.

The pillow is certified by CertiPUR – the US which means that you need not worry about the harmful chemicals and effect of it on your health;

Additionally, you can add or remove the filling material depending on your comfort.

You need to fluff your pillow when it starts discomforting you as memory foam is good enough to maintain a comfortable sleeping position at night, but it might become firm and sinks a bit.

The company offers you 30 days trial where you can test the pillow and decide whether it is right for you or not.


  • The bamboo rayon and polyester pillowcase keep the pillowcase hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mite.
  • It offers you 30 days trial pack.
  • CertiPUR – we certify the material of the pillow


  • You can only wash the pillowcase in the washing machine.
  • The memory foam which is used as the filling can move around forming lumps.

Luxure Down White Goose Down Pillow

As the name suggests the luxury down white goose down pillow is filled with goose down filling, and the pillowcase is made out of cotton.

The firmness of the pillow is medium which means that it will provide you medium support being soft at the same time, the pillow is comfortable and will hold onto its shape throughout the night and is perfect for those who sleep on their back and side, but it is really not comfortable to sleep on your stomach.

Though the pillow is extremely comfortable but is quite expensive, the other major problem that is faced by the customers is that sometimes goose filling leaks out from the cover, but it can be solved out by adding a cover over the pillow.

It is also a problem to clean the pillow because it cannot be washed in a washing machine; it can only be dry cleaned.


  • The pillow is good to sleep on your back and side.
  • The pillow is a medium-firm build and provides good support.
  • The filling of the pillow is made out of goose down which keeps the pillow cool and resistant to moisture.


  • It is not comfortable for the people who sleep on their stomach.
  • Pillow is expensive.
  • The goose down filling might cause allergies to some people.

Exquisite Hotel Collection Pillows

The pillow from the exquisite hotel collection is filled with polyester gel fiber which is covered by the poly microfiber casing, the pillow is hypoallergenic, and no animal products are used in its making, therefore, the pillow is resistant to dust mite.

The polyester gel fiber will keep the pillow cool throughout the night and provides the utmost comfort to those who sleep on their stomach.

The pillow can be easily cleaned as it can be washed in a washing machine and will still retain its shape, but the stuffing inside the pillow slides away,

Therefore, you need to flip and fluff it again over time again.


  • The filling of the pillow is the polyester gel fibre which will keep the pillow cool and controls all the moisture.
  • The pillow is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mite.


  • The CertiPUR – we do not certify the material of the pillow.
  • The gel foam inside the pillow tends to slide during the night.
  • It is not the best option for back sleepers.

Best King Size Pillows That Don’t Go Flat 2023 – Buyers Guide

What Basically Is a King Size Pillow?

In American-sized pillows, the largest pillow is the king-size pillow and has an extra-long measurement, it measures up to 20” x 36”. On the standard king-size bed, easily two of these pillows will fit by, kept side by side. Some people are not comfortable while they are sleeping on it, therefore they use the king-sized pillow for decorative purposes.

Before buying a king-sized pillow, we will recommend that you consider the size of your bed and then the size of your body this will help you to choose the perfect pillow for yourself.

Things You Need to Look For In The Best King Size Pillow For Yourself?

The size of the pillow is necessary but not that much; other aspects need more of your attention.

Choosing the Best King Size Pillow for Back & Side Sleepers for Yourself?

Now, this the important point that needs your attention because the type of filling will determine the level of support your pillow will provide to your body.

  • There is various type of filling options available in the market for your king size pillow, pillows which have natural filling are made up of high-quality goose and duck feathers. 
  • However, we highly don’t recommend them for people who suffer from respiratory allergies, on the other hand down pillows are naturally soft and light in nature and get easily flattened but they provide excellent support and comfort to the neck.
  • Another best natural pillow option is the mixture of both feather and down, these pillows are generally filled with duck feathers and are covered with a down surround, but they are an affordable option and provide the best support.
  • Although synthetic pillows prove to be an excellent alternative for natural pillows and are perfect for those who suffer from allergies, these light pillows are warm and are much easy to care for.
  • The synthetic pillows come in a variety of different options such as microfiber pillows that are specially designed to duplicate the natural down; they highly trap warmth and are filled with breathable micro-fiber.

The other great and popular option is memory foam pillows; these pillows are filled with polyurethane foam that perfectly molds to the shape of your head and neck by keeping them align at perfect ease, they will not bounce back and will provide ideal support which is the feature you should look for if you have any back issue because of this feature it makes for the best pillows for back pain or neck pain victims.

The other type of fill is latex fill, latex pillows are filled with 100% latex, and they are the most durable pillows, and they can be maintained easily as they don’t need extra care additionally they are mildew free. There are various other options available in the market such as wool, polyester, and buckwheat, silk. Whereas, you can find pillows with multiple fill components like 50% polyester and 50% latex or gel filling and shredded foam.

Case Material:

Selecting a case material for your pillow is one of the most crucial things when you want to ensure the persistence of your pillow as the case of the pillow will act as the pillow protector.

While you sleep pillows will absorb your body moisture, therefore, your pillow cover will be acting as a barrier that will protect your pillow from losing its color and will also help your pillow to retain its natural shape.

If you use a pillowcase to cover your pillow then you don’t need to wash the entire pillow you can simply clean the pillowcase, and it is much easier to wash the pillow cover than the whole pillow.

Sleeping Position Matters:

If you are aware of the fact that what your sleeping position is then selecting the perfect pillow for yourself is not a difficult task, you can narrow down the details and pick the perfect one for yourself.

If you don’t know that which pillow is best for your sleeping position then you can ask the salesperson, or you can check on the internet like sleeping on one side is one of the most common sleeping position, sleeping like this creates a gap between head and mattress, therefore, you will need a firm or extra firm pillow as first of all they will provide that extra support to your back and will maintain the proper alignment of the spine or memory foam or latex pillows also can be a great option as they will not flatten away easily.

People who sleep on their back will need a pillow that will support their head without misplacing the natural curve of the neck, for them a medium support pillow with down and feather filling can be a great option.

Then the other common position is front sleeping, people who sleep with their face close to there will need a soft support pillow, you can also go for a malleable down pillow or a pillow filled with soft polyester filling these pillows will make sure that your head doesn’t get pushed back to an awkward angle.

How to Clean a King Size Pillow?

To maintain the proper hygiene of the pillow, you should wash it at least twice a year unless your pillows come with a label of ‘dry-clean only’ because pillows absorb your sweat and moisture.

  1. To wash your pillows we will recommend that you use powder detergent than liquid detergent because liquid detergents leave a sticky residue which always causes clumping, if the clump arises then you can even use the no-heat air-dry setting to break the clumps whereas down, and feather pillows should be washed with small amount of mild detergent powder.
  2. After you wash your pillows make sure that they are scorched otherwise there are chances that mildew can grow on them.
  3. On the other hand memory, foam, and latex pillows cannot be cleaned or wash, or appropriately steamed, the best way to clean them is to treat the stains and spots as soon as they occur, and to maintain them you should use a pillow cover.

Fully polyester pillows can easily be washed in a washing machine, you simply need to add warm water and use minimal detergent if you are using liquid soap then one tablespoon is recommended. Lately, you can use dryer balls to fluff up these pillows.


Nowadays, most of the pillows use memory foam while some contain gels various chemicals and substances are used therefore to make sure that whatever you are using is safe for your skin, and health certification is required.

Certification is the seal or document of assurance that the pillow we are using is have met the standards and requirements for healthy and safe use.

Therefore it is wiser to buy a pillow that is certified because then you will need not worry about the claims of the company or the product or low-quality material. If your pillow is awarded by the certification programs of CertiPUR – US, then you can sleep soundly on your pillow without worrying about the quality of the pillow.

The firmness of a Pillow

The firmness the type of filling that can determine a pillow has been filled inside it, the ultimate objective behind the importance of firmness is to find out a pillow that will leave you feeling refreshed and comfortable while supporting your body at night.

These were the important features that should be taken into consideration before buying a pillow for yourself, after considering these points.


We have mentioned our top picks above and they are unique in their own way as they offer their own features, but we would highly recommend the snuggle-Pedi ultra-luxury bamboo shredded memory foam pillow this pillow will bring the utmost comfort to you while you are sleeping in any position, the filling of the pillow is made out of a mixture of polyester, bamboo viscose, and lycra which will cool down the pillow during the night and will control the temperature.

Moreover, it comes with a 20-year warranty and a cash refund of 120 days which will provide you peace of mind, although it is expensive it is totally worth the price.