Best Chainsaw Sharpeners for the MoneyWhile using a chainsaw sharped blades make a huge difference in their performance and reduce the risk of injury but after some time of regular usage, the blades go blunt to make them sharp again some people go to the hardware shops to get them sharpened or buy a new chain this process can be on the little expensive side, the best way is to buy to a sharpener and use it whenever you need it.

Arrays of options are available in the market when it comes to a variety of sharpeners, they can vary from manual to electric, bench mounted or portable sometimes different sharpeners are curated for different types of chains.

Top-Rated Chainsaw Sharpeners In the Market

Oregon 410-120 Electric Chainsaw Grinder 

Oregon 410-120 electric chainsaw grinder is a versatile and powerful electric sharpener that is specially designed for people who use their chainsaws regularly, this sharpener goes compatible with many of the chainsaws, therefore, it is the best option for those who own a huge variety of chainsaws and don’t want to invest in many sharpeners, this sharpener goes compatible with chains ranging from 1/4”, 1/3” low profile 0.325”, full profile 3/8” and 404” pitch chains as well as chisel chains and typically any chain that can be set over the units railing.

  • It’s really easy to use the sharpener and adjust the chains of different types while using it, though you can take some time while learning to use which adjustment knobs to be used and know when you have to use it and to learn which movement of the adjustment knob will affect the chain.
  • This sharpener is electric and is limited which means that it will not be a mess to use this it comes with limited application material and you have to do the limited set up to use this sharpener.
  • It is designed to be immobile and bolted to a place which is a great thing because most of the time the devices you use show movements and destroy the work you do so it is really important to use devices that don’t show any movement and this is one of them.
  • It can be easily mounted on the wall and you need to make sure that you have to keep it on the stable platform the flatter the platform lesser issues you will face while dealing with a little bit of wobbling which is made while sharpening.
  • In the beginning, many people have complained that they are unable to use it because it is very difficult to read the user’s manual and assembly instructions, therefore, they need to ask for help from other people who have used this machine before as they know how to set it, once it is set properly you can easily use it.
  • This particular design comes with three-grinding wheels which allow you to sharpen the chain for a while and before you invest in the replacement wheels.

The sharpener is built in such a way that it will last you a lifetime but still for consumer satisfaction it comes with a three-year warranty card.

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  • It works wonders when you have to sharp various chains quickly
  • It can be easily mounted on a wall or a bench
  • It is durable as it comes with three grinding wheels and a three years warranty card.
  • Almost it fits any chain.



  • Its user’s manual is hard to understand.

Oregon 520-120 Bench Saw Chain Grinder

Are you a person who uses different chains of different sizes and styles?

Then this one is for you Oregon 520-120 bench saw chain grinder is designed for those people who use heavy and multiple chains and is the big brother of 410. 

This sharpener is designed to fit any chain you put into isn’t it great! While all the credit goes to the series of easy to use adjustment knobs that have made this process easier than ever before, you will thank these knobs especially when you will be continuously switching between multiple chain sizes as the large knobs are easy to turn and the multiple scale bars on the machine make it easier to mark your settings for a particular chain.

Although it is difficult to use this sharpener in a crowded workplace because it is quite bulky, the design of the sharpener is designed to be mounted on a workbench. 

However there is no doubt that it is excellent in its job, it quickly and evenly grinds the chain, but it doesn’t have any distinct feature than 410 models but this model is more expensive than the 410 model which looks unfair because both of the models use a 0.4 horsepower motor, 5-3/4 grinding wheel and offer the maximum speed of 3,400 rpm.

Both of the models come with a three-year warranty card, similar construction, built-in light and two spare grinding wheels so there is almost no difference between both the models but 520 is a more heavy-duty design which makes it better for the ones who use a lot of sharpeners and need to do a lot of sharpening. 

  • It is durable as it comes with a three-year warranty card.
  • It accepts nearly all chain sizes.


  • It is costly.

Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

If you are looking for a portable chain saw sharpener then you can definitely go for a Timberline chainsaw sharpener as it only weighs 1.2 pounds which makes it extremely easy to carry and even comes with a travel case.

If you have to use it in the woods to cut felling trees in woods or away on the job site you can use it easily as it is fast and easy to use, all you have to do is simply fit it over the chainsaws bar with the chain on it.

You can easily use this tool once you get hanged to it regularly, people who use to file the teeth by hand found it took some time for them to get used to it but after learning how to use it.

It became a very easy and fun process, they also mentioned that the sharpening cutter takes out only a tiny amount of material off from the chain which increases the age of the chain and cutter itself.

  • It is made out of machined aluminum which adds to its durability and comes in different shapes and sizes, the manufacturers’ confidence can be shown by the sharpener’s lifetime warranty.

It is one of the best portable sharpeners but a little bit expensive for the manual sharpener.


  • It is super lightweight and portable.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It evenly sharpens the teeth.


  • It is expensive for a manual sharpener.

Stihl 2 in 1 Easy File Chain Sharpener 3/8” P 

If you are the one who uses the chainsaw sharpeners once in a while then this one is your go, the manual sharpener from Stihl is the one for users who only need to sharpen their sharpeners once in a while to be perfect, like another manual chainsaw sharpener it doesn’t require large space on the bench but can be taken off away when you don’t need it and you can take it away into the field whenever you need it, and it is safer to have a vice to hold the chainsaw in its place to avoid injury rather than putting it up on your lap.

  • Many users reported that it was easy to use this sharpener, even for those who have never used a chainsaw sharpener before it comes with a relatively fast and easy manual guide.
  • This sharpener is commonly described as two in one because it not only sharpeners the chain teeth properly but also reduces the depth gauge of the teeth.
  • As this sharpener is manual it doesn’t fit every chain and size it is designed to fit specific sizes such as 1/4”, 3/8”, and 0.325” chains.

If you still have any doubt regarding the chain sizes you can call their customer care service as they are helpful and you can ask about the chain size.


  • It doesn’t take up the bench space.
  • It is not expensive to buy.
  • It is extremely easy to use.


  • As it is a manual sharpener it is slow for sharpening multiple chains.
  • It doesn’t fit into every chain.

Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

If you are a beginner in using the chainsaw sharpeners then this is for you, buffalo tools are the best choice you can have on a budget if you are wondering that why is it so cheap then it is because the sharpener is made out of plastic material and it comes with 90-day warranty card.

The sharpener pays off very well for its job but its manual is very difficult to read therefore many users have to turn their backs for help from the online community.

You need to pull the chain to groove as the machine does not auto-advance the chain and though many people who frequently sharp their chains may find it frustrating but once they will get used to it they will feel so no longer but don’t forget to wear gloves while using the sharpener.

  • The sharpener is built in a way to be bolted down to a workbench but if you don’t have a proper space then it can trouble you.

The tools come along with one blade but grinding wheels can be repurchased at a low price from the nearby Buffalo tool store.


  • It is easy to use once you get to know the entire process.
  • It is inexpensive.


  • You need to manually advance the chain
  • It is made out of plastic.

Top-Rated Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners Varieties & Buying Guide

If you are going to buy the best chain sharpener then you need to know the following information before buying them.

Why Do You Need A Chain Sharpener?

A chain sharpener is an important tool to maintain your chainsaw, sharpening your chainsaw will ensure that it will work the same as it was when you bought it on the first day this will save a lot of your time and energy while cutting a thick log of wood.

  • A sharp chain will also make sure that you will be using less battery or gas while cutting the thick log of wood because most of the work will be done by the professional sharp chainsaw.
  • A sharped chainsaw will make your life easier and will add more life to your chainsaw.

If you are looking to buy a sharpener for your chainsaw then you need to keep the information mentioned down in your mind.

When to Use A Sharpener?

Now the question arises that how often should you sharp the chainsaw?

As we all know overdoing anything is not good same goes for this particular thing over-sharpening of the chainsaw will badly affect the chainsaw.

  • It depends on what are you cutting through that chainsaw when your chain will not work typically on the wood or will not pull itself this means that your chain needs to be sharped for example a clean wood needs to be sharped after several hours of semi-intervals whereas if your chain has encountered sand and dirt then it needs to be sharped immediately to improve its functioning.
  • You should know when your chainsaw does need to be sharped and you should do the same immediately to ensure a long and effective life of your chainsaw.

Varieties of Sharpeners

Sharpeners are available in three types

Handheld files: They are rarely used because they require a lot of manual labor and then they will disappoint you as they don’t show a good result even after so much physical hard work as they don’t file all of the teeth with exactly the same sharpness additionally it is a time-consuming process. 

Electric Sharpeners: They don’t require manual labor they are highly adjustable and can be used on any chain you can save a lot of your time while using it and after using it they will leave an even sharpness across the teeth but they are on the pricier side as compared to manual sharpeners. 

Bar-Mounted Sharpeners: This sharpener fits evenly over the chainsaw’s bar file covering about one-third of its area and will file it at a time and then will file the other one-third area it is a little time-consuming process but this will evenly sharp the entire chain.

Compatibility of Chain:

Before buying a chainsaw sharpener you need to consider your chain also, for example, you need to consider the materials that were used to prepare the chain and then the size of your chain because all of the chains come in different sizes and all sharpeners will not fit all of the chains.

  • You need to make sure that the sharpener you want to buy for the chain you use should be compatible with your chain in terms of material and size as the wrong sharpener can destroy the chainsaw.
  • You can figure it out once you check the pitch that is mostly labeled on the bar of the chainsaw; mostly electric sharpeners are adjustable and compatible with a majority of chains whereas manual sharpeners need to be considered as they don’t go with every chainsaw.

You can pick the right sharpener for your chain by considering all of the above points.

What Do You Need To Consider?

Before buying a chainsaw you need to consider your own need before buying a sharpener and where you are going to use the chainsaw, this feature plays an important role in deciding that which sharpener to buy for e.g. if you use your chainsaw regularly and more likely on the dirty and sandy wooden surface then you need to invest in an expensive sharpener as you will be sharpening it regularly for fast and quick results but on the other hand if you use your sharpener once in a month then you can invest in a cheaper sharpener that may require more manual labor.


Now comes the most important point while buying a sharpener it is quality, quality of the sharpener matters the most as the sharpening process involves metal on metal and there are fewer metals that can be easily worn down, buying a sharpener that is built to last and is easy to use is a must and should be kept in your toolbox, mostly sharpeners that are build using machined metal are more durable and most of the times look for sharpeners that are easy to use and have a built-in safety mechanism if you are going to use it regularly.

For the satisfaction of your mind purchase a sharpener that comes with a warranty card and don’t be just satisfied with the claims of the company cross-check it with the materials mentioned on the label and then make a decision.

Safety Tips While Using A Sharpener

  1. Prevention is always better than cure; dull chains of the chainsaw are more than enough to hurt you, therefore, you need to be more alert while using a chainsaw sharpener.
  2. Don’t rush go slow while sharpening the chainsaw go with the speed don’t try to speed up the process of sharpening by pulling the chain.
  3. Always wear heavy work gloves and cover your eyes while sharpening the chainsaw.
  4. While you are sharpening the chainsaw on the chainsaw bar try to keep it away from your body to avoid any injury or accident.
  5. Make sure it is unplugged or the battery is removed.

There are huge varieties of chainsaw sharpeners available in the market to make the process easier for you we have mentioned down above our top picks, to know about them keep reading.

What is the Best Electric Chainsaw Sharpener?

We would recommend Oregon 410-120 bench or wall-mounted chain saw grinder because the product is very reasonably priced for the features it possesses and includes a large 5-3/4” grinding wheel, the adjustment knob is very friendly because it allows the sharpener to fit into any chain.

Where to Buy Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener?

Here is a complete review of the timberline chainsaw product. Choose from the above-mentioned review products and you will never regret it at all.

FAQs on Chainsaw Sharpener

Q: What size should I sharpen?

A: You can sharpen any size blade you want. If you are just starting out, start with a small blade like a 1/4 inch or smaller. As you get more comfortable, try larger blades.

Q: How often should I sharpen?

A: That depends on your needs. Some people sharpen every time they cut wood. Others only sharpen when their blade gets dull. There is no right answer here. Just remember that if you don’t sharpen, your blade will wear down faster.

Q: Is there anything else I need to know?

A: Yes! Make sure you keep your chain oiled. Also make sure you store your chain properly. Don’t let it hang over the edge of the table where it can get wet. Use a dry place to store it.

A: This is a tough question to answer. Each person’s situation is different. For example, if you are cutting firewood, then a bench mounted sharpener might work great for you. On the other hand, if you are cutting trees, then a portable sharpener may be easier to use. In either case, you should choose something that fits your needs.

Q: Is it better to sharpen or replace a chainsaw chain?

A: Both options are valid. If you are replacing a worn chain, then you should probably replace it. If you are just getting started, then you should probably sharpen your chain. Either way, you should always follow the instructions included with your chainsaw.

Q: Can I sharpen my chain by hand?

A: Sure. But it won’t be as effective as a professional sharpener.

Q: Do I really need a professional sharpener?

A : No. Many people think that they need a professional sharpener. They are wrong. All you need is a decent quality sharpener.

Q : Are pull through sharpeners any good?

A: Pull-through sharpeners are fine. They are usually cheaper than bench sharpeners. However, they tend to be less precise.


If you need a lot of space while working in a garage then you can permanently mount it on the workbench so that you can use the space for your work.

Moreover, it is durable and comes with a three-year warranty card.

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