Struggling with finding a versatile and reliable ladder for your home or professional needs?

In this blog, we provide an in-depth review of the Xtend+Climb Ladder, a highly acclaimed solution for those requiring a compact yet robust ladder. We explore its unique telescoping design, which allows it to extend to various heights while being easily retractable for storage. Ideal for both domestic and professional use, this ladder offers a blend of safety, convenience, and durability.

With our extensive experience in home improvement and safety equipment, we’ve assisted numerous clients, from homeowners undertaking DIY projects to professionals in construction and maintenance, in choosing the right ladder for their specific tasks. The Xtend+Climb Ladder stands out for its portability, ease of use, and sturdy construction.

We’ve tested this ladder under various conditions, assessing its stability, weight capacity, and ease of extension and retraction. Our review highlights its ability to reach impressive heights safely and its compact form when retracted, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a practical, space-saving, and safe ladder solution for a wide range of activities.

Xtend Climb Ladder Review of 2024

Xtend and Climb Review and Specifications

Xtend & Climb’s 785P aluminum ladder is a heavy-duty telescoping ladder made from aluminum. Telescoping ladders are Xtend & Climb’s tallest ladders, with a height of 15.5 feet.

  • The retractable height of the device is 36.5 inches.
  • This lightweight ladder, which has a 19-foot reach height, is the ideal alternative to traditional extension ladders and can be conveniently stored in a truck bed or on a house siding.
  • This unit is portable and compact, which ensures easy transportation and storage.

Because the ladder is made of aluminum alloy, it remains lightweight yet supports weights up to 250 pounds. Ladders with finishes will not rust since they have been treated.

  • The foot lock can be adjusted to the height you want by stretching the ladder rung by rung.
  • The ladder’s lock and safe-for-climb indicators indicate whether or not it is locked in place.
  • A non-slip cap supports it securely during use. Due to its small size, you can easily store this unit.

Weighs a little more

Despite its lightweight nature, this ladder might be difficult to handle for some people. The ladder extends to 15.5 feet in length.

Having purchased the ladder for a great price, a customer now regrets acting impulsively rather than wisely because of its weight.

Unless you are frequently reaching heights this high, you shouldn’t buy this ladder. Despite the device’s advertised ease of use, the device is just too heavy and difficult to handle on a daily basis. It was only used once to remove a tree branch that was storm-damaged.

The ladder provided perfect reach, but I had a hard time extending the ladder to its maximum height since you need to lift the ladder’s weight along with overcoming the friction of the mechanisms. As a result of lowering the ladder, it could not be extended. The ladder’s buttons can be pressed easily when it’s collapsed, but they are extremely difficult to press when extended. In hindsight, it would have been better to have purchased a lighter, shorter ladder rather than the one I purchased. This will soon be donated to a charity. Someone more knowledgeable and capable than I should purchase it.

You can extend your reach more easily with a buddy

The ease with which this ladder can be extended has been mixed. Without the second person’s assistance, it won’t work. By stepping up every rung, the ladder can be extended to a full 12 feet, according to the customer. Each individual rung on this ladder can be locked, making it more secure than other telescopic ladders.

  • The ladder is protected every 12″ with safety features, so you cannot just extend it and lock it. Lowering the ladder is not easy, and it retracts so your hand doesn’t hit the ladder.
  • The gist remains the same, despite a slight inconsistency in the order.
  • If you want to lower things, you should start at the bottom. When you unlock the slides, sometimes the rungs retract fully, but sometimes only partially.

Defects and faults are not the same. Safety is the main reason behind it. When the rung above it is fully retracted, the next rung cannot fully retract. When you lower, your fingers won’t get pinched, so it’s a great idea.”

The compact size makes it easy to store

This leader’s greatest feature is that it can be stored compactly.

There are some ladders that are small enough to occupy very little space or that do not require much storage space.

  • There was a conflicting measurement on the Amazon page, so here is the correct measurement. In terms of size, a storage container would measure 4.75×19.75×32″ at the base, while the height tapers down to 18.1×3.1″.
  • Transporting the ladder is made easier because of the velcro strap. A padded base creates a comfortable grasping position while transporting, thanks to the strap’s integrated design.

A man with a short arm would be able to carry this ladder easily since it measures 15″ from where the hand grips the handle to where the ladder’s top is (which is under his armpit).

Suitable for light use

Choosing a higher-quality ladder may be a wise decision if you plan on using a ladder often. While it is a good price, it is not as durable as other telescopic ladders available. Several individuals advised, “Definitely not a Class 1 telescoping ladder; you can expect a lot of flexing when fully extended. It’s a low-cost version.”.

The telescoping ladder from the contractors was superior, but it was double as expensive. Whenever possible, get a higher-quality unit if you will be using this ladder frequently. As someone who uses this attic access more than six times a year, this unit is fine for me. As you extend this ladder, be careful, as the locking mechanism may not lock both sides.

As I was climbing the ladder, I almost fell off. Additionally, you must take care not to cause any injury to yourself when lowering this ladder, as with any telescoping ladder.”

An affordable price

This aluminum telescoping ladder from Xtend & Climb has a reasonable price. Telescoping ladders aren’t known for being particularly durable. If you want to buy a ladder without spending a lot, you may not need much money. He expressed his pleasure at the low price, making him realize he would not need to spend a lot of money for this product, even with his size and weight.”

Having read some reviews, I was concerned that it might wobble and weave. It was even suggested that standing on it would cause it to collapse. I found it cheaper than others with poor reviews, but the height was perfect for my motorhome. I was unable to find this height among the others. My budget could not support that much investment, so I did not buy the super-strong ones.”

Xtend & Climb Store 780P+ Pro Series 785P+ Pro Series
Extended Height 12.5 feet 15.5 feet
Storage Height 32 inches 36 inches
Width 19.75 inches 19.75 inches
Reach Height 16.5 feet 19.5 feet
Weight 32 lbs 36 lbs
ANSI Rating ANSI Type IA 300 lbs ANSI Type I 250 lbs
Series Pro Series Pro Series

What We Like

  • Storage that is small and portable.
  • It was quite a good price.
  • Telescoping.

What We Don't Like

  • Quite heavy.

FAQ: Xtend and Climb Telescoping Ladder Review

Are Xtend and Climb Ladders reliable and safe to use?

Many users report positive experiences with Xtend & Climb ladders, especially the Contractor Series rated for 300lbs. They are considered stable and reliable when used properly. However, as with any ladder, caution and correct usage are crucial.

What are some common issues with telescoping ladders?

Commonly cited issues with telescoping ladders include faulty locking mechanisms, unstable bases, and poor stability leading to bending and shaking. It’s important to choose high-quality models to mitigate these risks.

How does the weight rating on telescoping ladders affect their performance?

Heavier-duty ladders, like those with a 300lbs rating, tend to be more stable and less prone to flexing. Users suggest opting for these models, especially for heavier individuals.

Can Xtend & Climb ladders be used for professional purposes?

Yes, many users, including inspectors and contractors, use Xtend & Climb ladders for professional tasks. The professional contractor models are particularly recommended.

Are there specific maintenance tips for these ladders?

Keeping the ladder well-lubricated is important for smooth operation. Avoid WD-40; some users recommend furniture polish for lubrication.

What should I look for when buying a telescoping ladder?

Look for a ladder with a sturdy locking mechanism, a stable base, and a high weight rating. Also, consider the length and the material it’s made from for durability.

Is there a recommended way to use telescoping ladders safely?

Yes, ensure the ladder is on a stable, flat surface, and avoid too much angle to prevent stress on the sides. Also, tie off the top for extra stability if possible.

How does the Xtend & Climb compare to other brands like Little Giant?

While some users report issues with other brands, Xtend & Climb is generally well-regarded for its stability and reliability. However, experiences can vary, and it’s important to assess each brand based on specific needs and reviews.

Are there different types of Xtend and Climb ladders for different uses?

Yes, they come in various sizes and weight capacities. Some are more suited for light domestic use, while others are designed for heavier, more professional tasks.

What precautions should be taken when using Xtend and Climb on different surfaces?

Be cautious on surfaces like sealed driveway pavers with morning dew. It’s safer to place the ladder on grass or stable ground and avoid slippery surfaces.

785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder by Xtend & Climb Conclusion

This telescoping ladder, available from Xtend and Climb, opens by foot to 15.5 feet from the ground and retracts down to 36.5 inches. Despite having a 19.5-foot reach, the ladder is lightweight, portable, and hand-carryable. The ladder can be stored in both the front and rear of your truck.

Portable and compact, it is ideal for traveling. Aluminum alloy makes this ladder light and sturdy yet lightweight. Rust will not occur on this ladder. Easily extend it rung by rung until you reach the height you need, then lock it by foot.

There are red and green indicators on this telescopic ladder, which indicate if it is locked in place and safe to climb. The stick is equipped with non-slip end caps for a secure grip when working. This telescoping ladder has a low price, but be aware that it is not one of the highest quality ladders.