Come get your lifesaver by finding the right one for you! We have listed out the Best Automatic Closing Toilet Seats that are one solution for all your toilet seat problems. 

We all have someone in our family who has an annoying habit of forgetting the toilet seat up, with the help of this Automatic Closing Toilet Seats you don’t have to worry about forgetting the toilet seat up.

Automatic closing toilet seats is the right choice for elders or a senior citizen who has a back problem, with this you don’t have to bend over to lift the seat.

This is a must product to all the hygienic people out there especially Mothers who consider hygiene as a topmost priority when it comes to their kids and family.

Keeping the seat open has chances of kids drinking toilet water, touching the seat, and also dropping their faces inside.

Automatic closing toilet seat quickly solves this issue and you don’t have to touch the toilet seat to lower or raise it, the cover stays closed when not in use! It’s 100% touch-free technology helps virtually in eliminating the spread of germs.

Does your bathroom need an upgrade?

This automatic toilet seat can be installed in a wide variety of bathroom sizes and shapes.

  • For people with disabilities, it has an occupancy sensor that can be adjusted that allows the unit to be installed easily.
  • Toilets seat needs to be kept clean as there is a risk of spreading germs, so it has designed smartly that can be easily slid off for cleaning. And people who worry about installation, the product can be installed by yourself that takes only a few minutes.

Now, let’s quickly jump into each automatic toilet seat description with its pros and cons.

Automatic (self) Closing Toilet Seat 2023

Flush Down Automatic Toilet Seat


The Flush Down toilet seat is a great option for people who worry about their kids and pets drinking the toilet water.  This toilet seat and closing device are designed remarkably to fit all standard toilets with water tanks. It closes the seat and lid automatically when you flush the toilet. It is made up of high-quality durable solid plastic seats with stain-resistant. The installation process is easy as it doesn’t require any tools to install and is virtually invisible.

What We Like
  • The product comes with slow close technology that makes the seat and lid close automatically once you flush it
  • The Toilet Seat is fully mechanically, therefore, you don’t need batteries or any tools for the setup
  • The package includes a user manual with clear photo guide instructions.
  • Its size is compatible with the standard toilets
  • The seat gets displaced when a larger person sits on it.
  • A few customers complain about the cord aimed to open/close the seat is not well designed.

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The Kohler Quiet Close Toilet Seat


The Kohler Quiet Close automatic toilet seat is best known for its sleek-looking design, functional, and affordable. You just have to give the toilet seat a light touch and it closes quietly. It also decreases germ transfer. The product is available in a varied range of colors that include black, grey, white, biscuit, almond, cashmere, and more. It is relatively easy to install and clean. The bumpers grip strongly to hold the seat in a place firmly so that it won’t displace too much even for heavier users.

What We Like
  • It is well-suited with a varied range of toilet designs
  • It is easy to install, remove and clean
  • Made up of Solid polypropylene material that facilitates resistance to staining, peeling, chipping, and fading
  • It uses quite close technology to prevents the seat from raucously slamming when closing
  • It is Ergonomic design is the most loved by the users for providing comfort
What We Don’t Like
  • A few users are not happy with its shape they find it inconvenient to use.
  • Some customers say that the bolts used to fix the seat are not sturdy enough.

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The Brondell Swash Bidet & Automatic Toilet Seat


The Brondell Swash automatic closing toilet seat and bidet is a very innovative option.  This renewed model has an advanced function of bidet cleansing which will be more surprising and more hygienic for people who are used to toilet paper hygiene.  According to many users, washing with water is said to be a more effective and refreshing way to clean. However, it is considered a little expensive when compared with another automatic toilet seat.

What makes the product unique are its additional features that include an automatic toilet closer, a heated seat, a bidet, and a wireless controller, this bidet design seat is a good option to consider.

What We Like
  • Installation process is easy and it takes less than 60 minutes
  • The product is made up of high-quality and durable material
  • It comes with dual nozzles for washing, with good temperature and also pressure adjustments
  • It has Eco mode that helps to save power
What We Don’t Like
  • Some users find the bidet design less likely.
  • The opening of the toilet seat is too small which makes it uncomfortable for larger individuals.

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The TOTO Automatic Toilet Seat


TOTO automatic toilet includes a bidet feature that has a soft-closing lid and a wireless controller. It’s just not an automatic toilet seat closer; it is a bidet as well. Many users say that once they start using bidets they will completely give up on toilet papers. However, it is a bit expensive than the rest other options – but when we talk about its advanced option that has quality features then this is a great choice to consider, and also it has received the best feedback from its user.

What We Like
  • It helps to eliminate the usage of toilet paper from your life
  • It warm seat provide comfort especially during winter months
  • It has convenient controls for water volume, temperature, bidet arm and sprays pressure
  • It has smart energy feature that prevents from unnecessary heating when the seat is not in use
  • It has an automatic dryer and deodorizer that will keep you fresh and dry
What We Don’t Like
  • You may require a professional to install it.
  • Some users find it a bit large than what they expected.
  • The vent blower considered a little noisy and can stay on a little too long.

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The Lagute Automatic Toilet


The Lagute Touch-Free Sensor Controlled Automatic Toilet Seat is perfect for someone with disabilities, senior citizens, and families with children. It works super easy, as you approach the seat; the front sensor senses your existence and raises the lid automatically. You can also raise the seat as well by simply holding your hand over the top sensor. Once you walk away, it takes 15 seconds to lower both the lid and seat automatically. 

What We Like
  • It includes a photo guide that helps you with easy installation
  • The toilet seat can be easily slid off for stress-free cleaning
  • Multiple sensors provide a great user experience
  • It opens/closes the lid and seat automatically by just detecting your presence
  • The Seat uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 3 months.
  • The package includes an EU charger for easy charging
  • The package includes European charger that does not work with American power, however you can use customer support service to provide you with American charger.
  • The closing function may not work if you place any objects over the seat top.

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In this, Automatic Closing Toilet Seat reviews and buyer’s guide; we have looked at different toilet seats with the aim of finding the best one. While it wasn’t easy to find out the best one, we still tried our best to collect all the best automatic closing toilet seats.

We have collected on the basis of quality, design, effectiveness, durability, and advanced technology.

All the above products rank top and will solve all your issues especially bending over to raise and close the seat. The automatic toilet seat is manufactured in a simple and user-friendly design that makes controlling easy.