Struggling with effectively cleaning your tile floors?

In this blog, we share the best vacuum cleaners for tile floors, from powerful suction models to versatile vacuums with gentle brushes, including eco-friendly and noise-reduction options.

With over 10 years of expertise in home cleaning solutions and appliance reviews, we’ve helped numerous households achieve spotless tile flooring. Our team has meticulously evaluated these vacuum cleaners in real-home environments, ensuring they perform exceptionally well on tile surfaces without causing damage.

Best Stick Vacuum for Tile Floors 2024

Shark Duo Clean NV 803

Shark Duo Clean NV 803 vacuum uses the two rolling brush heads that will not only clean the tiles but will also clean the carpet floors and will remove small and large debris effectively. This feature of this shark vacuum makes it different from the other vacuums available on the market.

The first brush of the vacuum is a soft brush head that works perfectly for capturing dust, larger pieces of crumbs and pet hair. The second brush uses large, collectively grouped bristles to capture what the first brush pulls and sends towards it.

The combination of these two brushes does a great job of cleaning and removing the dust particles from the tiles and improves the work of vacuum suction.

This vacuum can be easily switched between carpet and hard floor cleaning modes with the help of a switch button on the handle in order to regulate the use of a dual brush head depending upon the dust to be removed.

  • This vacuum comes with other great features that not only improve the usability of the vacuum but also enhance its cleaning power.
  • It has a HEPA-rated filter that prevents dust from escaping the vacuum and sealing technology is used throughout the canister to double the effect of the filter.
  • The head of the vacuum has an LED light embedded in it, which makes it possible for us to spot the minute dust particles while cleaning and makes cleaning way easier.

The canister of the vacuum measures 0.9 gallons, which means that it has a massive capacity and you can easily clean your entire house without getting interrupted to empty the tank and then resume the process of cleaning. Many users have appreciated the fact that the canister could be removed from the brush heads, which increased the portability of the vacuum while using the flexible wand. The wand, in particular, is used to clean the area under and around the furniture or all the hard-to-reach areas where taking the brush heads is hard.


  • It has a large canister of 0.9 gallons.
  • It comes with a HEPA filter and the body of the vacuum is fully sealed to prevent dust particles to getting in.
  • It has dual brush heads that cover both carpet and tile areas.
  • The brush head has two floor moods: carpet and hard floor modes.


  • It is heavy and requires a large area for storage.

Dyson DC 33

The Dyson DC 33 is one of the most powerful and effective vacuums available on the market and performs equally well on tile flooring, carpets, and hardwood flooring.

The vacuum uses a wide roller brush head and, most importantly, is equipped with Dyson’s root cyclone technology, which provides incredible power suction and keeps the head of the vacuum clear from clogging.

The vacuum also comes with a HEPA filter, which will remove all the dust particles and is washable.

Many of the users reported that the filter is easy to clean in the sink and gives the vacuum suction as it were new, even after multiple cleanings.

  • The vacuum comes with loads of features that are perfect for cleaning any type of surface, although many of the features are best for tiles.

One of the amazing features is the telescoping wand, which is activated when the vacuum is upright and is used quickly to deeply clean the channels in the tiles, which are impossible to clean with the help of a brush roll.

  • The wand also comes with several other accessory heads that are very useful for reaching tight corners.
  • The cord of the vacuum measures up to 30 feet, which is enough to clean a whole room without changing the power outlets and the canister of the vacuum measures up to 0.6 gallons, which means that it is easy to clean without getting interrupted to clean the house and release the dust after finishing off with the process of cleaning.

Now there are some downfalls in the construction of the vacuum. First, the wand of the vacuum is made out of plastic rather than metal. As it is made out of plastic, it is more prone to breakage. Secondly, there is no ball for mobility as there is on the other Dyson vacuums.

Lastly, it weighs more than 17 pounds, which means that it requires more strength to move it here and there, take it upstairs, and then again downstairs; it also takes a lot of space for storage.


  • It comes with a lifetime washable HEPA filter.
  • The wand of the vacuum reaches into the channels between the tiles and deeply cleans them.
  • It works brilliantly well on all floor types with the help of root cyclone technology.


  • It doesn’t have a ball for mobility.
  • It is large and heavy.
  • It is expensive.

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro 2306 A

The Bissell Cross Wave Pet Pro 2306 A comes with the wet/dry feature, which is considered to be a big-time saver as it serves as both a mop and a vacuum simultaneously.

The water tank that comes with the vacuum holds water or cleaning solution and releases it as you move across the floor. The suction action that takes place in the head of the vacuum helps to mop up the dirty water, and then the vacuum stores the dirty water separately in the integrated dirty water tank. Because of the positioning of the handle, it is easy to control and access. Due to this, you can change the amount of water that you are spilling onto the floor while moving along.

  • The brush roll of the vacuum is designed by keeping the smallest particle in mind; therefore, it works well on the pet hairs and picks up the smaller debris, such as crumbs and dust.
  • The most distinct feature of the vacuum is that it has a window on the brush roll, which makes it very easy to identify that, by mistake, something else has not entered the vacuum or to identify them when the brush is clogged with hair and then you can remove it directly.
  • The vacuum works perfectly on a carpet when switched to dry mode; the brush head is not plush, therefore it doesn’t reach deep into the carpet.
  • Many users reported that suction is way more powerful in this vacuum as compared to other upright vacuums and was able to pull in dust from several inches away available on the market.

Some of them also showcased their concern about the bearings of the motor of the vacuum, as they were more prone to water damage because they were located in between two tanks. As the company offers no warranty, this can be a great loss if you are investing money in it.


  • It has a brush roll that works well on pet hairs.
  • It sucks up the dirty water as it moves.
  • It has a wet and dry mop and vacuum feature.


  • It doesn’t work well on carpets.
  • It is highly susceptible to internal water damage.

Miele Compact C1

Miele Compact C1 is a canister vacuum cleaner that is designed for hard floors, but the brush doesn’t rotate whereas many other tile vacuums do.

The brush of the vacuum cleaner doesn’t rotate, unlike other vacuum cleaners available on the market. The head of the brush has a footswitch that helps you switch between carpet and hard flooring without any problem, and the head offers you the best and most direct suction that makes it up to cover the fact that the brush doesn’t have bristles.

The canister has a power of 1200 watts and has six different options to control the suction power. This feature also allows you to quickly adapt to different types of floors and different types of debris.

  • Though the switch has various functions, it has a downside, which is that it is very close to the floor; therefore, you need to bend over and over frequently to control the switch.
  • The canister is not bagless; it comes with a bag, which is a plus because it can store a lot of debris and you can empty it once the work is over.
  • The cord of the vacuum measures up to 29.5 feet, which gives you plenty of lengths to move around the room and clean it without switching power outlets If you have small rooms, you can clean multiple rooms at once, but you need to carry the canister with you, which is heavy, and it can be a problem when you have to walk up and down the stairs carrying it.
  • The vacuum cleaner comes with many attachment tools that can be used in places where the standard head cannot reach and clean better. The attachments help to clean the narrow channels between the tiles and the hard-to-reach, tight corners of the house.
  • The best advantage of the canister vacuum cleaner is that it is more durable compared to an upright vacuum cleaner and it provides more consistent suction even after being used multiple times.

Many users appreciated the fact that the vacuum doesn’t produce any sound, even if it is set to the highest power setting.


  • It is durable.
  • It works quietly.
  • It has a high-power motor with six suction settings.
  • The cord of the vacuum cleaner measures up to 5 feet.


  • The canister gets heavy on the stairs.
  • There is no brush roll on the vacuum head.

Dyson V6

The Dyson V6 is a cordless vacuum cleaner that was designed to clean hard floors like tiles. “Fffy” is the name given to the roller brush head by Dyson and many of the users found that it picked up both dust and pet hair from tile floors and caused fewer hair tangles around the brush.

The vacuum cleaner has a battery rather than a cord, which means that you can use the vacuum cleaner for a limited period of time but it has the advantage that you can work without the hassle of switching power outlets.

The V6 cleaner works for a maximum of 20 minutes and if you set it on Max Power mode, then it will last you only 6 minutes which seems like it is not enough to clean the whole house but it is more than enough to clean a few rooms.

The handle of the vacuum can be converted into a handheld vacuum, which allows you to clean all the corners and spaces below the furniture.

  • Most of the users loved that the product was lightweight and easy to use.
  • The vacuum is designed in a stick shape, which makes it very quick and makes it move easily in tight spaces all around the house.
  • The wall-mounted charging station that comes along with it makes the vacuum easy to store and use quickly when there is time to clean the house.
  • The canister is around 14 oz., which means that it has a small storing capacity. It will fill up extremely fast with dust but don’t worry; it will not leak dust because of the cyclonic airflow system. But the battery life of the vacuum is short, so it is not an issue either.

The common complaint that was found is that if you have to keep the switch on the vacuum, you need to hold it down to keep its power on; there is no lockable on/off switch.


  • It’s wireless.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It can be converted to a hand vacuum.
  • It has two cleaning modes.


  • The maximum battery life of the vacuum cleaner is 20 minutes.
  • It has a small canister, which means that it needs to be emptied frequently while cleaning.
  • It doesn’t have to lock the on/off switch.

Shark RV 720

If you are too busy with your work and don’t have time to clean your house, then this robot vacuum cleaner from Shark can be of great help to you, as it will act as a huge time saver and will keep your house clean.

Now you can program it to start on its own by programming it to clean on a specific day and time. You can even set it up for every day or you can start cleaning your house manually by using the cleaning button on the top of the unit or through the remote.

Once you start the vacuum, it will clean for up to half an hour and then return to its charging dock automatically.

It uses a semi-random travel pattern to clean the floor, which can cause a problem.

If you want to clean a specific area of the room or tile, however, the vacuum cleaner comes with strips that can rank off some of the smaller areas for cleaning so that you can give some direction or keep it outside the room that you don’t want to clean.

  • Most of the users appreciated the fact that, while cleaning, the vacuum was able to work well and avoid furniture while cleaning, as well as how it worked differently between hard and carpet flooring.
  • The vacuum uses a pair of spinning side brushes that worked brilliantly on picking up both crumbs and pet hair from the tile flooring as well as carpet flooring. For hard-to-pick debris such as cotton balls or string, the robot needs to run over the specific space several times before they collect the debris but it will definitely collect it before returning to dock or entering the next cleaning cycle.
  • The canister of the vacuum weighs only 0.26 gallons, which is enough for a 1-hour cleaning but you need to empty it every day if you use the vacuum often.


  • Its run-time is 1 hour; it will clean your house for 1 hour.
  • It has excellent cleaning power
  • It is a robotic vacuum that comes with a programmable remote.


  • The size of the gallon is 0.26 oz.
  • It works in a semi-random pattern, which can be difficult to control.

Blake + Decker HSVJ 520 JMPA 07

Blake Decker comes with many features that set this vacuum cleaner apart from other vacuum cleaners. The most significant feature that sets it apart from other features is the motorized rolling brush head, which uses large rubber bristles rather than commonly used traditional bristles. These bristles drastically improve the frequency of clogging in the brush head, reduce it, and allow the vacuum to gulp up larger debris like dog food and crumbs, whereas vacuums don’t perform well compared to other vacuums for clearing up pet hair and dust.

The vacuum is designed to be 2 in 1 with the suction unit situated in the handheld part of the vacuum and is designed to be part of the brush roll base.

The handheld vacuum works better when it comes to picking up the hair between the narrow channels in the tile flooring, but you need to bend down to reach the level of the ground and clean it.

The handheld vacuum is far more than enough to clean the hair off the furniture.

The vacuum comes with additional but helpful features. The vacuum will automatically control the suction power of the vacuum to maximize the battery life of the vacuum whenever possible.

  • It comes with displays that indicate the battery levels and alert you when the filter needs to be cleaned to maintain suction.

Most of the users liked that the vacuum is cordless, which makes it easier to use as you can take it anywhere and they loved the fact that the battery lasted them 30 to 60 minutes, but once the battery dies, you need to charge it; the battery is not replaceable.


  • The battery lasts for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • The vacuum is designed in a 2-in-1 design.
  • The bristles of the brush are made out of rubber.


  • The battery of the vacuum is not replaceable.
  • It is not good at picking up pet hair.

Shark Flex Duo Clean HV 391

Among all the vacuum cleaners mentioned on the list, this is the most powerful, which makes it ideal to use for cleaning only if you are using it on the floor, not on the steps.

The corded stick vacuum is very easy to use, as you don’t need to switch the attachments, especially when you are switching surfaces.

The vacuum uses a HEPA filter to filter out the dirt particles and comes along with a HEPA cloth bag to hold all of the debris. When these two items are used together, we guarantee that your dirt will stay in place once all is sucked up, and the good news is that the bag is reusable, which means that it is going to be a big savings in the long run.


  • It has a jointed stick for a full 90-degree bend.
  • It comes with a HEPA filter and a fully sealed canister.
  • It has dual brush heads.


  • It cannot stand upright on its own.

Eureka Neu 192 A

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner on a budget, then this is definitely your choice. It provides you with solid suction power for cleaning tile flooring.

The brush roll is not particularly designed to clean tiles but to work on all floor types equally well; however, please note that the brush roll can sometimes scratch the tile floor and can get quickly clogged when abundant pet hairs get stuck in it.

However, there are more features that outshine the vacuum cleaner; first, the canister is bagless and comes with a capacity of 4 liters, which enables you to clean large areas in a single go.

The filter can be easily removed and washed, therefore it can last you a long time; secondly, LED lights on the brush head allow you to spot the dirt easily; and finally, the large wheelbase helps the vacuum to move easily on the floor; however, many users found that the wheels did not move smoothly over the carpet.

Additionally, the power cord does not come in enough range; therefore, it is not enough to clean the large rooms or you have to switch the power outlets.


  • It is inexpensive.
  • It has a large wheel base for tiles.
  • It has adequate suction power for all types of floors.


  • It has a short cord.
  • The motor of the vacuum is weaker.

Best Vacuums Cleaner for Tile Floors: Buyer’s Guide

Do you really need a special vacuum cleaner for your tile floors? Taking care of tile floors is seriously a hard task because they cannot be thoroughly cleaned alone by vacuuming; they need both vacuuming and mopping to make them look fresh and alive.

Now, if this is what you want, then you have to get a robot mop and a vacuum set to serve the whole purpose and save a whole lot of time, but if you are short on time, then you can definitely go for a 2-in-1 vacuum and mop model set that will not only save your time but will also make your tiles look as fresh as new.

Although we have mentioned above that there are no special vacuums that are specially designed for tile floors, it’s just that some vacuums do a better job of cleaning the tiles than others.

  • Now it totally depends on your needs: what type of debris you expect to clean, how often you clean your tiles and whether you have only one sort of flooring in your house. Accordingly, you will buy the vacuum cleaner to meet your needs.
  • If you have a large area that is covered with tiles that get scuffed easily, then you need a wet and dry vacuum, whereas if you have a mix of different flooring, then a dry vacuum with a lot of attachments and an all-rounder brush head can be a huge help for you.
  • If you don’t have time to use these, then you can definitely choose a robot vacuum that will change your life 360 degrees, or you can even have it because you like thorough cleaning and you prefer to target some areas that need to be cleaned thoroughly.
  • If you have pets, then you need to choose the vacuum because it performs well by picking up the hair of pets, whereas there is a chance that a brush.
  • The head is going to get tangled.

In general, a good vacuum for tile floors needs to have a rolling, non-motorized brush head or the ability to turn off the movement of brush rotation for heads. This is so because motorized brush heads tend to scatter every bit of dirt all around on the tile floor.

What do you need to look for in an ideal vacuum for tiles?

As we are all well aware of the fact that there are no specially designed vacuums made for tile floors, this makes it difficult to understand what you will look for in a vacuum cleaner you want to buy for your tiles.

In general, the most important feature that comes to mind is that the vacuums should cover the gamut of different feature sets.

What kind of vacuum are you looking for?

Before buying a vacuum for your tile, you need to make sure that you know which type of vacuum style you are looking for. The most commonly used type is the upright vacuum, which offers a lot of versatility to you as well as the floor.

If you have less storage space, then you should definitely go for stick vacuums that are easy to store and are lighter, but the only downside they face is that they have less suction power as compared to upright vacuums.

  • Canister vacuums are the best as they offer the most suction power for the best cleaning but they are difficult to carry throughout the house because you need to carry two canisters behind you.
  • Nowadays, robotic vacuums are becoming more popular among people, especially among busy, very busy homeowners, as they will clean the house with a little oversight but they also need full human attention and control when they have to target one specific area.
  • Also, you would require a handheld vacuum for reaching the hard-to-reach areas. A 2-in-1 vacuum typically works best for it as it has the suction unit built into a handheld vacuum, which is further integrated into a large wheeled brush roll, which provides the construction and benefits of a traditional vacuum.
  • On the other hand, vacuums with the lift-away feature allow you to pull the entire canister along with you, which makes them flexible to use and super easy to use.
  • You should also decide whether you wish to have a bagged or bagless vacuum.
  • Bagged vacuums connect the canister with a disposable bag, which makes cleaning the canister an easy task.
  • Bagless vacuums store the debris in the sealed canister and it requires a little more manual effort to clean the canister.

Finally, consider whether you need a corded or cordless vacuum. Cordless vacuums provide much more flexibility while cleaning as you don’t have to move around while struggling with the cord but they will be limited for a time zone as they need to be charged, whereas cord vacuums are limited in their range as they need to be connected to a wall plug, but you can use them for hours.


The brush head is the most important feature of vacuums you need to consider for tiles, as it largely depends on the brush and what it will be able to clean.

  • The best brush for tile is the non-motorized brush that simply moves in the direction you want to take it.
  • Different vacuums employ a unique brush that improves vacuuming efficiency or removes different types of debris.

For example, Black + Decker’s vacuum uses a rubberized brush that works excellently at picking up the larger pieces of debris that most of the traditional brushes struggle with, but then it suffers where the pet hairs come because it cannot pick up small pieces of dust particles.

Shark Duo Clean Line uses two brushes collaboratively to roll the dust into the suction area and then throw it up into the vacuum, which offers the best targeting for small and large debris particles and is designed to work perfectly for both hard and carpet floors.

Dust Bin Capacity

Another important feature you need to take into consideration is the size of the canister, whether it is bagged or not.

  • A bigger canister will allow you to cover and clean larger areas of your house or office before you stop and empty out the canister by taking out the collected debris.
  • If you have a big house or a larger area to cover and clean, then having a vacuum with a large capacity can save a lot of time and energy as you have to empty it only once. On the other hand, if you only have a few rooms to clean, then canister capacity may not be of huge importance.

Suction Power

When you are selecting a vacuum cleaner for your needs, first of all, you need to decide what kind of debris you are going to collect, and then widely, it depends on the efficiency of the brush head.

  • These two factors will determine how powerful the suction of the vacuum needs to be to clean the tile floors, but you should always go for more suction power.
  • More suction power will never hurt your floor tiles but it might destroy the carpet. You will need more suction power, as picking up the larger crumbs and pet food requires more suction power than small particles of dust and minute pet hair.

f you feel the need to have more suction power because of dust particles at home, you should go for heavy-duty upright vacuums or canister vacuums.


There are 100% chances that you won’t be using the vacuum cleaner alone for tiles; you might have other flooring at your place, such as wooden, carpet, or upholstery; therefore, buying a vacuum cleaner that provides adequate cleaning power on all of these floorings is necessary.

Vacuums that are designed to be 2-in-1 and come with a handheld vacuum or a lift-away feature can be considered to be of greater help for you as they will reach all the hard-to-reach areas and will be easy to handle.

Whereas other vacuums are designed with a built-in hose that can be activated and contains the other accessory tools that will mount the hose, these accessories prove to be the biggest asset for cleaning the old type of furniture and reaching out into the hard-to-reach corners.

Another point that needs to be taken into consideration with respect to the versatility of vacuums is quality. Even the companies that manufacture vacuums try different wheelbases and steering to control their vacuums.

  • This leads to a major difference in how convenient and easy their vacuums are to use, how easily they can be moved across different floor types now this is the important point when you use your vacuum on both carpet and tile floors or keep on switching between them.
  • The vacuums that are easy to use and save a lot of time must be easy to steer and should have smaller turning radii.

Also, try to consider whether you need a cordless vacuum or not. If you have a few outlets of power in your house and they are far away or you have no power outlets at your place, then owning a cordless vacuum can save a lot of time and energy but cordless vacuums suffer from lower suction power than traditional vacuums because of battery-powered motors.

Whereas if you own a big house and have a larger area to clean, then cordless vacuums can be a disaster to use because they suffer from short battery life.


Filtration is one of the most important points that need to be taken into consideration because it is an important component of every vacuum and it is hard to make a poor decision regarding the choice of the filtration system.

  • Many vacuums come with HEPA-rated filters, as they provide the highest levels of dust capture, purify the air around you and keep it allergen-free.
  • Filters that are not HEPA-rated are equally safe enough to capture the dust particles and are commonly used.
  • If you are sensitive to dust particles then you must want that your vacuum should come with multiple filters or a pre-filter in addition to the primary HEPA filter, the other thing you need to make sure about the filters is that they should be washable.
  • Washable filters are of greater advantage as they can be easily cleaned and removed. They will also last you for years with the proper care and consideration.
  • If the filters are being cleaned on the spot, it also means that you can restore the suction power of the filter if it is clogged.
  • Disposable filters, although they last longer between cleanings, should be replaced once the filter becomes clogged.

These were all of the important features that need to be taken into consideration before buying a vacuum cleaner, now we have summarized down below our top 9 best vacuum cleaners for floors that will help you to understand that which vacuum cleaner is best for your needs.


Cleaning the tile floors can be a difficult task but it can be made easier by choosing the right vacuum cleaner that provides the best suction power and is easy to use.

It was a difficult task for us to choose the best between them but we made our choice and would recommend the SHARK DUO CLEAN NV 803 because of the brush heads and their ability to change between the carpet and the hard floor.

Many of the users loved the fact that the vacuum cleaner comes with a lift-away canister which proves to be of great help. This was our preference rest you can choose according to your choice.