Struggling with choosing between the Dyson V8 and V11 for your home cleaning needs?

In this blog, we meticulously compare the Dyson V8 and V11 vacuum cleaners, assisting you in making an informed decision for your household cleaning. We cover each model’s distinct features, from their suction power and battery life to their usability and accessory options, providing a comprehensive understanding of how each model caters to different cleaning requirements.

With over 15 years of experience in the home appliance sector, we’ve helped numerous households select the right vacuum cleaner that aligns with their specific needs. Our hands-on comparison of the Dyson V8 and V11 involves rigorous testing in real-world home environments, ensuring our insights are based on actual performance and user experience. Whether you prioritize longer battery life, more powerful suction, or specific features for pet hair and allergens, our detailed analysis provides clarity on which Dyson model, V8 or V11, is best suited to your lifestyle and cleaning demands.

We aim to simplify your decision-making process by highlighting the strengths and considerations of each model, making it easier for you to choose a vacuum cleaner that truly meets your home’s cleaning challenges.

Dyson V8 Absolute vs. Dyson V11 2024

Both Dyson V8 Absolute and Dyson V11 vacuum cleaners have taken the market by storm with their advanced features and ease of handling. You can easily maneuver these vacuum cleaners with a single hand due to their lightweight design and ergonomics.

These cordless vacuum cleaners may look alike, but they have significant differences in terms of features and usability.


Both vacuum cleaners have some similarities when we talk about their design. However, after having a deeper look, you will find out that in the Dyson V8 the handheld Motorhead and the extension wand are intersecting. The dust collection bin is perpendicular to the motor, just like a “T.”

On the other hand, V11 has an inline dustbin that is directly linked to the motor. This design allows the vacuum cleaner to trap more dust and even the smallest particles. The handles of both cleaners are comfortable to hold, and you will feel no difficulties while cleaning your home.


As we all know, these cordless vacuum cleaners have batteries to power them, so there is a particular runtime for each of them. The runtime depends on several parameters, like the cleaning mode you are using. But we have taken an approximation to explain it to you.

The runtime you will get with Dyson V11 will be around 60 minutes, which is excellent, and you can clean the entire house in one go. On the other hand, Dyson V8 Absolute will offer a runtime of 40 minutes that is low, and you have to charge it multiple times for cleaning your house thoroughly.

Digital Motor

Dyson has used its advanced digital motors in both cleaners, which makes them superior for cleaning. However, V8 comes with a motor that can spin up to 108,000 RPM (revolutions per minute), whereas the digital motor on V11 can spin up to 125,000 RPM. As you can see, there is a considerable difference between the digital motors of these vacuum cleaners.

If you need better cleaning, then the V11 is an excellent choice for you due to its powerful motor.

Smart Screen

How easy things will be when you have all the essential information on the LCD of the vacuum cleaner. The Dyson V11 comes with a smart digital screen that displays important information like remaining run time, intelligent cleaning reposts, maintenance alerts, multiple cleaning modes, and much more. You will get all the information displayed right in front of you, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

On the other hand, the Dyson V8 has no digital screen, and you have to do everything manually, from selecting the cleaning mode to other things.

The Capacity of Dust Bin

The dust bin on both vacuum cleaners is of different size, and it will impact the total cleaning time. The dustbin of the Dyson V11 can accommodate up to 0.74 liters of debris, whereas the dustbin of the V8 can accommodate up to 0.54 liters of debris. The difference is not too much, but you have to empty the bin again and again if you want to clean a large area.


The suction power of the vacuum cleaner determines the type of cleaning and the total time taken for a single cleaning. You will get 115 AW of suction power with the Dyson V8 and 185 AW of suction power with the Dyson V11. Clearly, the Dyson V11 is better in terms of suction power, and you will see the results in cleaning.

You can choose different cleaning modes on both cordless vacuum cleaners. But the Dyson V11 should be your choice if you need more power. Moreover, Dyson V11 has smart suction that gets automatically adjusted as per the type of floor. You don’t have to run into the hassle of choosing the modes multiple times. As a result, you will save a lot of time and a lot of power because the cleaner will use a less power-consuming suction mode according to the requirements.

Power Modes 

Choosing the power mode of the cleaner will help you adjust the suction power. You can select the desired power mode based on the types of debris and the floor you want to clean. In the Dyson V11, there are three power modes, so you can save a lot of battery by choosing the right cleaning mode for your needs. Also, the power offered by this cleaner is greater when compared to the Dyson V8 Absolute.

When we talk about the Dyson V8, there are two power modes, which is a downside. You can only choose between high and low, as there is nothing like a medium power mode. Either you have to select the high mode or the low mode, which impacts the cleaning time, and the battery drains quickly.

Cleaning Head 

The Dyson V8 Absolute comes with a Direct Drive cleaning head that can clean everything seamlessly. The head distributes the suction power equally to wipe the floor while catching the dust. In the case of the Dyson V11, you will get a Torque Drive cleaning head that works similarly to the V8 cleaning head but has high suction power (20% more).

In short, the cleaning head of the Dyson V11 is more reliable if you need to clean dusty areas that require more suction power. The digital motor of the vacuum cleaner properly powers the cleaning head to clean the debris from hardwood floors or other hard surfaces.

Dimension Differences

These are the dimension differences between the two vacuum cleaners. You can choose the one according to the storage space you have and the size that is ideal for you.

In-Box Accessories 

Both the Dyson V8 Absolute and the Dyson V11 come with some accessories that will help you with efficient cleaning. Here is the list of accessories you will get with each of them:.

Dyson V11
  • Torque drive cleaning head
  • Extension wand
  • Charger
  • Stubborn dust brush (for tough cleaning)
  • Crevice tool
  • Combination tool
  • Docking station
  • Charger
  • Mini motorized tool
Dyson V8 Absolute
  • Direct drive cleaning head
  • Fluffy cleaning head
  • Crevice tool
  • Extension wand
  • Charger
  • Docking station
  • Combination tool
  • Mini soft dusting brush
  • Mini motorized brush roll

How are Dyson V11 and V8 Absolute Clean?

Both of these Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners have trigger switches working, and you have to press the switch for cleaning. Also, these are based on cyclonic suction, which transports the dust from the floor to the dust box attached to the vacuum cleaner.

There is no significant difference in the work, and you can easily maneuver both of these cleaners based on the types of floor, and areas you want to clean.

Why Should You Buy Dyson V11?

Our teams tested these vacuum cleaners on hardwood floors and low- and high-pile carpets with different types of debris to evaluate their performance. The Torque Drive cleaning head of the Dyson V11 is more efficient at cleaning.

Dyson V11 has 99% cleaning results, and if you want automated cleaning with ease of selection of different modes, then Dyson V11 is a decent option for you.

Why Should You Buy Dyson V8 Absolute?

If you don’t want to splurge a lot of money, then the Dyson V8 Absolute is a good option for you. It works seamlessly, and the cleaning head is efficient in cleaning dust piles and other debris. Moreover, the cleaner is easy to use, and you can set it up in merely a couple of minutes.

Introducing the Winner

Our spring and summer cleaning was done with Dyson vacuums V8 and V11. During the evaluation process, we tested the Dyson V8 Animal vs. V11 Animal vs. Dyson V11 Torque Drive, as well as the V8 Absolute vs. V11 Animal. The vacuums were examined from all angles, including their parts.

You will now be able to see the winner. Based on its performance and overall features, the Dyson V11 is our top pick.

Many people choose this vacuum due to its large dustbin, good suction capacity, ability to clean carpets and various flooring types, accessible emptying, and a wide array of accessories.

You can clean walls, furniture, and carpets with the Dyson V11 if you are looking for a powerful vacuum.

FAQs on Dyson V8 vs V11

Would the Dyson V8 be a good purchase?

In our tests, the Dyson V11 was capable of cleaning carpets, floors, edges, and pet hair, as well as emitting clean air. Compared to the V10, it has ranked quieter, an improvement.

The V11 was the most powerful Dyson reviewed in our test, with a run time of over 43 minutes. Bissell’s Air Ram was the only one that exceeded its run time. Unfortunately, the vacuum is also a 4-hour charger.

It may weigh 6.6 pounds, but it’s still lighter than many stick vacuums from other brands despite being a pound heavier than the Dyson V8.

Does the Dyson V11 offer the best performance?

Easily clean hard floors as well as carpets using the Dyson V11 Absolute cordless cleaner. With its powerful suction, it can easily run for 60 minutes, even in Eco mode.

Why is Dyson discontinuing the V8?

The Dyson Absolute and Total Clean have been discontinued since April 2018. The only V8 model currently available is the Dyson V8 Animal. Although there is no soft roller cleaner head on the Animal, it shares the same vacuum core as the V8 Absolute (more on that in a minute).

Shark or Dyson, which is better?

The Dyson offers more power, is lighter, and offers better filtration than the other model, though they both offer great suction and cleaning. The Shark consistently has a longer runtime than the Dyson when both batteries are constantly being used.

Dyson V11 vs. V10: How powerful is the V11?

As a result of its superintelligence and 20% greater suction power, Dyson’s new V11 cordless vacuum cleaner promises to outperform its predecessor, the Cyclone V10.

Final Thoughts

Both Dyson v8 vs v11 cleaners have excellent after-sales service, and you will get fantastic customer support, which is readily available to assist you. The choice is entirely up to you and your requirements. It is high time to shift to cordless cleaners for quick and efficient cleaning.

Do let us know what you think is the best cordless vacuum cleaner, according to you.