I am always bothered by the smell of urine. When you get sick after using the restroom, there is nothing worse. The thing you must get rid of is difficult, but it must be done. A variety of solutions can be used, including hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, baking soda, and borax.

Let’s go with those.

How To Get Urine Smell Out Of Bathroom

Hydrogen peroxide for Cleaning:

It is necessary to mix hydrogen peroxide before it can be used. It is possible to use detergents. Then, brush the mixture onto the bathroom floor for about 18 to 30 minutes. Make sure you rinse off the floor well after cleaning. In addition to mold and mildew, hydrogen peroxide is also effective in cleaning.

For the toilet base, you should use shaving cream:

Shaving cream has magical properties that most of us are unaware of. How about shaving cream? Did you know that it can remove the urine smell from your bathroom? Not really. Make sure to completely cover the toilet with shaving cream and let it stay for 25- 30 minutes. NOTE: You shouldn’t do this for too long because it will harden if it dries.

Then, wash the floor using hot water after the estimated time. Afterward, there won’t be any urine smell. Potassium hydroxide is the most effective cleaner in shaving cream.

With lemon juice or vinegar, you can use baking soda as follows:

Baking soda, borax, or lemon juice are excellent remedies for getting rid of odors. Apply the paste mixture to the toilet seat or floor after making a thick paste. Apply the paste and scrub with the brush for 15 to 20 minutes.

Repeatedly rinse afterward. Lastly, it will absorb urine odors and remove stains.

To prevent urine from staining your toilet floor, follow these tips:

The toilet floor is usually the source of urine smells. It also happens for a reason that you know. You cannot stop odors if you do not keep your home clean. Nevertheless, you still have options. The problem can be minimized by some mechanisms. Your busy life and problems are understandable to us.

Now let’s share a few things.

Bathroom mats that are disposable:

Your toilet will be much less likely to smell bad with this mat. It protects the floor from flooding when the toilet mats are thrown away. Additionally, it prevents urine splashes on the toilet and ensures dryness.

Nevertheless, many disposable toilet mats are designed to prevent slipping. This is very cool protection, no doubt.

Find out how to find the right one by following these tips

There are many different types of disposable commode mats, but impact deodorizing disposables stand out. High-absorbency material makes this mat special. In addition, these deodorizing 6 scented toilet seat mats are anti fungicides and prevent the spread of germs. Also, it does not slip when in use and does not slip. This is without a doubt a great option.

You can fix a toilet splash shield by doing the following:

If you wonder why urine splashes when your toilet is running, you should consider using a splash guard. Generally, it occurs when seated and peeing. A well-known company in this arena is now PGuard Urine Deflector. The toilet seat has its shield on it. This allows the urine to remain in the bowl, so it can stay fresh. It offers strong support to all members of a family, no matter how young or old.

The toilet base should be sealed with clear caulk:

There are other reasons why urine splashes besides urine smell. Leaking can cause problems sometimes. Caulk around the toilet base if you face this problem. Mopping can also be accomplished with it. Caulk prevents urine from falling into crevices, however.


When you’re on a tight schedule, it’s hard to wash the toilet. In this case, you can use alternate methods of protecting the toilet floor. Caulk can be used around them, or disposable toilet mats can be used.

A variety of natural ingredients are effective at deodorizing toilets, such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and lemon juice. You can also use shaving cream. Bathroom urine odor removal is the ultimate objective.