Looking for a comfortable and efficient toilet solution for your bathroom?

In this blog, we introduce the Kohler K-3615-0 Gabrielle Comfort Height Toilet, ideal for those seeking a blend of comfort, style, and water efficiency. We cover everything from its elongated bowl design for added comfort to its innovative flushing technology, including considerations for easy cleaning and eco-friendly features.

With over 25 years of expertise in bathroom fixtures and modern sanitation solutions, we’ve guided numerous homeowners in selecting toilets that meet their specific needs. Our team has personally tested the Kohler K-3615-0 in various home settings, ensuring it delivers on both comfort and performance.

KOHLER K-3615-0 Gabrielle Comfort Height Toilet Review 2024

KOHLER K-3615-0 Features

One-Piece Design

Kohler K-3615-0 Gabrielle comes in a one-piece design, so you don’t have to worry about the additional cistern. The toilet looks elegant and has a minimalistic design that consumes less space and makes your bathroom look roomier. The elongated bowl provides a comfortable seating position so you will never face any issues with it.

Moreover, the reason why this toilet is called Comfort Height (R) is the chair-height seating it offers. The users don’t have to bend down a lot to use this Kohler toilet. The position is comfortable, and even the elderly and children can use it effortlessly.


Kohler has used a selection of excellent materials to manufacture this toilet. Vitreous china is used to make the body so you can expect decent durability from it. Also, the toilet has a coating of high-glaze material that makes it look shiny and prevents any stains and marks. There is no compromise with the quality of materials, and Kohler ensures that the users will get a premium experience with K-3615-0 Gabrielle.

Flushing System

Kohler has used their renowned AquaPiston flushing system with K-3615-0 Gabrielle. The system offers power-packed performance and pushes 1.28 gallons of water with a boosted force to avoid any clogging problems. A single flush is enough to clean the toilet thoroughly.

Cleaning Capacity

Kohler K-3615-0 Gabrielle needs only 1.28 gallons of water to clean the bowl thoroughly. The bowl has an elongated design, and therefore the water is dispensed equally from all directions, making the flush more powerful. The toilet has smooth curves, which avoid the problems of staining, and you can flush the waste entirely with the help of a single flush.

Water Consumption

Kohler K-3615-0 Gabrielle consumes less water when compared to other toilets available on the market. The smart design allows the toilet to flush water with more force without actually consuming more water. A single flush will consume 1.28 gallons of water, which is an adequate amount to flush the waste thoroughly. If you need something that consumes less water, then Kohler K-3615-0 Gabrielle is an option for you.


Installing Kohler K-3615-0 Gabrielle requires a regular 12-inch rough-in. It is the total distance between the center of the waste pipe and the wall against which you are installing the toilet. The toilet is a bit heavier because it is one piece and the cistern is attached. Kohler has explained the entire installation in the instruction manual, and you can carry it out without any hassles.

Is it worth buying?

Kohler K-3615-0 Gabrielle is decently priced when compared to the features it offers. The toilet consumes less water, and that is a great thing. Moreover, the Comfort Height (R) features make it ideal for everyone. 

The buyers will get a Grip-Tight Reveal (R) Q3 toilet seat, so there is no need to buy a seat separately.

What We Like

  • Elongated bowl
  • Less water consumption
  • High-glazed finish
  • AquaPiston flush system
  • Compact

What We Don’t Like

  • The lid is thin

The Verdict

If you need a toilet that is durable and stylish, then go for the Kohler K-3615-0 Gabrielle. You will never regret your decision because it comes with a Kohler 1-year limited warranty. The toilet has a chrome flush lever that is robust and makes flushing easy.

Over to You

Our teams tested Kohler K-3615-0 Gabrielle for 15 days, and we found out that this toilet offers what it promises. The elongated bowl provides an excellent amount of comfort, and the flush is very powerful. Also, there are no water splashes at the time of flushing, and you will get a mess-free experience.