Looking to simplify your floor cleaning routine with a robot mop in 2024? In this blog, we review the best robot mops for 2024, ideal for those seeking an efficient, hands-free cleaning solution. We explore a variety of models, from those with advanced navigation and smart home integration to budget-friendly options that deliver effective mopping without the frills.

We also consider alternative features and technologies that cater to different floor types and cleaning preferences. With over 20 years of experience in home cleaning technology and smart home appliances, we’ve helped countless homeowners optimize their cleaning routines with innovative tools. Our team has personally tested these robot mops in a range of home environments, ensuring they offer convenience, effectiveness, and value for money, making your floor cleaning process effortless and more efficient.

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The Best Robot Mop On The Market, Reviewed 2024

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Remember, a clean home is a happy home. So, whether you’re dealing with dirty floors or dusty car interiors, we’ve got you covered with our expert reviews and guides.

iRobot Braava 380t

Certainly, not one of the best robot mops on the market can beat this one. The iRobot Braava 380t robot mop benefits it offers to users are just too much and superior to compete with. Its functionality, in comparison with other robots reviewed here, is just top-notch and superior.

Also, the Braava 380t is built without vacuum functionality. And this is not the same as other hybrids. So, this particular mop is a real deal to have. And it even becomes much more outstanding as it comes with double brackets with cleaning cloths that will make wet mopping and dry mopping and sweeping effortless and perfect.

To use this particular feature, all you need to do is activate the mopping mode and it automatically moves into an efficient cleaning pattern, which is much like a Neato. So, you make the same back and forth mopping move. It is simple and similar to what you do with your hand mop.


  • It uses the “NorthStar Navigation Cube.” This works as the eyes of the robot and tracks its location.
  • Other functionality of the feature includes avoiding obstacles, building a map of the location, and helping to cliff points like stairs when it meets them.
  • It needs to be placed in an elevated area, such as the countertop.
  • It has a charging cradle. You will need to manually pick up the robot and charge it.


  • It doesn’t have a docking station. This is the place it should return after the cleaning cycle.
  • It cannot schedule. So, it’s not completely hands-free
  • Its mop areas are limited because it is small. So, it may not be able to do multi-room mopping.

However, if your need is just damp or wet mopping then it is best you have this. And also, it is best you soak the mop with hot or warm water from your tap. You then wring out much water from it which you use with the wet mopping bracket. So, you put it in the wet mopping mode. Don’t the mop to be damp anymore since you have done this.

Also, you can spray the cleaning solution on the mop. This will allow you to have full control of the mopping motion this product enables. (iRobot also sells the product).


Regardless of the disclosed limitations of this mop, it is widely accepted as the truly best mop at the moment when compared to its competitors. The mop is also best efficient, it is highly affordable and then, you can have quite a decent agitation with its mopping motion. Nevertheless, you got to have it in the back of your mind that the machine isn’t built with vacuuming functionality. So, you may consider other options such as the Roomba 980 or 960 which do. But, remember they are much costlier than this.

Value for Money: ILIFE V7S Pro

ILIFE is reputable for its consistency in hitting the top of the best brands with the most quality robot vacuum products. Not just the quality but also the affordability of the products. And no doubt, the ILIFE V7S Pro robot vacuum cleaner is just one of the best products the brand has given the market.

The product is built with very powerful vacuum functionality as well as a brilliant capacity to mop, and these two features make it the number one choice for most people, especially Europeans.

This robot is built with one of the best water tank capacities and the largest robotic mops you can ever find on the market. The water tank of the robot can hold 450 milliliters of water and of course, this is sufficient to mop a very large room without having to refill the tank.

However, the robot depends on gravity to transfer water from the tank to the mop. So, you will see water drip down continually, even after you have turned it off. And if you leave it there for a while, the mop will get wet and also create a big wet spot.

Also, the robot doesn’t have the mopping motion that Braava has. It just drags the mop around. So, agitation gets to suffer a little.

Nevertheless, the newer version of the product is called the V7S Pro. This newer version comes with an upgraded water tank that is equipped with a valve that regulates water flow. When the robot is switched off, the valve is opened so that water doesn’t drip down. Air can only pass through the valve when the robot is switched on.

So, you can conveniently leave the water tank inside the robot and not make a mess of the floor. You can, as well, pre-soak the microfiber mop with distilled water and then spray. It will do more efficient cleaning and leave little water inside the tank.


This robot and the V7S Pro robot vacuum cleaner have the biggest and largest water tanks amongst other products. With this, the robot can mop a larger area. Though it isn’t built with the same mopping motion that Braava is built with, it takes care of this deficiency by going back to the dock when it is done mopping. Also, with the newer version of the V7S Pro robot vacuum cleaner, you have the option of scheduling mopping. And this feature is lacking in other robot mops.

Vacuum and Mop: ILIFE X5 and V5 Pro

This mop is also unique in its capacity. It can operate in the same capacity as the V7S, especially as it is built to both mop and vacuum at the same time.

And so, if your need is a robot with the capacity to simultaneously do both tasks—mopping and vacuuming—then the best two to check out are our V5 Pro and ILIFE. The two products are designed to function in the same way.

The V5 Pro also makes use of a water tank that depends on gravity to gradually drip water down the microfiber mop.

Both the V5 and X5 share the same size difference from the other best robotic mops. While others cover about 2/3 of the robot, these two narrowly cover half of it. With its design, users can use the mop both as a mop and as a vacuum at the same time. This is even excluding the water tank.

You got to have it in mind, therefore, that you just need to soak the mop in the water and the cleaning solution before you attach it if you intend to dampen the mop and vacuum simultaneously.


These two robotic mops, V5 and X5, have the capacity to dry-mop and vacuum at the same time. And you trust that this feature makes both products best for cleaning heavily dust-filled areas like under furniture. Both are just the same. The only thing is that the V5 Pro has an improved scheduling option.

The Spraying Robot: iRobot Braava Jet 240

There is one general thing about most of these products discussed here. They all make use of a built-in water tank system. This water system depends on gravity to get water to reach under the irobot braava jet 240 mopping pad.

But then, this particular product stands unique. It comes with a spray-in in front of it which squirts water automatically in front of the robot before it passes through the mopping motion. This is unlike the others. The product is also built with 3 mopping modes as a damp mop, wet mopping mode, and damp mop. The robot just goes in a straight back and forth pattern when switched to a dry mopping mode.

For your better understanding, mopping the floor with the dry sweeping mode may be likened to using a microfiber towel to mop. You will see little particles that are used to clean the floor more effectively stick to the floor.

You may also see particles like hair will stick on the towel. However, one deficiency of this product it doesn’t have the capacity to clean a larger area. It is built to just clean a small area of about 200 square feet. Also, when you change to damp mop mode it will go the same back and forth pattern it will go in dry mop mode. But, then, it will spray water and then vibrate while providing some agitation.

The wet mode works by spraying water, vibrating, and then switching into the mopping motion. According to iRobot, this mode gives the best agitation and can clean even fresh coffee stains.


It also built in a way that you wouldn’t need to press a separate button to select each of the modes. It comes with just one button which is located at the top. With the sensors underneath the robot, the cut-out on the mops can be read and you can automatically and easily choose the cleaning mode you want.

Reusable Pads Instead of Disposable mops

One more thing that makes the robot unique and a class of its own is that it makes use of disposable pads. Though, this will require extra pay if you intend to use it daily. To save yourself the huge expense that comes with this, you can purchase the reusable mopping pads at about $20 for two packs. You can watch them for further use. Each of the packs may last for as much as 150-200 uses. And of course, this is far longer than the disposables.

iAdapt 2.0

While the iRobot Braava 340t makes use of “Navigation Cube”, this one doesn’t need a distinct device for it to navigate. So, it has a built-in with the iAdapt 2.0 navigation algorithm that is the same as the navigation of some other top-notch robots like the Roomba 980. With this, therefore, that the iRobot Braava has more efficient navigation without going through the same area two times.

Also, the robot has no docking station. So, you will have to pick it up and plug it in to recharge and as well, wet it when you are through mopping.


This robot is much cheaper, newer, and of course, more modern than the Braava 340t. The latter makes use of a spraying mechanism for spraying water. Its cleaning efficiency is as awesome as the 340t, but then, you don’t need a navigation cube. Rather, it uses disposable pads with reusable pads which are sold differently.

Best Way to Choose a Robot Mop On The Market

The review of different Best robot mops with different features and functionalities, sure, provides you with different options to work with. So, you have little to worry about with the options you should choose from.

Based on the opinion, it seems more than the best of them all is the iRobot Braava. The mop is a combination of efficient navigation and true back-and-forth mopping motion. Though you will need as much as $200 to get one, and this may be a bit higher than some others. Also, they are without scheduling.

Scooba is yet a competitive option for the Braava; both are iRobots. One thing that distinguishes this cleaner from the rest is that it deep cleans even bare floors such as tiles with the use of stiff bristles then sucks up much water.

It is rather unpleasant that iRobot does not manufacture the Scooba anymore. You can only find the secondhand value ones in the market. New items do not grace the market.

But then, if you are opportune to get very ones of secondhand value, they are can serve you well. They still can carry out proper and deeper cleaning of even sealed flooring. Only thing is that you will have to add a few bucks to have it.

More great option to choose from when seeking a Robot mop is the robot and mop hybrids. This one can mop and also vacuum. It does so sometimes at the same time, and differently some other time. ILIFE, Rydis, Moneual, Ainol, and Jisiwei are amongst the brands that offer this product.

Vacuum and mop hybrids don’t really have a true back-and-forth mopping motion. This is not like Braava that has its own. So, these robots make use of the same pattern to vacuum just they would mop. This is why they don’t perform quite as well as regards agitation. However, if you intend to run maintenance mopping then, you should go for these robots as they can do the best job for your cleaning.

Reasons You Need A Robot Mop

According to recent trends, the business and industry of vacuums are rapidly growing year by year. And it just keeps getting.  It shows that more people are becoming aware of the great solution the product brings to the home.

Even more, most homes are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by large responsibilities from home, work, the kids, school, etc that they would hardly spare time for such stressful and hard-to-do house chores as mopping.

More so, with increased income to set aside for the purchase of such items like the robot vacuum means most homes can afford one. This is even as a little provision in your budget even $200 or a little below it can get your one, most especially from some Chinese brands like Life.


This review has done its bit to bring to you the best robotic mops you can ever find in the market; both online and offline. 5 of them also provide enough options for you to choose easily and buy from. And so, you rest assured of absolute top-notch quality performance with strong functionality.

Even, in as much as our bet is with iRobot Braavas, which is undoubtedly the best and truest of them all, it doesn’t make others less of an option. They are also functional and efficient.

However, the iRobot Braavas is just simply better in some considerations.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a mop that will cost you less than $200, then you should choose ILIFE robots. They are much of an option at a little price.

However, all 5 are best in their own right. They all have unique features that make them an outstanding and great deal of offer to different buyers. It all depends on what you want from the mop.