One of the world’s most renowned toilet brands introduces an innovative and environmentally friendly washlet toilet, Washlet G400, by Toto. This is a first of its kind. The toilets here are completely different from the ones you’re used to. This toilet has so many features and is eco-friendly, there’s nothing more you could ask for.

TOTO Washlet G400 Integrated Toilet

Summary of Our Products

How embarrassing has it been to use the restroom? The Toto MS920CEMFG#1 Washlet with Integrated Toilet G400 is characterized by luxury and elegance. You will be greeted by its lid on your approach.

We’re just getting started.

A Toto G400 bidet is no exception, as it performs far more functions than a toilet. Aside from heated seats and air deodorizers, the bidets have a variety of comfort-enhancing amenities. The following features are available on this toilet:

A triple-nozzle 3D tornado flush creates a centrifugal action, helping to prevent messes.

  • It is ADA-compliant and extremely energy-efficient.
  • Easy cleaning – Any surface of the toilet can be cleaned easily.
  • This toilet cleans your rear and front after every use with a self-cleaning wand.
  • Set different water pressures – Reduce water waste by adjusting your water pressure settings.
  • A toilet seat lowers and raises automatically every time you approach, and closes automatically every time you leave.
  • Toto seats are heated as soon as you sit on them. You can choose from five different levels of heat.
  • An automatic energy saver, the toilet reduces the consumption of energy by using less energy without manual intervention.
  • Sitting on the toilet is detected by the seat – A sensor gets a reading when you sit on the toilet.
  • Cleansing temperatures can be controlled with a control panel built into the cleansing option.
  • Cleaning and drying can be controlled remotely with this toilet’s remote.
  • With the Toto Washlet G400, you don’t just get a toilet. With this Washlet, the experience becomes complete.

Considerations for toilets

In selecting a toilet, a number of factors need to be taken into account. For your new toilet, you should consider the following:

  • Having an efficient toilet is important to you.
  • An easy-to-clean toilet is important.
  • Easy to use – We need a toilet that can be used easily.
  • Some people are most concerned with comfort.
  • Be sure you choose a toilet that fits your bathroom’s design.

Identify the most important features and aspects for you. It has the above features, as well as others, unlike some toilets.

Toilets with lots of features

It is without a doubt true that the Toto Washlet G400 has many features. Even if you’ve never used a toilet like this before, don’t worry about not knowing what to do. It is easy to see why so many people are upgrading to this tankless toilet domestic marvel from simple, old-fashioned toilets.


  • Seats with automatic opening and closing.
  • You also have the option of choosing from five different heat settings for the seat that opens and closes automatically.
  • It is possible to mist your toilet bowl with the mist function, which makes flushing more efficient and less cleaning necessary.
  • Cleaning wand that cleans itself for hygienic purposes before and after using.
  • There are three types of cleaning functions available on this toilet: front, rear soft, and rear. You will experience a nice yet firm water pressure as you clean your bottom.
  • A temperature-adjustable warm-air dryer will be available to you after cleansing.
  • Although this toilet is loaded with features, it remains eco-friendly and highly efficient despite its many features
  • Automatic deodorizers eliminate unpleasant bathroom smells.


  • A toilet with so many features may not be the best choice for someone who doesn’t need them highly.
  • People prefer simple things – An outlet is needed. In order to use most of the features of this toilet, you will need an electrical outlet.

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An Overview

The Toto brand is an excellent choice if you’re looking for more than just a toilet. You can’t go wrong with this brand and model of a bidet with all the features offered while still being eco-friendly and efficient. Identify what you need in a toilet and think about your options. Choosing the Toto Washlet G400 will give you the best experience in your bathroom every time.