As the year’s passes, we or our elder ones may suffer from illness such as Alzheimer’s arthritis, dementia, and fibromyalgia disease a range of other devastating sicknesses that medical doctor have a huge list of medications dispenser prescribe.

A committed caregiver who has parents, grandparents, or seniors will likely utilize an electronic automatic pill dispenser to help them with their medication supervision. There loads of device that claims to meet your demands but fail.

We here to have brought you the Best Automatic Pill Dispensers that will make your life easier and you won’t regret investing your money in them.

What is an Automatic Pill Dispenser?

The automatic pill dispenser is a great device that helps patients to get their medication on time. This device comes with a tray or compartment that can hold many tablets for a month or 28 days. It makes it easier for people suffering from chronic illnesses that need a great deal of medication to accomplish.

How it works

  • Pills are loaded in a medication compartment
  • Set up is done to remind for dosage (4- 6 times a day up to 28 days)
  • It comes with a timely alarm that keeps making a sound until the pills are dispensed.

Automatic Pill Dispenser With Alarm and Lock 2023

The GMS Med-e-let 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser


GM’s automatic dispenser comes with one clear and one solid lid that comprises 28 compartments, each compartment can hold up to 18 aspirin-sized pills. This unit operates on 4 AA batteries that retain program settings when you change batteries.

The Med-E-Lert includes 6 dosage rings that allow picking the right ring depending on your dosage amount.

The unit is programmable for up to 6 daily alarms that sound for 30 minutes or until tablets are dispensed.

Easy turn lock and secure doses to avoid overdosage.

In case things are lost or misplaced; it includes replacement parts such as extra dosage rings, trays, and keys. It is the best product in the market with a majority of positive feedback.

  • Easy set up for daily (28 days) or weekly basis (7 days)
  • Fully automatic controlled pill dispenser
  • Six-alarm setting for loud alarm and flashlight
  • Removable tray to make refilling easier
  • Locking system with tamper-resistant to avoid over-dosage
  • Dosage rings for 1-6 times daily regimen
  • Low-battery alert and 12/24 hours format
  • Alarm will sound till medicine dispensed or 30 minutes
  • Includes 4 AA batteries
  • It’s not waterproof so spilling out anything in it can make all the compartments tablets being spoiled.
  • The user suggests understanding how it works prior to using it.

The Ivation Automatic Pill Dispenser


Levine’s automatic pill dispenser stores all your drug doses with a locking system that alerts you until the exact moment when you use it.

You can easily program to the minute through the LCD interface. You can customize the prescription routine with one of 6 rotating outlines for 1 to 6 daily doses.

Each time it alerts with a sound, the motorized container rotates to reveal a compartment with one dose.

The alerts will sound for 30 mins or till the patient takes the pills.

The device also helps to customize the volume depending upon one’s need, it can be customized loudly for hard- hearing individuals and one can also choose from 1 of 4 unique tones for different hearing problems. 

  • 28 convenient compartments
  • Lock and Key Feature
  • User manual for easy instruction and set- up
  • Soft alarm alerts
  • Intuitive Interface provides you with the manual set-up of time, volume, and other settings
  • Smart technology preserves recorded settings, even when batteries fail.
  • Provides added safety for patients such as those suffering from Alzheimer’s, easily confused, forgetful, or have a history of overdose.
  • For visibility, pick from clear, opaque white, or interchangeable covers.
  • User says one may get tired of pressing the hour and minute buttons as there is no other way to hold a button down and have the display speed via settings.

The Accutab Automatic Pill Dispenser


The Accutab automatic pill dispenser simplifies the medication mechanism by using this dispenser that has twenty-five compartments.

A majority of buyers praise the design that makes it so easy to store under the kitchen or any other cabinet.

It operates easily all you do is slide the lever, it rotates so that the medicine will fall into the hand of a user.

One can use it to dispense multiple doses of numerous medications in a day.

Overall, people find this product good for the price.


  • High capacity – 25 aspirin sized capsules in each compartment.
  • Weekly e-pill Accutab pill dispenser makes things easier for, who take multiple medications.
  • Unique indicator window- That shows the Last taken pills
  • Dispense medications up to three times per day for 7 days.
  • Easy mounting that fits under medicine cabinet or kitchen cabinets, it can hold lots of pills or vitamins.
  • Easy to dispense pills just slide the lever to auto revolve dispensing tray. Pills drop into the patient’s hands.
  • You can use a pill medication reminder alarm timer with an Accutab pill dispenser.
  • It does not come with an alarm unit, you can separately purchase it.

Medcenter (70265) 31 Day Pill Organizer with Reminder System


Medcenter Pill Organizer with Reminder System is well-organized.

The package includes a pill stand, 2 AA batteries, four cavity pill cassettes, and a talking alarm clock.

The talking alarm clock is a unique feature that has four daily alarms to alert you to take the dosage with a time and date notification.

Example – Good morning please take your morning pills. You can also click the “Alarm acknowledged button” to check compliance and it shows you when the next dosage is due.

Overall, a very good product for someone with mild dementia or memory issues who requires gentle reminders to take medication at precise times.

  • Simplifies complicated dosage
  • Organizes pills for 31 days of medication
  • Easy setup
  • Calendar and talking alarm clocks remind the user to take their pills on time up to four times daily
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (included)
  • The Medcenter reminder system reassures medication compliance by highlighting the date throughout
  • Loud and extra loud sound settings
  • Quite large in size to fit under your kitchen
  • You can’t fit a lot of pills into each section.

The E-Pill Automatic Locked Pill Dispenser


The E-Pill Automatic Pill Dispenser is a fully automatic and locked medication dispenser with many positive feedbacks. 

It comes with an alarm system that is very easy to operate and alerts to take medicine with a sound system and blinking light.

The alarm can be customized and notifies up to 6 times per day and the sound keeps buzzing until the tablet is picked.

To prevent overdose or kids /elderly to access the tablets, it includes a lock with two keys.

It consists of 28 compartments that can put up to 20 aspirin-sized medicines.

An additional accessory includes large compartments, rubber grips for operators with dexterity difficulties, and AC powered docking station.

  • Alarm with sound and blinking Light
  • Long alarm duration
  • Optional early dose feature
  • Lockable with 2 Keys and 2 Trays
  • AC adapter and backup batteries included.
  • The patient compliance Control panel tells users how many doses are left for the day
  • Pills can be loaded into the medication tray with 28 active compartments and have a capacity to accommodate 20 aspirin-sized tablets.
  • Little heavy to carry
  • Lids are very delicate, too much pressure can make the pills tumbling out


We tried our best to provide you a clear description of the benefits of each device from the best automatic pill dispensers.

If you’re outside for work purposes and you’re worried about your parents taking medication on time? Then investing in one of the above devices will solve all your problems and makes your parent’s life easier without depending on any.