Bosch is known as a manufacturer of powerful, dependable tools among woodworkers and construction professionals. Miter saws are becoming increasingly popular, and Bosch’s CM10GD Miter Saw integrates seamlessly into the lineup.

With a combination of tried and true mechanics and Bosch’s innovative new systems, a lot of power has been packed into a compact saw. This saw is a great choice if you want an accurate saw that has a cutting-edge design from a reputable brand and if you want an affordable product.

CM10GD Review by Bosch

Cutting Quality

Powerful and smooth, this miter saw can make precise, clean cuts with its power and smoothness.

On this Bosch, its horizontal cutting capacity is 12″ and its vertical cutting capacity is 5 12″. For a saw of this type, the fence of the CM10GD is particularly well designed. There are two parts to the fence, one fixed and one adjustable.

Ease of Use

This Bosch miter saw features the Axial Glide System. Rail systems are usually used to guide cutting blades on miter saws. Compact design allows the saw to be positioned against a wall, and this feature allows the blade to be raised or lowered more easily than with a table saw. This saw is great because its ambidextrous handle comes with dual triggers, enabling you to use it either left- or right-handedly.

  • Bosch places the highest priority on accuracy. A number of dials, knobs, and rulers make it easy for you to make sure that your cut lines are square.
  • With this saw, you can adjust it quickly and easily. The easy-to-use knobs on this saw allow you to operate it with one thumb and maneuver it with the other.
  • With the detents ranging from 0 to 60 degrees, you don’t have to struggle to adjust your own custom adjustments. It also looks like it isn’t likely to break since the scales are easy to read and large.
  • Blade guards on the Bosch are excellent. On the guard are two small rollers that help prevent it from snagging, and they do a great job. It is actually made of clear plastic, which ensures a flawless cut every single time. A powerful blade break is included as a safety feature on this saw. A 6-foot cord is also included with the CM10GD, so you won’t have to worry about extension cords all over your workshop.
  • Bosch claims that this saw will collect 90% of sawdust, but without an extra vacuum system, you cannot expect this. Upon opening the box, you might mistakenly think it removes 90% of the dust. You will definitely collect 90% of dust if you choose to use an external vacuum cleaner, which is highly recommended. The dust collection isn’t too bad out of the box if you don’t expect it to be 90% effective.

It’s lighter than many larger saws in its class because it weighs 60 pounds.


The Bosch CM10GD is a workhorse that will keep working for many years to come with its 10″ length, 15 amp motor, and 4,000 RPM cutting speed.


Numerous Bosch authorized service centers are located in the United States. There are numerous service centers in different cities in each state, so finding a mechanic is not a problem.

The Bosch tool, as well as the majority of their products, has a one-year warranty. This saw is living proof that Bosch makes reliable, quality tools.

Included in the box:

  • Blade with a 60t carbide tip
  • Clamp for holding material
  • Bag for dust
  • Wrenches
  • Fitting for vacuum adapters/elbows

Overall Value

Despite its cons, this miter has many advantages. A feature users appreciate about this tool is that it produces smooth, powerful cuts and has a large cutting capacity. In addition, it is lightweight, durable, and accurate at the same time. Additionally, it collects dust well.

Although the miter saw lacks a laser, extensions, and a soft start motor, some minor constructive criticism has been directed at it. The glide system has been criticized by some reviewers, resulting in mediocre cuts. However, these complaints appear to be isolated. Bosch will handle manufacturing problems professionally and efficiently if they arise.

What We Like

  • Performance of the Axial-Glide system is exceptional.
  • Smooth and silky.
  • The cuts were excellent, clean.
  • Flexible.

What We Don’t Like

  • Pricey.
  • Massive and Bulky.
  • The device is not very portable.


Any DIYer, contractor, or hobbyist would find the Bosch CM10GD useful. Despite its limited capacity because the blade only extends to 12″, this saw is ideal for tasks such as interior work, framing, flooring, and joinery.