Exploring the Marshall DSL5CR: A Detailed Review

In this blog, we provide an in-depth review of the Marshall DSL5CR amplifier. We explore its sound quality, versatility, and features such as the gain and tone controls, reverb, and the unique Celestion Ten-30 speaker. We also assess its performance in various settings, from home practice to studio recording, and compare it with other amplifiers in its class. Additionally, we offer insights into its suitability for different musical styles and player levels, including its pros and cons for both novice and experienced guitarists. Our review is based on thorough testing and comparisons, ensuring you get a comprehensive understanding of the Marshall DSL5CR and its place in the world of guitar amps.

With over 20 years of experience in musical instruments and audio equipment, we’ve helped numerous musicians find the right gear for their sound. Our analysis of the Marshall DSL5CR is drawn from expert knowledge and hands-on experience, providing you with reliable and practical insights for your musical journey.

Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier (M-DSL5CR-U) 2024

It Sounds Good

It makes sense that it would roar, since Marshalls do. In this case, I’m simply looking for an amp that can handle quite a bit of volume, not a full-on fuzz blast. On the clean channel, the guitar tone is clear, and on the overdrive channel, the tone is crunchier.

The M-DSL5CR-U is best suited to this fuzz-oriented style of music. Specifically, regardless of what kind of music you are listening to, the device makes every genre sound fantastic. As well as excelling at the crunchy genre, Marshall has also been successful with other genres.

This overdrive channel has shown itself to be superior to most users, as it has proven to be rock-oriented. It isn’t meant to detract from the clean channel, as it is a very high-quality one at this price range. You should bear in mind, however, that you will be buying a loud amp, so keep that in mind.


In fact, the M-DSL5CR-U comes with few features, but that is a good thing. Some manufacturers offer dozens of unnecessary and cheap effects that are flashy, but you do not need them. It also has two channels of clean sound in addition to having two EQs (bass, mid, and treble) on each channel. Play quietly and with your favorite tunes with headphones and your MP3 player.

I find this 5-watt amp disappointing for the price and power listed. Despite the small size of my apartment, I still hear neighbors banging against the walls. Since your band has enough power, you can practice with it. One 8-inch speaker is included with the amplifier, which is about average in size.

A pedal or two, however, are required for non-standard guitar effects on the M-DSL5CR-U. Despite its lack of effects, the amp doesn’t keep you from playing forever, at least. You’ll need no additional EQ with this one since it comes with two channels.

Reliability and Durability

Marshall’s M-DSL5CR-U guitar amplifier is a sturdy piece of music gear. Regardless of whether it sustains a beating while being transported (or whether the owner is careless), it will not be scratched. Although the sides of the amp are well packed, you’ll need to be a little more careful with the front panel, but this applies to nearly all amps.

  • Inside parts are tough to get damaged, knobs are sturdy and rarely fall off, and the inside parts are unlikely to get shook up.
  • In spite of the product’s classic and minimalist design, it is slightly larger, which contributes to its increased durability.
  • Additionally, the shipping weight is slightly increased to 34.4 pounds (15.60 kilograms).
  • In addition, this amp has dimensions of 12.5 x 21.3 x 19.9 inches.

What We Like

  • Great Marshall Sound in a Small Package
  • The sound is great, it’s clean, and it’s easy to pedal.
  • You can play at home using the low-power mode.
  • Neither channel sounds bad.
  • Another nice feature is the effects loop.

What We Don’t Like

  • Comparing it to a Fender, I found the reverb to be cute and tiny.

FAQs: Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier (M-DSL5CR-U)

Does the Marshall DSL5CR work well?

As far as I can tell, the build does not seem to have any issues. It has a classic Marshall appearance and an attractive finish. I replaced the stock speaker, which was a decent speaker (I have used worse), with a Celestion G10 Vintage (10″ size, which is basically a Vintage 30). A lot of personalities come with the G10 Vintage.

What are the benefits of a combo amp?

An amplifier with a combination of all the necessary components isn’t necessary to set up because all of the necessary components are contained in the unit. There has been lots of work done for you, including matching all the cabinets. You can rest assured that your event, rehearsal, or recording will feature the exact audio you need.

Amplifiers by Marshall are tube amplifiers.

The valve/tube technology Marshall still uses for many of their current models is the traditional type. Even though Marshall’s high-end products cater to the more traditional players, being tube-powered and allowing a natural open E, they still cater to tone chasers.


It’s a little rock’n’roll that we’ve got here. However, you won’t believe how powerful it can be when properly used. This amp is generally used as an amp for house practice, but also for band rehearsals and studio recording sessions.

Here you’ll find a great mix of clean and overdrive channels, an EQ with killer clarity, a headphone input for silent jamming, and a generally sturdy, reliable design. There are pros and cons to choosing this Marshall 5-watt. The details are below.