Struggling with finding a mouse pad that enhances your gaming experience with ample space and precision?

In this blog, we unveil the best extended gaming mouse pads, a must-have for gamers who need extra space for unbridled mouse movement and enhanced gameplay precision. We cover a range of extended mouse pads that offer not only a large surface area but also features like smooth tracking, non-slip bases, and durable materials. This includes options that cater to different gaming styles and setups, whether you prefer high-speed action games or precision-focused strategy games.

With over 15 years of experience in gaming accessories and ergonomic solutions, we’ve assisted numerous gamers, from casual enthusiasts to esports professionals, in selecting the right mouse pad for their gaming setup. Our selection of the best extended gaming mouse pads is based on thorough testing and real-world gaming scenarios, ensuring our recommendations are practical, enhance gameplay, and withstand rigorous use. These mouse pads aren’t just about size; they excel in providing a consistent and smooth surface for accurate mouse tracking, comfort during extended gaming sessions, and aesthetic appeal to complement gaming rigs.

We’ve evaluated them for their surface quality, durability, design features, and overall impact on gaming performance, finding them ideal for anyone seeking to elevate their gaming experience with a spacious and high-quality mouse pad.

Top Extended Gaming Mouse Pad 2024

The Reflex Lab Extended Mousepad

The Reflex Lab Extended Mousepad is the most popular, with no negative feedback. All your necessities, including the mouse and keyboard, fit perfectly. It is 5mm thick, which is 40–60% thicker than other mouse pads.

The majority of buyers praise its stability, which provides accurate tracking without mouse sliding. Additionally, this mouse pad permits gamers to do micro-adjustments in games for ultra-exact first-person shooter performance.

Overall, Reflex Lab is a well-known brand with the most affordable price, so we are super satisfied recommending it

What We Like
  • The extra-large surface has plenty of room for your keyboard, mouse and other desk items
  • Ultra-smooth surface for, say, mouse movement for gaming sensor at best response time
  • A thick professional gaming mouse pad to ensure better comfort
  • The waterproof coating prevents damage from spilled drink accidentally
  • Anti-slip rubber backing to avoid sliding
  • High-quality stitching that doesn’t fall apart
  • Machine washable
What We Don’t Like
  • None

The Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Mat Pad Review

The Glorious gaming mouse mat pad is an ideal choice for gamers and computer users who wish to have optimized and good control over their computer work using the mouse. The customer loves the smooth surface, which provides free space for keyboards and mice.

The mousepad (XXL) has a non-slip rubber base to prevent unwanted sliding and anti-fraying stitched edges that protects desk surfaces against damage. It is machine washable, so no worries if your mouse pad gets dirty.  In total, it is a good option if you are looking for a competent gaming mouse pad.

What We Like
  • Long size and thickness that fits both keyboard and mouse
  • Its machine washable, so no more worries about the stains left by the spillover
  • Its smooth surface provides excellent movement while gaming
  • Anti-fraying stitched frame
  • The non-slip rubber base offers a heavy grip to avoid sliding
What We Don’t Like
  • One user complains about its logo make the mouse’s performance slow
  • Few have issues with its stitching edges

The Vipamz Extended Non-Slip Gaming Mouse Pad

The Vipamz Mouse Pad offers a better gaming experience and simplifies all your computer work over the mouse. The black mouse extended pad is more durable with a waterproof coating. An extra-large gaming mouse pad with professionally stitched edges can accommodate both a mouse and a keyboard. It also includes helpful wrist support that’s perfect for all varieties of gaming systems and thereby prevents your hand from cramping.

The cloth thickness provides mouse control and optimal speed while working or gaming and the anti-slip rubber base mat avoids slipping or moving. It’s a great deal if you are looking for a cheap gaming mouse mat.

What We Like
  • It is very spacious and can accommodate both the mouse and keyboard.
  • It fits on glass surfaces, desks, and tables
  • Thick cloth padding for optimum speed and accuracy control
  • Professional edge stitching
  • Waterproof material that avoids fraying ensures a longer lifespan.
  • Inexpensive mouse pad
What We Don’t Like
  • The user says it has a rubber smell in it
  • Falls apart after extended use

The Pecham Extended Non-Slip Gaming Mouse Pad

The non-slip gaming mouse pad by Pecham is best known for its modern design that can accommodate all mice and keyboards, providing you with more space and comfort to work. The extra-large mouse pad, with its good enough thickness, offers optimal control and a smooth tracking surface. The big gaming mouse mat with a rubber base guarantees that it won’t slip and the waterproof material further prevents stains from spilled beverages. The black mouse mat is well stitched around the edges so it won’t fall apart easily and it’s safe for machine washing.

If you are looking for an affordable, durable, and thick extended gaming pad, then the Pecham Extended Non-Slip Gaming Mouse Pad is worth considering.

What We Like
  • The mouse pad is large enough for your mouse, keyboard and much more
  • Ultra-Smooth Surface, Accurate and Controllable
  • Water-Resistant Surface
  • Anti-slip Rubber Base
  • Elaborate Edge
  • Machine Washable
  • Low-cost
  • Lightweight
  • Durable Design
What We Don’t Like
  • One user complained about the product that has rubber smell in it
  • One user also received a curved mat that later got flattened

The Corsair Gaming Mouse Pad

Every gamer will love the decent, well-designed extended mouse pad that Corsair Gaming is offering. Its textile-weaved surface advances control that ensures detailed movement for in-game accuracy and brings tremendous tracking. The mouse operates smoothly without any friction and the fabric of the mat is good and sturdy.

The gaming mouse pad has a surface area that can easily accommodate your mouse and keyboard. The non-slip rubber base makes sure that the Corsair extended mouse pad won’t slide.

The mouse pad has a great design with yellow edges; the company logo makes the desk look amazing and professional. And it also makes any scratch marks, dust, or stains invisible, which is better than any ordinary pad. Overall, it’s the best high-quality pad that’s perfect for gamers.

What We Like
  • Textile-weave surface design has higher control for low-friction tracking and pixel-precise targeting
  • The anti-skid rubber base helps it securely stay in place
  • Optimized for both laser and optical gaming mice
  • The extended surface area accommodates both your keyboard and mouse for consistent play
What We Don’t Like
  • Certain users have minor complaints about the ashtray smell, wrinkles, and waves from being too tightly packed.
  • It is quite expensive compared to another mouse mat

What are mousepads?

In general, mousepads were designed to make it easier for desktop accessories to have a quick flow across the monitor surface area. Now, there are varieties of mouse pads in the market that come in different size and shapes, such as rectangular, square, etc.

There are even customized mouse pads that help you print the company logo, fantasy images, and family pictures. However, few share that it will slow down the mouse control.

What are extended mousepads?

Extended mouse pads are designed to make the work-life and gameplay comfortable and more spacious. Unlike a small basic mouse pad that restricts gaming and work usage over the mouse, this extendable mousepad lets you perform a smooth 360° rotation or the perfect head-shot kill while gaming.

Look for the below specialties in the mouse pads

  • High-quality mouse pad with smooth tracking surface
  • Large space so that you can place your keyboard and mouse in it easily.
  • Precision tracking for professional FPS and fantasy role-player aficionados
  • Waterproof materials, so that thirst-quencher spills won’t absorb into the mouse mat fabric
  • Machine-washability, which helps to clean and reuse them when the mousepads accidentally soiled with beverages.
  • Mousepads with wrist support that helps the prolonged user of mouse and keyboard to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Without further ado, let’s jump to the five best-selling extended gaming mouse pads on the market today.


We hope you’ve made your final decision to purchase a Mouse Pad that you won’t regret buying as we have put across Best Extended Mousepads that’s have gained so much positive appreciation and satisfaction.

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