Struggling with finding an RGB gaming keyboard that enhances your gaming experience with both style and performance?

In this blog, we showcase the best RGB gaming keyboards of 2024, a must-have for gamers who value aesthetic appeal alongside functionality and durability. We cover a range of keyboards that offer vibrant RGB lighting, responsive keys, and customizable features. From mechanical keyboards known for their tactile feedback to models with advanced programmable macros and ergonomic designs, we include options that cater to different gaming styles, preferences, and budgets.

With over 20 years of experience in gaming gear and peripherals, we’ve assisted countless gamers, from casual enthusiasts to professional esports athletes, in selecting keyboards that match their gaming setup and playstyle. Our selection of the best RGB gaming keyboards is grounded in thorough testing and real-world gaming sessions, ensuring our recommendations are practical, reliable, and elevate the gaming experience. These keyboards aren’t just about colorful lights; they excel at providing an immersive gaming experience with features like anti-ghosting, fast actuation, and customizable profiles.

We’ve evaluated them for their build quality, key responsiveness, software integration, and overall impact on gameplay, finding them ideal for anyone looking to combine high-performance gaming with dynamic aesthetics.

The best-selling white keyboard for gaming in 2024

Best White Gaming Keyboard Review 2024

Corsair K70 Mk.2 SE – Best Mechanical Rapidfire Gaming Keyboard

Games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, or Call of Duty require a fast-responding and comfortable keyboard that would enhance the playing experience. With the Corsair K70 keyboard, you will get the accuracy you’ve been longing for.

Benefits for gamers: As the keyboard is highly customized, it provides you with a lot of options to set individual profiles of games, reprogram the keys, and record macros. While on the go, you can rely on the three built-in profiles, and at home, you can use plenty of programming options saved on your PC.

The keyboard comes with responsive and springy switches and high-quality keycaps. One of the best advantages of choosing this keyboard is that it is versatile enough to go well with all types of games. However, this one has no dedicated macro buttons and, therefore, might disappoint some hardcore gamers.

The innovative switches on this keyboard include linear, quiet, and tactile ones. You can choose among brown, speed, red, silent, and blue Cherry switches. When it comes to the design, the brushed aluminum top plate, rainbow backlights, and USB pass-through make it one of the favorites. This one is a little expensive as compared to the others on the list.

What We Like

  • Full-size keyboard with a wrist rest
  • A lot of switch options
  • Per key RGB lighting
  • USB 2.0 pass-through
  • 8 MB built-in memory
  • Ideal for all games

What We Don’t Like

  • No dedicated macro keys
  • Very few updates from previous models
  • It is expensive

Razer Huntsman – Best Premium Gaming Keyboard

For hardcore gamers, it is essential to look for keyboards that are able to withstand the wear and tear of long usage and this one stands out. Also, this gaming keyboard is equipped with optical switches, giving you a smooth experience.

Benefits for Gamers: Allowing you good control, this keyboard is perfect for gaming fast-paced games as well as slower titles. To play different games, you can choose among five profiles from the cloud or onboard memory.

This keyboard features an aluminum chassis design. The slightly compressed horizontal layout of the Huntsman switches will surely impress you. The optomechanical switches of this keyboard produce a satisfying clicky sound that helps during games. A space bar-like bracket protects each switch and offers a fast typing experience.

This keyboard is designed to suit the needs of competitive players, who play long gaming sessions and therefore need a comfortable keyboard. The keyboard is a little expensive but the long-term performance is worth your investment. However, the keyboard is not easily portable, as there is no option for a detachable cable.

What We Like

  • Suitable for all games
  • It is ideal for competitive players
  • Ergonomic design for long usage
  • It has optomechanical switches
  • The switches feature hair-trigger actuation

What We Don’t Like

  • It is not portable
  • Features are limited
  • It is expensive

Razer BlackWidow X Chroma: The Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Solid performance, advanced software, and responsive mechanical switches make this gaming keyboard one of the most talked-about among pro gamers. The colored keyboard doesn’t only look amazing, but it also allows you to customize the lighting.

Benefits for gamers: This full-size ten-keyless keyboard is designed with macro keys. There is a plastic plate that hides the lower half of the keycaps, providing enough protection. The design not only looks different from conventional gaming keyboards,.

This keyboard comes with the silent Razer Orange and the clicky Razer Green switches. The new switches feature an advanced design where you can press them at an optimal distance. When it comes to connectivity, you can rely on its USB ports.

The Razor keys are designed with a lifespan of 80 million strokes. However, the keys are not the best for typing. Another downside is that there is no wrist space provided for the user.

Razer Blackwidow X Chroma Mercury White

What We Like

  • It is fully programmable
  • It features macro-anti-ghosting keys
  • Full-size, ten-keyless keyboard
  • Razer Orange and Green switches
  • Ergonomic and durable

What We Don’t Like

  • Not good for typing
  • There is no USB pass-through
  • It is expensive

Roccat Vulcan 122 AIMO – RGB Mechanical Keyboard

A gaming keyboard with a cool design and easy interface is this one from the house of Roccat. This keyboard is also good for gaming and typing. When the RGB is turned on, the keyboard looks very attractive; this is one of the main reasons for the keyboard’s huge popularity.

Benefits for gamers: Equipped with handy features, this keyboard ensures easily accessible profiles that you can access with the Fn keys. You can also launch your favorite games and apps by pressing the Fn keys. Other features include six macro keys, per-key RGB, media keys, and pre-programmed PC games.

The Roccat keyboard uses homegrown switches and some of the users find them more convenient than the Cherry MX switches. The innovative floating keycap design makes the switches appear more visible. These keycaps also produce a nice clacking sound, enhancing the overall experience of active gamers. Since the keys are designed a bit apart, it takes a little time to adjust them.

When it comes to the design, this keyboard pleases the users with a magnetic palm rest. However, the palm rest is not that wide and supportive. The top surface of this keyboard is made up of a gunmetal-colored aluminum keyboard tray. It is visually attractive as well as durable. The keyboard is a little expensive.

Roccat Vulcan 122 AIMO Review

What We Like

  • It has a floating keycap design
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • Gunmetal-colored aluminum keyboard tray
  • Keymapping and macro programming
  • Pre-programmed 30 PC games

What We Don’t Like

  • Palm rest is not comfortable
  • It is expensive

Rii RK100+ White Gaming Keyboard

For those who are looking for a budget-friendly and yet power-packed keyboard for gaming, this one makes an ideal choice. This keyboard delivers excellent value for money with its RGB, which has a professional mechanical feel. Though large in size, it fits well in any gaming arena.

Benefits for the user: Designed with multiple attractive features, this gaming keyboard is suitable for almost all types of games. Also, it is a versatile piece of equipment that fits well for office use. There are grippers on the legs that keep it firmly placed on any surface.

This gaming keyboard supports multiple operating systems, such as Chrome OS, IPTV Smart TV, Mac OS, and Raspberry Pi. Owing to its smart design, the keys go into sleeping mode automatically when there are 10 minutes of no activity. Rii claims that this mechanical keyboard doesn’t feel like one since the keys produce a lower sound than the mechanical ones.

This mechanical keyboard looks pretty close to membrane keyboards. It provides optimum durability since it has an excellent build quality. The sleek and stylish black finish looks very attractive and matches your gaming devices. The affordable price makes it a real value for your budget.

Rii RK100+ White Gaming Keyboard Review

What We Like

  • It is ideal for all games
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It supports multiple operating systems
  • It is stylish and durable

What We Don’t Like

  • The built quality is lower than the expensive models
  • It looks like membrane keyboards

Magicforce 68: The Best Mini Mechanical Keyboard

This is another gaming keyboard in the affordable price range. Nevertheless, it has plenty of features and switch options. The super-compact design of the keyboard makes it apt for a shorter desk space. The white backlight and genuine Cherry MX switches add to its performance.

Benefits for gamers: This full-sized gaming keyboard allows you to access the home row easily without moving your arms from side to side. The N-key rollover is another feature to enhance your experience. You can find the media controls in the Fn layer.

Considering its low budget, you get Cherry MX switches with backlit keys, which is superb. The keyboard is good for both all-timing gaming and typing. The non-clicky keyboard with a tactile bump results in a very light actuation force. Since the release and actuation points are the same in this one, your gaming experience is bound to be enhanced.

However, this keyboard comes with no software, and there are also not many options for customization. It lets you only customize the LED illuminations and others using DIP switches. Yet, the Doubleshot keycaps, floating key design, and aluminum backplate make it a worthy pick for regular use.

Magicforce 68 Mechanical Keyboard Review

What We Like

  • It comes with white backlighting
  • It has detachable mini-USB
  • Original Cherry MX switches
  • Rubberized feet for good grip
  • It is affordable

What We Don’t Like

  • ABS keycaps are too thin
  • Not customizable

Best White Gaming Keyboard Buying Guide

Membrane or Mechanical

Mechanical keyboards are usually more expensive than membrane keyboards and the mechanical ones also feel and work better. These keyboards work by placing a mechanical switch underneath each keycap. Membrane keyboards work by running an electrical current through two plastic membranes


You can choose your gaming keyboard based on your lighting preference. Generally, there are three options when it comes to keyboard lighting: none, one color, or full RGB. The main purpose of using backlights is to view the keys and play effortlessly in low-light environments. However, it might not seem as useful as the brand’s claim.

Type of Switch

Those who are buying mechanical keyboards for gaming can choose the best model according to the switch type it has. As we already know, the most popular switch is the Cherry MX switch. It comes in four colors in general: cherry MX blue, red, black, and brown. You can choose from these different types of keyboard switches.

Anti-Ghosting Feature

This one is an essential feature on gaming keyboards. The anti-ghosting feature lets you press many keys at the same time and have them all register. Without this feature, your gaming experience might suffer, so choose the one you prefer.


In general, mechanical keyboards are more durable than membrane keyboards but it all depends on the build and how you use them. Some keyboard manufacturing brands provide you with a warranty. You can choose them to ensure optimum durability.


In this review, we have presented a wide price range, starting from the expensive to the inexpensive.

However, the price might vary depending on the seller and the date of your purchase. In general, the expensive ones are equipped with more features than the basic ones.

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On reviewing the best white keyboards for gaming from different brands and price ranges, we can conclude with the note that the keyboards from the inexpensive range have limited features or options for customization, whereas the expensive ones are really feature-rich.

Hence, you cannot expect top-notch or equal performance from all of them. If you are still confused, you can go through our buying guide again and find out the best white-key gaming according to your budget, needs, and preferences.