Yard work can already be a chore to the majority of us gutter cleaning, power washing windows, and siding, raking leaves and other debris

It can certainly be a huge mountain to tackle. Speaking of raking leaves, how annoying is it (for those who go with the option of using the best backpack leaf blowers) to have to deal with those long and cumbersome cords that come along with them?

You always have to worry about tripping over them every few minutes or just having them get tangled all up while you are trying to work.

There is also the issue of limited range on how far you can accomplish when you are using a small electric corded leaf blower as well, which is also a major liability.

Not only can this be incredibly irritating but it can also add unneeded time to your already long list of “chores”.

That is where these best leaf blowers reviews come in; we are going to take a look at some of the best cordless leaf blowers of 2020 that will fit the needs of your yard, as well as your wallet.

Not all cordless battery-powered leaf blowers are one and the same, so this list should provide a bit more clarity to what it is that you are looking for. Happy reading!

List of Best Cordless Leaf Blowers Reviewed 2023

Best Lithium-Ion Cordless Leaf Blower

best lithium ion cordless leaf blower

The Worx AIR 20V a cordless leaf blower that is around $85.00 if you go through Amazon; the Worx has various attachments that will allow you to create a complete zone of order and cleanliness around your yard and house.

The powerful blower that comes with the Worx can handle tough areas, big or small; it is also ideal for cleaning out those hard-to-reach areas, as well as hard surfaces, such as your driveway and garage.

Albeit extremely powerful (capable of blowing air up to 120 MPH), it is incredibly lightweight, weighing only a little over three pounds; this compact design allows for efficient portability without having to worry about tripping over annoying cords. 

What We Like
  • Eight attachments come with the Worx which provides a variety of options for easy cleanup; the ultra-lightweight design of the Worx is undoubtedly a plus as well because who wants to lug around a heavy leaf blower while working.
  • The battery that powers the Worx is also included, so you will not have to spend the extra money unless you want to have a backup.
What We Don’t Like
  • Although it is advertised that the Worx is an incredibly powerful blower, this may not necessarily be the case; there have also been some incidences where the Worx has ceased to work only after a couple of uses.

Best Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher

best variable speed cordless leaf blower

The Greenworks cordless blower is a little over $100.00 and comes with a 2.0 battery that is made of lithium-ion, enabling the blower to run longer and blow air up to 150 MPH.

The Greenworksis the best cordless garden leaf blower,  has multiple speed settings so you can select the exact speed that you need, depending on how big the job is.

There is also an attachment included that extends the reach of the Greenworks so that you can reach those tight areas with a higher level of efficiency.

What We Like
  • The lightweight design of the Greenworks is undoubtedly a plus, allowing you to quickly navigate your yard or garden without lugging a cumbersome blower around.
  • It is also incredibly versatile, giving you the option to use it just about anywhere.
What We Don’t Like
  • Although it has a max blow speed of up to 150 MPH, it is recommended that the Greenworks be used for just light yard work so if you are looking to do some heavy-duty work, you may want to consider another option.

Best Hitachi Portable Electric Handheld Leaf Blower

Best Portable Electric Handheld Leaf Blower

The Hitachi handheld blower will cost you about $140.00 and is ideal for clearing out debris around your home and yard; the Hitachi is incredibly lightweight, weighing less than 10 pounds and is efficiently balanced in order to reduce fatigue in your arms and provides great ease of use while you are taking care of that yard work.

The engine that comes with the Hitachi delivers impressive power and longer shelf life, so there is no need to worry about it ceasing to work only after a few uses.

The Hitachi can blow air up to 170 MPH, so it was perfect for those not-so-easy jobs and hard to reach debris.

What We Like
  • The Hitachi comes with a seven-year warranty for an added peace of mind, not to mention it is powered off of a low emission engine that reduces harsh toxins from being expelled into the environment.
What We Don’t Like
  • Prior to purchasing you will want to make sure that there are some of the service centers in your area as, by law, you can’t ship anything with fuel inside so if something does go wrong with your Hitachi, after you’ve fueled it up, you will not be able to mail it back to the manufacturer.
  • It is also a bit loud so you might want to invest in earplugs to use while you are doing your work.

Greenworks Amp Single Speed Handheld Blower

Best Single Speed Handheld Leaf Blower

This is another handheld blower of the Greenworks brand, costing about $30.00 on Amazon so it is significantly cheaper than the previous Greenworks blower that was reviewed. Another difference between the two blowers is this particular one only operates on a single-speed, compared to the variable speed of the first Greenworks blower.

The design of this handheld blower is both efficient and simple that makes tackling that yard work a breeze.

It is capable of blowing air up to 160 MPH while still being incredibly lightweight at the same time so there will be minimal discomfort while you are using it.

What We Like
  • The price of the Greenworks 24012 is indeed a bonus- your wallet will appreciate it!
  • Although a cord is not included, there is a safety lock feature that is added and prevents the cord from disconnecting if you do use one.
What We Don’t Like
  • Although it is considerably powerful for its size, you may not want to use this particular blower if you are trying to handle a significant amount of debris.
  • The single-speed option may make larger tasks take longer than you would prefer.

Toro Ultra Leaf Blower Reviews

toro ultra leaf blower reviews

The Toro 51619 is less than $70.00 on Amazon and has a propeller system that increases the level of power, thus allowing you to tackle major debris with ease.

The Toro can blow air up to an impressive 250 MPH and features a variable speed option so that you can select the appropriate speed for your needs.

Additional features of the Toro are a storage slot for the cord (this is a corded blower), a vacuum tube, a bag for collecting debris, and a nozzle so that you are able to aim at those problematic places effectively.

What We Like
  • The price of the Toro is not too shabby, and it is incredibly powerful- easily capable of handling the toughest of jobs.
  • Regardless if you are using it in your yard, or even your garage, the Toro would most certainly be an ideal choice.
What We Don’t Like
  • As mentioned, unlike the other blowers, this is a corded one so if you prefer a cordless blower, this would not be the one for you.

Best Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher – FAQs

Are these blowers considered to be extremely loud?

They can be a bit noisy but nothing that will be too out of hand.

Are these capable of vacuuming debris?

No, unfortunately not, these are merely blowers for debris; if you are looking to vacuum, you will have to find another form of equipment.

How long will the blowers stay charged?

The answer to this depends on the brand of blower that you decide to purchase, but typically they have a charge of at least 12 hours.


Selecting the right blower will ultimately depend on the level of job that you are looking to tackle. If you are looking to handle something small, option #4 may be a good choice, but if you have a more extensive job, option #5 would be good, even though it comes with a cord. The price is very reasonable as well.

Happy shopping.