Looking for the easiest way to plug pocket holes? Here is a simple jig you can make.

Pocket Screw Holes Can Be Plugged Easily

Making strong, tight woodworking joints with pocket screws is a breeze. A pocket screw, though, will look much better if you fill the hole it went into with a plug. This jig makes filling pocket holes even easier, as it makes creating plugs for pocket holes much simpler.

The following materials are needed:

  • Jig for pocket holes
  • Driving/drilling machine
  • Approximately 8 inches in diameter. A 2×4
  • 3/8-inch. dowel
  • Clamp
  • Pull saw
  • Finish nail

An Overview of the Process:

  1. You may drill a pocket hole into the piece of 2*4 by using a pocket hole jig and a collared step drill bit.
  2. To create your pocket hole, drill through the back of your two-by-four with a standard drill bit.
  3. A strong table edge should be clamped to the 2*4.
  4. As far as possible, push the tip of the dowel into the pocket hole.
  5. Pull the blade of a pull saw flat against the side of the 2*4 while cutting off the dowel.
  6. By poking a nail through the hole drilled in the back of your 2X4, you can remove your newly-created plug.

You’ll need to label the 2×4 as a 3/8-inch once you’ve finished creating your pocket holes. Find a place in your workshop to store the best pocket hole jig.

Would you like to learn more about pocket screw jigs? Here is a video you might find interesting: