Struggling to find a reliable and enjoyable paddle board?

In this blog, we thoroughly review the FunWater 11 Paddle Board, a top choice for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. Highlighting its lightweight design, stability, and ease of maneuverability, we delve into its suitability for various water conditions. Our extensive experience in outdoor recreation has led us to test and validate its performance, making it an outstanding option for anyone seeking a blend of quality, convenience, and affordability in paddle boarding.

Which Customers Did FunWater Design the 11′ Cruise iSUP Board For?

Both lighter and heavier paddlers will enjoy the FunWater 11′ Cruise Inflatable SUP. Even paddlers weighing up to 280 pounds will find it stable enough thanks to its width and overall design. Despite its maximum weight capacity being 330 pounds, this does not make it ideal for someone who weighs that much; rather, most people would want to bring along equipment or other extra weights. Its poor construction holds it back. It’s stable enough of a board that both beginners and experienced paddlers can use it without problem.

With a design for both stability and speed, this all-around can still be maneuvered with ease.

The water can therefore be used for short-distance paddling and exploration (boating, diving, fishing, sailing, etc.). Even in moderately choppy waters (lakes, rivers, streams, etc.), it performs well.

FunWater’s Inflatable 11′ Cruise SUP Board: How Does It Perform?

It consists mainly of the following features:

  • Stable
  • Smooth glide

The board, however, is quite stable, and the dimensions and design allow you to build up some speed.

In addition to its wide width (33 inches), this aircraft has a squared-off tail. With a tapered nose and a long board, you’ll glide better (and not like racing). Besides being fairly maneuverable, it’s not too fast (not super fast, but no less maneuverable, for the most part).

Buying Guide: FunWater 11 Paddle Board 2023

FunWater Stand Up Paddle Board Ultra-Light Inflatable Paddleboard with ISUP Accessories


FunWater 11’s dimensions are 11 feet x 33 inches x 6 inches, so most recreational paddlers find it comfortable. Although it’s wide, with a 33-inch length, a pointed nose, and a narrow tail, it’s also less stable than models that are more uniformly wide. In calmer water conditions, novice paddlers should feel comfortable paddling on this board, and in all but the choppiest of waters, intermediate paddlers or advanced paddlers should feel comfortable paddling on this board.

In addition to the large center fin, two side fins can also be detached. Three fins increase the stability of the board and allow it to track straighter. Having an ocean breakwater parallel to the board was the only time our experienced testers had issues with the board, as the wave energy rebounds and causes inconsistent chop.

When walking from the front to the back of this board, a 26-pound dog was barely noticeable. A furry friend can easily sit on board because of its size and width.

Glide Performance

This board has a geometry similar to that of a touring board, which aids it in gliding through the water well. With its pointed nose and 3-fin design, the board is able to slice through the water well, and the board tracks straight to keep efficiency high and performance good. Despite the affordable price tag, you’d be surprised at how well this board glides and accelerates.

In order to achieve the best glide performance, we were unable to fully pump this board to the recommended air pressure of 12–15 psi due to the air valve system and pump included with the board. The hose and pump started leaking air as soon as the pressure gauge on the pump reached about 12 psi, so we had to stop inflating at that point. Although we are unlikely to have been able to read the gauge correctly, the board may have already been at or above the recommended pressure when we first used it.

The FunWater wasn’t inflated to its optimum level, which would make it stiffer and more rigid and therefore glide more efficiently. We did not have any issues inflating it to the lower end of the recommended pressure range, so this isn’t a deal-breaker for us. Furthermore, we were still very pleased with the general performance of the board, and the included pump allowed us to use the board as intended. Due to the universal attachment points on the pump and board, you can use any pump or hose apparatus to blow up the board to the desired pressure.


As with its stability and glide characteristics, the FunWater’s maneuverability rating is somewhat of an obstacle. Despite its 33-inch width, pointed nose, and three-fin design, it is a little more difficult to turn on a dime due to its size and pointed nose. It takes a little extra effort to make quick changes in direction on this board due to the larger turning radius required to make 180-degree turns.

The same features that allow a certain product to excel in one area can prevent it from excelling in another area with most SUP boards and outdoor gear in general. A board that tracks straight and glides well isn’t always able to turn as easily, and likewise, a board that turns easily may not have good tracking or glide. We think that for an entry-level paddle board geared towards recreational paddling, the FunWater is able to balance all-around performance that will meet the needs of most recreational paddlers.

Ease of Transport

With a weight under 19 pounds, it is among the easiest to transport in its class. Everything goes into the bag from top to bottom, and the drawstring is used to close it. Simple design. With the easy-to-unroll and fold board and the convenient carry bag included with it, you won’t feel burdened carrying it.

Therefore, it is easier to fit into a trunk or a corner of a closet when packed than other boards.

The included bag does its job but isn’t very impressive. The backpack straps are comfortable and support quite a bit more weight than those of competitors. With the top drawstring opening, you can load and unload the equipment and board. However, it isn’t as easily accessible as one with an opening and a zipper.

Due to the lack of front and rear handles, it is difficult to carry a fully inflated board with a partner, even if the middle handle is comfortable and sturdy. In addition to wearing out the fins on a board that has no front or back strap, users who carry such boards across the ground tend to damage or wear them out. We broke the center fin on the beach after landing too aggressively.

Ease of Inflation

FunWater is relatively quick to inflate in comparison with many of its competitors. Due to some problems with the interface between the air valves and the included pump, we were unable to fully inflate the board to the recommended pressure range of 12-15 psi. When we reached the recommended pressure range of 12 psi, the hose and pump housing started leaking.

Although perhaps we received a faulty pump, we couldn’t see anything obvious wrong with it. We were impressed with the ease of inflating up to 12 psi, however, given the universal air valve on the board.


The FunWater 11 offers the best value and the lowest list price in our lineup and on the market. Getting on the water can be affordable when you’re in need of transportation. However, it does have all the features most recreational paddlers might need. We tested the board thoroughly, although we do not have the opportunity to evaluate its long-term durability because our board hasn’t been owned for long enough to do so.

What We Like

  • Has three detachable fins for extra maneuverability
  • A fast-acting pump that’s easy to package.
  • Extra PVC is layered on the rails of the board.
  • The warranty will last for two years.

What We Don’t Like

  • The pump only works one way.

FAQ: FunWater 11 Paddle Board Review 2024

Do Fun Water SUPs come with a warranty?

A manufacturer’s limited warranty is included with this paddle board. A one-year warranty covers the fabric, the seams, and the accessories.

Is it possible to turn this board into a kayak?

It may not be compatible with aftermarket seating due to the lack of middle tie-down D-rings.

Can I use this paddleboard with my dog?

The board can carry up to 330 pounds, so if you, your dog, and all your gear fit within that range, you can use it. Further, the board has an EVA pad underneath the deck to prevent scratches.

Compared to other similar boards, how are these lighter?

There are two layers to this board: double-layer drop stitch. Boards made of PVC weigh almost as much as boards made of wood. Three layers can provide a little more rigidity and durability over the course of the board’s life while allowing for more weight savings.


The FunWater 11 Paddle Board is a lightweight, durable, and user-friendly paddle board that offers a balance of stability and agility. Its spacious deck pad provides comfort for extended use, and its impressive weight capacity accommodates a diverse range of users. The board comes with included accessories like a high-quality paddle and an easy-to-use pump, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, versatile paddle board. Despite its competitive market price, the FunWater 11 stands out for its affordability and quality.