Exploring efficient cooking methods and considering an infrared convection oven?

In this blog, we review the best infrared convection ovens, ideal for those looking for faster cooking times and energy efficiency. We examine a range of models, from compact countertop units perfect for small kitchens to larger ovens with advanced features for gourmet cooking. We also discuss the benefits of infrared technology in cooking, including alternative models that cater to various culinary needs and budget constraints.

With over 15 years of experience in kitchen appliances and culinary innovation, we’ve assisted numerous home cooks and chefs in finding the right oven for their cooking style. Our team has thoroughly tested these infrared convection ovens in various culinary scenarios, ensuring they offer consistent cooking results, ease of use, and enhanced kitchen efficiency.

Best Infrared Convection Ovens: Reviewed 2024

Best Turbo Convection Oven 2024

Sharper Image 8217 Super Wave Infrared Oven

The Sharper 8217 infrared oven is a little over $300.00 on Amazon and is a 16-quart oven that boils, bakes, air fries, steams, and even roasts just about any kind of meat. The Sharper 8217 fits comfortably on your countertop, and the sleek design is guaranteed to fit just about any decor. This infrared oven allows you to cook food up to three times faster than a traditional oven (a huge time-saver) and an even higher bonus is that there is no need to defrost any frozen food before using the oven.

With the use of infrared, halogen, and convection heat, your food is guaranteed to stay moist yet perfectly crispy and browned on the outside. Additional features include an adjustable temperature gauge, a 60-minute timer that can be easily reset and two cooking racks so that you can add a decent amount of food to the oven.


  • The Sharper is ideal for cooking just about anything, mainly when you use the air-fry option!
  • Another bonus is that this oven does not heat your kitchen to an unbearable level like traditional ovens and is perfect for making small meals for the family.


  • The price of the Sharper is a bit much compared to some other infrared ovens, so this may be a downside depending on your budget; there have also been some incidences where the bulb inside the oven may spontaneously burst, which of course causes the glass to explode all over your food.

Oyama TRO-110C Infrared Turbo Convection Oven

The Oyama infrared oven is a reasonable $50.00 on Amazon and allows you to steam, bake, roast, or grill; the glass that comes with the Oyama is incredibly easy to clean and is also dishwasher safe. The bowl that comes with the Oyama is 12 liters and can provide a significant amount of space for cooking a host of various foods, with separate dials to control the cooking time as well as the cooking temperature.

Additional features of the Oyama include a pair of tongs, two stainless steel cooking racks, and an instruction manual that comes with various recipes.


  • The price of the Oyama is indeed a bonus, considering that there are many infrared ovens out there that can cost three times as much.


  • The recipe “book” that comes with Oyama is a bit hard to understand and includes a ton of ingredients that are unheard of.
  • It is also recommended to pre-heat the oven prior to cooking as opposed to putting the food right in, especially if it’s frozen.

Rosewill Infrared Convection Oven

This particular infrared oven is under $60.00 via Amazon and has a 12-liter cooking capacity; however, this can be expanded to up to 17 liters with the expanding ring that comes with the oven. The Rosewill will not only allow you to cook your favorite foods up to 50% faster; this infrared oven will conserve energy up to 75% as well, which is highly more efficient than your traditional oven!

The even heat circulation of the Rosewill will guarantee that your food is cooked all the way through based on the distribution that this oven gives off.


  • The Rosewill could be an ideal choice when selecting the best infrared oven for your needs; it can cook food thoroughly while still retaining that delicious moisture (because there is nothing worse than a piece of fried chicken).
  • The price of the Rosewill is also nothing to sneeze at—it is incredibly reasonable!


  • A significant downside to this particular brand is that the lid to the oven is relatively small so it can be a bit of a chore to get all of the food out at once, unlike some other infrared ovens.
  • Also, the heating element of the lid is extremely hot, so that is something to keep in mind so you do not damage your countertops in any way.

Fagor Tabletop Infrared Oven

The Fagor infrared oven is roughly between $145 and $160 on Amazon, depending on the seller that you decide to purchase it from. This infrared oven provides direct heat to just about any food, allowing you to roast, broil, and bake without heating your entire kitchen. You are also able to steam vegetables to perfection and get the perfect amount of crisp if you decide to go the route of frying. Two racks come with the Fagor, which are stackable, so you can cook on two different levels at the same time!

There is also a support rack that comes with the oven as well, not to mention a recipe book filled with pure deliciousness.


  • A major pro of the Fagor is that it is perfect not only for your kitchen but for boats, campsites, and dorm rooms, not to mention that it makes for additional oven space if you are entertaining a large group of people.


  • The price may be a bit steep for some, mainly because there are infrared ovens out there for half the cost.
  • Also, unfortunately, there have been some incidences where the Fagor completely stops working after a few months of use, which is highly disappointing, especially for how much it costs.

NuWave 20361 Infrared Oven

The NuWave 20361 infrared oven is just under $100.00 on Amazon and features advanced controls that allow you to digitally adjust the temperature between the ranges of 100 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. There are also additional features to the NuWave that include a warming option as well as a delay option, which you can select if you need to pre-program the oven for any reason. When using the NuWave 20361, you can cook your favorite foods up to 70% faster than your traditional oven while conserving more energy as well.

For a more profound peace of mind, there is a shatter-proof dome that covers the NuWave so you can be reassured just in case it is dropped accidentally; there is no need to worry about glass flying everywhere.


  • The delay and warming options are indeed a massive plus, as, from what I can see, they are not offered with the other ovens that were reviewed.
  • The price is also pretty manageable, not being too cheap but won’t send your wallet off screaming either.


  • The negatives of the NuWave are pretty minimal, with the main one being that it ceases to work only after a few months.
  • Unfortunately, this is a problem that can happen with just about any piece of equipment so I would not base the entire purchase on this particular fact.

FAQs on Before Buying Infrared Ovens of 2024

Are you able to buy any replacement parts (i.e., bowls) for the ovens?

Yes, typically you can easily purchase replacement parts, either directly from the manufacturer or Amazon.

What Is the Shelf Life of These Infrared Ovens?

Naturally, this depends on the specific brand; however, most of them could last for several years, if not longer. It is recommended to get a warranty just for that added peace of mind.

Infrared Ovens for Cake or Cookie Baking?

Absolutely! You can use it for multipurpose appliances and it is safe.


With that being said, I would recommend the NuWave 20361 as an addition to your kitchen or as a gift. The price is perfect, and minus that one negative, it most definitely seems to be worth the money.

Happy shopping!

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