Are you searching for effective pain relief solutions for post-surgery recovery or chronic joint pain?

In this blog, we delve into detailed reviews of the Vive Cold Therapy Machine, discussing its effectiveness in pain management and reduction of swelling, from its innovative cooling technology to its ease of use, including features like adjustable temperature settings and quiet operation.

With over 15 years of experience in pain relief solutions and rehabilitation equipment, we’ve assisted countless patients and healthcare professionals in managing post-operative recovery and chronic pain conditions. Our team has thoroughly tested the Vive Cold Therapy Machine in various therapeutic scenarios, ensuring it delivers consistent cold therapy, comfort, and convenience.

What are ice-therapy machines?

  • A cold therapy machine, or ice therapy machine, uses the ice effect in combination with compression.
  • Several cold therapy machines use the RICE healing method.
  • A cold therapy machine focuses on compression and ice. “R.I.C.C.” stands for “Resting, Ice, Compressing, and Recovering.”.
  • The process of freezing ice and water is similar to that of an ice cooler.
  • The hose connects the container to the pad, which is attached to a particular region of the body.
  • To treat the part of the body that needs treatment, you wrap a hose pad around the container once the ice and water have been added.
  • Through the hose, cold therapy is dispersed over the knee, leg, shoulder, or any part of the body that is wrapped with pads, thus compressing the injury.
  • It helps reduce swelling by draining fluid accumulated in the area and removing it.
  • Blood flow is temporarily reduced due to the cold temperature narrowing blood vessels.

How does it benefit you?

Compression therapy combined with ice therapy is among the best treatments available for injuries, inflammation, and muscle pain. Both compression therapy and ice therapy are agreed to be beneficial by sports and rehabilitation experts.

Ice therapy has the ability to reduce pain levels without the dangers associated with over-the-counter medications because of its numbing effect.

The injury area also receives an increase in nutrients and oxygen from the cream.

In addition to stimulating blood flow, it also stimulates lymphatic fluid movement, which offers nutrients and oxygen to injured tissues.

Choose an Ice Therapy Machine Based on These Features

If you have never purchased one before and would like some additional information on choosing a machine, we have some helpful tips.


Depending on the device, you may be able to use it for 15 minutes or 30 minutes, while others allow for hours of continuous use.

In some cases, you will need to use ice therapy for a specific amount of time, so being able to select an ice therapy device that meets your needs is crucial.

Dimensions of the tube

You will be able to move about more comfortably with an extra-long tube rather than having to carry around the cold therapy unit.

In addition, you can use a tube that you can detach when necessary.

Pads that can be customized

There are some pads that are specifically designed to work on specific body parts, such as the knee.

Make sure the product description states if it can be applied to different areas.

Motorized and Non-Motorized

Hence the name, motorized cold therapy machines come with motors; they do have their benefits. By doing so, ice is sent to injured areas at a stronger and more consistent rate. Several options claim to be whisper quiet, but some can be noisy as well.

If you are looking for a machine that you can carry with you when you travel, non-motorized machines are usually quiet and light. It also has the advantage of not having any plugs, so it can be used just about anywhere.

Generally, however, these are very basic, so you won’t find fancy timers, settings, or led screens like you would find on some motorized models.

Weighing and measuring

Since size, style, and features vary, different cold therapy systems weigh from 2 to 8 pounds.

If the cable is not long enough, the item may move around when you use it, especially if you move around a lot while you use it. Motorized ones are usually heavier, but they will only pose a problem if you tend to change your movements a lot while using them.

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This product has the following features:

  • When you have a condition like those above, you may find it helpful to look into machines that provide cold and heat therapy.
  • Swelling and pain relief machines that use ice
  • We compare the most popular ice therapy machines to help you choose.
  • The therapy pad is large and flexible, and it has an LED display that can pinpoint pain areas.
  • There are knee, hip, elbow, shoulder, and arm pads. Ice water is evenly distributed over the covered surface thanks to a dimpled texture.
  • In less than 30 minutes, you can switch between 5 levels of continuous flow with the Vive, and the base has a capacity of 6 liters.
  • The kit includes three adjustable straps and an insulated foam connector tube.
  • Some have complained about its inability to provide long-term relief; others have complained about its loud sound when it starts up.
  • With its 1-year guarantee and a conforming therapy pad, Vive Cold Therapy is a fantastic choice for those recovering from foot operations, hip, knee, shoulder, or arm pain.

What We Like

  • One-year warranty.
  • Straps are adjustable at three points.
  • Operation that is reliable.
  • It works as advertised—no leaks, fusses, or musses.

What We Don’t Like

  • Ensure that all parts are included when ordering.

FAQs: Vive Cold Therapy Machine 2024

How does cold therapy benefit the body?

Evidence suggests that cold therapy can reduce swelling, which is responsible for pain. Cold therapy may also reduce pain sensitivity. If swelling around joints or tendons is present, cold therapy may be particularly helpful.

What is the recommended duration of cold therapy?

When used continuously for 30 minutes at a time, ice packs can provide pain relief for up to two hours.


Ice therapy is best prescribed by an experienced medical professional who can also suggest how long to use the machine for.

Use of the machine should not exceed the recommended time. Icing the skin, nerves, or tissues for an extended period of time can cause damage. Your health will greatly benefit from ice treatments if you use them correctly and consistently, so choose an ice pack that meets your needs.