A post-hole auger allows you to dig holes in the ground easily. If you need to dig those postholes yourself, how will you do it?

An auger machine for one person is simpler than you may think. Get your post holes dug today!

A Comparison of a One-Man vs. a Two Man Post Hole Diggers

A single person can operate a one-man auger. They are lighter and drill smaller holes than two-man augers because they use lighter parts.

An auger meant for one person has a smaller handlebar and is less powerful than one meant for two people. These augers are designed with reversible drill bits, so any soil in the hole will be removed via the reverse function.

Two handlebars will be attached to the 2 man augers: one for each individual. Their primary purpose is to drill through and remove heavy solids which are often thick with roots and rocks. Testing a number of post-hole diggers, our top choice for 2 people or “Dually” equipment is the Earthquake Auger. Some have no reverse function, which means that you’ll need to dig the auger machine out of the hole you just drilled manually. To prevent the auger from becoming stuck, you will also need to remove the excess soil.

Post Hole Tools You Need

For the job to get done, you’ll also need a few other tools.

Besides a shovel for digging, a wheelbarrow for delivering dirt, and a digging bar for chewing up roots, dislodging rocks, and working hard soil, you will need other tools as well. The Root Slayer

A shovel is an alternative digging tool some folks prefer.

Depending on the depth of your hole and the dirt at the bottom, you may also require a clamshell digger in order to remove the dirt.

  • Using a shovel
  • Drilling bar
  • Roll-Barrow
  • Slaying the roots with a shovel
  • Diggers for clamshells
  • Wear earplugs and eye protection
  • Boots and gloves

Using a 1 man auger machine

It’s totally doable to use a 1 man auger in basic soils. Here’s how you can do your own drilling! Below is a handy video showing how an auger is used.

  1. Identify where your utility lines are by marking them off.
  2. All of the parts of your auger need to be in good working order for it to function correctly.
  3. Prepare each drilling site by digging a small hole with a shovel.
  4. Set up the auger in the middle of the hole you have dug in advance.
  5. Hold onto the left side while the auger turns clockwise.
  6. Once you have drilled down a bit, remove soil in the hole and reverse the auger. An auger stuck in too much soil will not operate properly.
  7. You will be finished after a few repetitions!

Machines to use in rocky soil: The Auger alone

Rocks are common in most soils. You can drill holes by yourself even if you don’t have access to drills. Simply put, you will require a couple more tools and take a bit longer than if you were using a 2 man auger. An essential tool here is a digging bar. The auger must be reversible when you reach a rocky portion in a hole you are drilling.

Removing any soil left in the hole can be done with your hands, shovel, or clamshell digger. You can loosen the hard earth and rocks by stabbing and prying at them with your digging bar.

Removing tough soil, roots, rocks, and rocks with a shovel or clamshell digger is a good idea. Your auger machine is now ready to return to the hole and continue drilling.

The post-hole digger can dig deeper holes. Is that possible?

A single individual can dig as deep as they wish? The majority of augers tend to drill down to about 3 feet, while there are a number of post-hole diggers available with various drilling depths.

A small cost will allow you to get your hole as deep as 4-5 feet with extensions. Consider the depth of the hole the auger can dig before you buy it.

How to Dig Holes: Using a Gas Earth Auger

  • Power and torque are required in all soils except the easiest (such as sand). With a gas-powered auger, it is easier to penetrate roots, hard soil, and rocky terrain.
  • During testing, the Southland Earth Auger was our favorite. A butterfly-style handle measures 26 inches wide on the Southland Post Hole Digger. As a result, it can be operated by one person.
  • It is estimated that the auger head weighs 22 pounds, and the engine weighs around 13 pounds. One person can manage all this weight reasonably well.
  • However, the augers with six inches are lighter, so if the weight of the larger version is a concern, you might want to consider the smaller auger.
  • Southland Post Hole Digger is a well-built and easy-to-use tool with an impressive level of quality. The company’s website and online shipping sites make all of its spare parts readily available.

This post-hole digger has a two-year warranty as well, which is a decent length of time following the purchase of the product to make sure it is not defective.