The NEJE Max A40640 is a high-quality laser engraving machine that can be used for cutting and engraving wood, plastic, metal, glass, leather, paper, cardboard, foam board, etc. It has an automatic air assist function to ensure the quality of the cut. This laser cutter also comes with a smoke control system to prevent any fire hazard during operation.

The Max A40640 features a powerful 10W+ laser module which provides up to 40m/s cutting speed and up to 50% power saving compared to other models in its class. With this laser engraver you can easily make your own custom laser cutters and engravers at home or office.

The Max A40640 is equipped with a large 810mm x 460mm worktable, which allows you to use it as a desktop laser cutter and engraver. You can also use it as a mobile laser cutter by attaching it to a tripod stand.

This laser engraver has a built-in dust collection system, so there will be no need to clean the workpiece after using it.

About NEJE 3 Max A40640 Laser Engraver

  • Top Engraving Capability: Creative master dual-beam zoom laser module A40640 is the first dual-beam zoom laser module in the world. With a continuous output power of 10W+ and a focal length of 0.04mm, the A40640 is the most widely used wide range of modules because of its ability to laser engraving, fast grooving, and thick material cutting. It is capable of engraving stainless steel grayscale, stone engraving, glass engraving, hardwood relief, canvas art, and other materials, as well as engraving stainless steel grayscale.
  • Performance Improvement: Its improved cutting reliability makes it a great choice. A short focus can be used to carve hard materials like metal stone and cut materials that have a lot of density, whereas a long focus can be used to cut thick wood and other materials with a better depth of field and a shorter included angle. From the beginning of high-power diode lasers, the A40640 has maintained its vitality due to its excellent design. In large area image engraving, it has a higher power density as compared to 20W (optical power) laser. If you only consider one module to solve all your needs, this one is a good choice.
  • Large Engraving Area & Meeting Various Engraving Needs: In addition to having the largest engraving area on the market, NEJE Win software provides the possibility of expanding the engraving area to 1030x810mm by purchasing accessories. With the help of laser engraving, you can engrave on a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, leather, black acrylic, and others.
  • Sturdy Structure & Easy Installation: The NEJE 3 Max laser engraver machine features an all-metal structural frame, which makes this machine durable and stable, as well as accurate when engraving. With a modular design, the entire NEJE 3 engraving machine can be assembled, repaired and updated easily. There are only six screws needed for the basic frame to be installed, and you can add accessories as needed.
  • Extensive Software Compatibility: With the NEJE 3 Max laser engraver for wood and metal, you can engrave using a variety of mature engraving software (Laser GRBL & Light burn), and it supports Windows 7/Win 8/XP/Win10 as well as Macs and iOS devices. The NEJE 3 Max features an APP wireless control function. Once the image has been uploaded, you can remove the USB cable and use it offline. In light burn mode, there is now a low light display function.

NEJE 3 Max A40640 Laser Engraver

Optical power Pulse 12W+, CW 11W
Focus 0.04×0.06mm
Frame size (L – W -H) 590x980x160mm
Working area( X – Y) 810 x 460mm, Extends to 810x1030mm
Compatible compatible with any 24V or 12V equipment, independent power supply
Maximum cutting thickness 20mm
Wavelength 450nm
Z-axis Adjuster Yes, with NEJE H20 high-precision adjustment, the focus can be adjusted at 0.01 mm level (0.01mm adjustable precision)
M7 Control Yes (For building automatic smoke extraction systems)
M8 Control Yes (For building automatic air assist systems)
Door Yes (Emergency Suspension and Safety Door Control)
System Win 7 / Win 8/ Win 10, Android, iOS, ipadOS, macOS, HarmonyOS
File format supports SVG/JPG/JPEG/PNG/BMP/TIF/CR2, etc.
Lightburn and LaserGRBL Yes, improved low light function, added M8, M7, emergency stop extended automatic control, optimized GRBL interaction

A40640 Material Details:

a40640 material details

A40640 Packing List:

a40640 packing list

What We Like

  • It is easy to install and operate.
  • It is suitable for both wood and metal engraving.
  • It is compatible with many different types of software.
  • It is equipped with a powerful motor and a high quality lens.
  • It is durable and reliable.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble.

What We Don’t Like

  • It does not support the latest version of GRBL.

FAQs on NEJE 3 Max A40640 Laser

Q: Can I use the same laser module for wood and metal engravers?

A: Yes, but please note that the maximum output power of the laser module is different between wood and metal. For example, the maximum output power of wood is 5W, while the maximum output power of metal is 15W.

Q: What is the difference between the NEJE 3 max and NEJE 3 max pro?

A: The NEJE 3 max is a professional model, while the NEJE 3max pro is a more economical model.

Q: How do I know if my laser module is working properly?

A: You can check whether the laser module works properly by checking the following indicators:

  1. The LED indicator will flash when the laser module is in operation.
  2. When the laser module is turned off, the LED indicator will stop flashing.
  3. The laser module should be placed at least 30cm away from any objects or people.
  4. The laser module should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Q: Does the laser module need to be cleaned regularly?

A: No, it does not require cleaning. However, we recommend that you clean the laser module after every 100 hours of continuous use.

Q: How long does it take to engrave one piece of wood?

It depends on the size of the wood. If the wood is small, it takes about 2 minutes; otherwise, it may take up to 20 minutes.

Q: What kind of material can be engraved?

A: The NEJE 3 MAX laser engraver can engrave almost any type of material including wood, plastic, paper, leather, glass, stone, ceramic, etc.

Q: Can I change the laser module?

A: Yes, you can replace the laser module with another one. Please make sure that the new laser module is of the same brand and model as your current one.


If you want to get a good laser engraver, then this NEJE 3 MAX is the best choice. It is very easy to use and comes with many useful functions. It is also very affordable.

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