Epson VS330 LCD Projector (Pros & Cons) Review 2022

In terms of portability and port selection at its price, the Epson VS330 XGA 3LCD Projector ($429.99) of Epson’s value series delivers good performance at an affordable price.

We tested the projector and found mediocre image quality and poor sound quality, which isn’t surprising for a projector under $500.

Epson VS330Overall, the VS330 is an excellent choice if you need adequate performance from a portable data projector at a reasonable price.

Epson developed 3LCD technology for the VS330, which consists of three LCD panels processing different primary colors of light. Display resolution is XGA (1,024 x 768), and it has a maximum brightness of 2,700 lumens. With a dark base and a white top, this two-toning projector is relatively light, weighing just 5.1 pounds and measuring 3.1 by 11.6 by 9 inches, which makes it easy to transport, though it lacks a carrying case.

Epson VS330 Review 2022

Testing of Data Images

The VS330 performed well under a fair amount of ambient light placed about seven feet back from our test screen.

  • Data image quality for standard classroom presentations or business presentations was average when tested with the DisplayMate software test suite.
  • In both white-on-black and black-on-white mode, the text was blurry but still readable at the smallest (6.8-point) size.
  • The colors were vivid, as they usually are with LCD projectors.
  • In some white backgrounds, yellow tinting appeared, while in gray backgrounds, green tinting appeared.
  • The tinting did not disappear when the color modes were changed.

Another problem was that the projector showed dynamic moiré when images that tend to highlight it were shown. As long as you do not use images with hatching or carefully spaced lines, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Media & Audio

Rainbow artifacts are absent from the video of the Epson VS330. (An LCD projector lacks 3D capability, unfortunately.) Otherwise, the video quality was relatively poor, and I recommend using it for short clips within presentations.

  • The color tends to be off — the red tends to be too dominant — and the details are often lost in areas that should be bright.
  • There were several scenes where posterization was evident; they showed abrupt color shifts where gradual ones should have been.
  • My DVD player played a video (Terminator 2) in Sports mode when I first hooked up the projector over HDMI to the player.
  • Basically the same issue and image quality applied when I switched to Theatre mode. With only a single 1-watt speaker, the projector delivered a soft sound that was only adequate for a small room.
  • With the VS330, you get a portable projector that’s lighter and cheaper than the Epson PowerLite 93+, the Editors’ Choice for portable XGA projectors. With the latter, you get more ports (ETERNAL, a VGA-out as well as monitor-in, RS-232), better video and data quality, and a better audio system.

If you don’t have a high expectation for image quality, and you need easy portability, then you may want to take a look at the Epson VS330 XGA 3LCD Projector.

What We Like

  • Inexpensive.
  • Portable.
  • USB Plug and Play.

What We Don’t Like

  • No carrying case.
  • Soft audio.
  • Subpar video.
  • No 3D capability.

Low-priced, portable, and featuring decent connections, the Epson VS330 XGA 3LCD Projector is a great buy for big projects.

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